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Here is a wacky story about a Friday night and how I spent it boiling water. Oh, you thought a watched pot didn't boil? You are wrong, my friends. Not only does a watched pot boil when you're doing it right, but a watched pot boils even faster when you're standing over it taking pictures. Take THAT, Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable! Huh, I guess it's not quite as catchy.

So here I am in week three with my new range and I'm enjoying it more than ever. We talked last week about its double ovens (which I still cannot say without it sounding dirty, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME), but this week I would like to highlight its fabulous cooktop. Here is a picture of its cooktop, which has five---count 'em, five---burners, including a rather novel oval-shaped one in the middle that would probably be good for a griddle if you are the type of person who owns a griddle (and not the type of person who once owned a griddle and then burnt the crap out of it making pancakes and forget to ever replace it. Guess which type of person I am.)

My favorite thing about the cooktop, however, is how each of these burners has its own special power knob with its own special function. Well, three of the five do: there's a Power Burner, a Simmer Burner, and a Turbo Boil. Having only ever used ranges before that had four regular, all-the-same-as-each-other burners, this was pretty novel to me. And oh, how it has changed everything.

The Turbo Boil is by far my favorite, because you would not believe how quickly this thing boils water. I mean, it's not like I'm conducting surgeries in my living room or anything---"get towels! And boiling water, immediately!"---but it certainly is nice not to have to wait an entire lifetime for your water to boil, am I right?

Take the other night. We had some perfectly good leftovers to finish and I was just about to put them in the microwave when I realized I didn't really fancy them. What I did fancy, however, was a soft-boiled egg on a piece of toast, which is my go-to comfort dinner. So while I heated up the leftovers for Sean, I got to work on my own meal, hoping we'd still be able to eat around the same time. I wasn't far wrong.

Here is the stove at 7:35pm, seconds after I put a saucepan of cold water on the Turbo Boil burner.

Here is the saucepan at 7:37pm, with the water already starting to boil:

Here is the stove at 7:38pm, with the water boiling enough for me to put the eggs in:

Here are the eggs:

And here are the eggs boiling in the water, halfway through their six-minute pan-time.

I took the eggs out at 7:44pm, not nine minutes after deciding I wanted soft-boiled eggs for dinner. Not to get all boring and housewifey on you, but that's pretty good: three minutes to boil water? My old stove took at least twice that.

Also this one is really pretty.

So! If you'd like to win one of these fantastic Kenmore Elite stoves yourself---or a refrigerator, dishwasher, or washer/dryer, your pick---you know the drill: head on over to the BlogHer wrap up page and leave a comment there. If, however, you don't want to leave here empty-handed, I'm giving away a swanky Kenmore Elite 4-slice toaster in brushed aluminum (also very handy if you're making soft-boiled eggs on toast as your go-to comfort food.) Just leave a comment below answering this question: eggs, yea or nay?

(I have never understood people who don't like eggs. Eggs are amazing! I could eat eggs for the rest of my life! That said, I will not hold it against you if you aren't an egg-eater. I will, however, hold it against you if you eat them with ketchup. Okay, not really. But I will certainly wrinkle my brow.) 

Official rules are here, and don't worry, if you've already commented on past posts, your comment has already been counted and you don't need to comment again. Although I'm still really curious to know how you feel about eggs.


Dec 02, 2010

Love eggs, but feel guilty, as a vegetarian, about eating them. I eat mine with LOADS of ketchup!

Dec 02, 2010

YEA... absolutely! nothing better than a sunny side up egg with toast...

Dec 02, 2010

I love eggs too. They are so universal and so easy to prepare. I love their sunny yellow color and how healthy you feel when you have just one in the morning.

Dec 02, 2010

Eggs nearly every day - some kind of fritatta (sp?) like thing every morning.

Dec 02, 2010

Boiled eggs and soldiers are my go-to comfort dinner as well, along with sausages and mash. And I am with you 100%, no ketchup with eggs ever for this girl, maybe it's a British thing?

Dec 02, 2010

If only I took the time to make myself eggs every morning! I love them though I am trying to work up the courage to try poaching!

Dec 02, 2010

A definite yeah! No to ketchup but a big yes to salted butter on the soldiers.

Sarah Hill
Dec 02, 2010

I like eggs but I prefer scrambled ones with ketchup. I like the combination - let the wrinkling of the brow commence!

Dec 02, 2010

well, there are quite a few of us named Sarah, aren't there?

I like eggs. Can't say I remember ever craving an omelette or egg salad-on-pumpernickel...but I do like them.

Ketchup? Don't get it. Never have. Calories spent on ketchup are calories wasted. :)

Dec 02, 2010

I love all eggs! luckily my husband is a master egg maker cause i am not. Its taken me forever to figure out how to soft boil it and i always forget the perfect lenght of time. 6 minutes in boiling water...will try that next time!

jess in boston
Dec 02, 2010

oh, yes. eggs, eggs, eggs, please. Soft-boiled, poached, or over easy (none of which I'm successful at making on my own, so they seem extra special when I have them). Mmm.

Dec 02, 2010

I eat "breakfast for dinner" at least once a week, although,admittedly I sometimes also eat "dinner for breakfast." Who made up the rules of what to eat when anyway? Lately I'm into baked eggs- a nest of spincah in a ramekin with some onion and feat, crack an egg into the nest, add a dollop of cream, and bake for about 20 minutes (whites hard, yolk still runny) and it's heaven. Especially with a piece of toast.

Dec 02, 2010

THat was supposed to say "feta" above, not "feat" which is really gross. Sorry.

Dec 02, 2010

Eggs are magic. Think about it! There are so many ways to prepare them, all delicious and unique. And that doesn't even include what it does mixed into things! Eggs rescue all of my refrigerator odds and ends.

Dec 02, 2010

Love eggs, especially since I don't eat meat. They are my go-to source of protein!

Dec 02, 2010

I do not care for eggs. That is, unless they are accompanied by greater than or equal to amounts of "other stuff" like bacon or cheese or veggies...

Dec 02, 2010

Best comfort (and quick) breakfast - fried egg on whole wheat toast with some salsa on the top. If you're feeling extra randy, add a slice of cheese. Wooohoo and yum!

Dec 02, 2010

LOVE eggs! In fact today I'm going to stink up the breakroom with my egg salad sandwich! YUM!

Dec 02, 2010

Eggs: yes, please! Soft boiled, poached, sunny-side up, I'll take it. I've never been wild about hard boiled (except as deviled eggs) and I'm lukewarm about scrambled. But few things can beat a soft boiled egg on toast, amirite?

Dec 02, 2010

Love eggs, only if they're smothered in other things so they don't taste too "egg-y." There is nothing that can't be improved with cheese and bacon.

Dec 02, 2010

Eggs are great! When I was a child my mother would make us soft boiled eggs in these little cups (which thinking back I'm now realizing were like shot glasses or cordial glasses). I'll have to ask her how she did that. Yum I think you just solved what I'm making for dinner tonight!

Dec 02, 2010

LOVE eggs with runny yolks, but don't think I've ever had a soft boiled one. My standard is over easy with toast.

Laura B.
Dec 02, 2010

i LOVE soft boiled eggs. definitely my comfort food. i love eggs all kinds of ways, just not overcooked. can't STAND dry scrambled eggs. bleck!

Dec 02, 2010

Sweet baby Jeebus, please don't put ketchup on your eggs, people! Salt and pepper (and maybe some cheese) are the -only- acceptable accompaniments! I also like toast...hint hint.

Dec 02, 2010

LOVE eggs! Especially devilled eggs - yummy!

Dec 02, 2010

I had eggs for dinner last night. My favorite comfort meal is two poached eggs on an english muffin (one egg per side) and milky tea.

Susan H.
Dec 02, 2010

Eggs: YES

Pinkie Bling
Dec 02, 2010

At 33, I am a recent convert to eggs. I still can only eat them scrambled or as an omelet (or frittata, which is so much more fun to say!), and I still require cheese and as much Cholula as possible. I suppose deviled eggs might be ok now, but I haven't tried them recently. Boiled, over easy, sunny side up, etc.? I can feel my gag reflex coming on just thinking about it!!

Dec 02, 2010

I am not a huge fan of eggs, esp if they are at all runny or "soft". However, I will eat quiche or an omlette twice a year or so. Not my fave food, but don't hate either.

Dec 02, 2010

I love eggs. Love, love, love. I'll eat them almost any way, but over medium is my favorite, with some toast. And I don't like them with ketchup, but a little Tapatio hot sauce on scrambled eggs? Delicious.

Dec 02, 2010

I have tried repeatedly to be an egg lover. I've taken the time to build gorgeous, picture-perfect omelets. I've ordered them in restaurants. I've sampled them at holiday gatherings. Yet every single time I take that first bite, my taste buds immediately reject them. No idea why, as I'm hardly a picky eater. Yet as much as I want to love them, it just won't happen!

Dec 02, 2010


Um. . .yeah. . .and, my toaster just slung a rod so a new one would REALLY come in handy since I'm trying to make do without one. My husband is in Engineering School and I'm the sole source of income! Yikes! It's all about the little things!

Dec 02, 2010

I love my eggs over medium!

Dec 02, 2010

My theory is that eggs are an ingredient, not a separate entity.

Eggs in cake? Hooray!
Eggs on a plate? Nay.

Rhyming should definitely get me extra points. Or a toaster.

Mary Daiger
Dec 02, 2010

Not a big fan of scrambled eggs, but I do love hard boiled or over medium, yum!

Dec 02, 2010

Hard boiled eggs and avocado with mixed greens and tomato and balsamic vinagrette on a wrap.

Dec 02, 2010

Most definitely YEA.

Dec 02, 2010

oh my gosh I couldn't get through life without eggs!
And yes to ketchup on them..but only on eggs cooked all the way...runny eggs and ketchup just do not mix.

Dec 02, 2010

I like eggs, but I really have to be in the mood for them. Can't do soft- boiled though, I had a bad experience with them when I was a kid. I'd had a stomach bug and mom thought I was over it and gave me a soft-boiled egg thinking it would be easy on my stomach. I'll stop the story there!

Dec 02, 2010

Yay eggs! My favorite iteration of eggs is soft boiled as part of a vegetarian eggs benedict - yum, hollandaise sauce and avocados!

Dec 02, 2010

I used to love eggs. I like egg sandwiches and egg salad and eggs IN salad. But I can't get excited about a nice scrambled egg anymore.

Dec 02, 2010

I love eggs. The coffee shop near the shop where I work started selling hard boiled eggs for 85c a pop, which seems quite an inflation of an egg's worth, and yet in the moment I find it wonderfully a cheap and convenient way to get a bit of protein on my start to a long day.

My favorite egg, bar none, hands down, is soft boiled on toast and no I am not making that up! I don't do soldiers though, I cut the toast into squares and crack 2 very runny eggs over those in a bowl and mix it all up in a singularly unappetizing manner. Delicious.

Tracy D
Dec 02, 2010

Eggs: Yea for sure!

I buy mine from someone in town who raises chickens. Farm fresh eggs are the best!

Dec 02, 2010

Yes, eggs! *My* favorite comfort dinner is spaghetti carbonara, which is basically spaghetti with bacon and eggs (and garlic),

Dec 02, 2010

Eggs=yea. And sometimes, yay! There was a time when I would only eat them if the yolks were hard, and then later only scrambled, but now eggs in general are good by me. I even order them in restaurants sometimes--though I'd usually rather have pancakes.

They're also the easiest, cheapest way to have protein. For a year or two, I had eggs almost every day. The only reason I don't now is that I work at a restaurant and I'll go for the free pasta/pizza. Eggs are a pain when I'm staying with my boyfriend, though, because he doesn't usually have bread to eat with them. Sometimes he'll suggest I eat my eggs on leftover rice--something he started eating while studying abroad in Chile--but I just can't do it. Eggs beaten with parmesan mixed into rice, okay, yum, but not eggs ON rice.

Melanie D
Dec 02, 2010

I like eggs, but not JUST eggs. I like them with toast or in a wrap and that also mostly require some sort of breakfasty meat. I've never had one soft-boiled, so am not sure about that.

Dec 02, 2010

Eggs = yea! Agreed, ketchup on eggs = nay. :(

A. Marigold
Dec 02, 2010

I love eggs! I eat at least one almost every day. My go-to comfort dinner is steamed rice and broccoli topped with an egg, over hard, with a bit of soy sauce and sriracha for flavor. Oh, delicious. And healthy!

Dec 02, 2010

I love eggs. LOVE. They were always my go-to comfort dinner, usually mixed with cheese and sauteed red peppers or potatoes or mushrooms or ham or zucchini or anything, really; the possibilities are endless. However, my lovely husband isn't really a fan of eggs unless they are smothered in so much crap that they aren't really eggs anymore. Siiiigh. At least I have a really easy and awesome "someone's in the dog house" dinner?

PS: Worst affront to eggs ever was my sister's childhood condiment of choice. She used to mix her scrambled eggs with grape jelly to make green eggs. Ugh.

Twice Five Miles
Dec 02, 2010

Eggs: yes. And what about curry ketchup? Is that acceptable?

Kate (and Ben)
Dec 02, 2010

Also, we don't even own ketchup.

Dec 02, 2010

Eggs are gross. I sort of wax and wane in the strength of my feelings, but lately I am very firmly in the anti category. I don't actually object much to the whites, if they're well-cooked and/or mixed in to things, but something about egg yolks just grosses me out. I keep trying to work them back in to my brunch repertoire, because brunch is a great meal with the drinking in the afternoon, but it is very egg heavy. I tend to compensate in the only sensible way, with more mimosas.

The only exceptions to my egg ban are the occasional egg salad sandwich and deviled eggs, because the yolk taste is covered up by other things.

Dec 02, 2010

eggs-yea! I love them soft-boiled, too, but can never seem to get the consistency... erm... consistent. one day it's hard-boiled, next day, on the soft side... next time perfect... and then the next time is a little overdone. you get the picture.

Dec 02, 2010

Love eggs! Pretty much all ways you can make them. I had an over medium egg on toast with pepper-jack cheese this morning. Yum.

Dec 02, 2010

I used to like eggs, but then I had an absolutely horrible food poisoning experience and haven't been able stomach them since. Even the smell makes me nauseous - which sucks, because they're so versatile and easy, but I just can't handle the possibility of getting that sick again.

Dec 02, 2010

Um, I love eggs, all ways. Benedict, scrambled, fried, boiled, migas. Yum, yum and yum.

Susan C.
Dec 02, 2010

Eggs? Oh, most definitely YEA. Especially for dinner.

Dec 02, 2010

Who doesn't like eggs?! Eggs: YEA.

jennifer m
Dec 02, 2010

yes! love eggs!

Dec 02, 2010

Eh, I can take them or leave them. If I take them, I take them with salsa.

Dec 02, 2010

absolutely Yea!

Bunnie W.
Dec 02, 2010

I can't eat eggs solo, but like them with other ingredients added, like cheese or bacon. I simply cannot resist deviled eggs!

Dec 02, 2010

I love eggs, especially soft-boiled. YUM!

Dec 02, 2010

Love eggs!

Dec 02, 2010

All these tributes to eggs are making me wish that my husband liked them too or could even stand the smell of them cooking. Now I'm craving eggs of any variety for dinner. Maybe I can convince him he needs a guys' night out...

Dec 02, 2010

Boiling water and eggs? I too love eggs myself, but not loving this post, Holly you generally manage to dress up the mundane, but I feel you have missed the mark with this one.

Dec 02, 2010

Love eggs pretty much every way, though I'd have to say making a quiche is probably my favorite dish (and since I'm the only one in my house who will eat a quiche, I get the yummy leftovers for a few days).

Dec 02, 2010

Eggs = good. Fritatta? You betcha. Country club casserole (cubed bread, ham, cheddar with eggs and milk combo poured on top, then covered and baked)? Heavens yes. Scrambled with a smidge of milk and served with buttered toast and applesauce. Yes, please. On a biscuit or a croissant with bacon and glass of OJ? Sign me up. Hard/soft boiled? Well, not really, thanks anyway.

Dec 02, 2010

I love eggs, served with hot buttered grits, sausage and english muffins. yum.

Dec 02, 2010

I love EGGs!

Dec 02, 2010

Yes, I love eggs! The only time I put ketchup on them is when my husband makes "magic eggs." Other people have different names for them, but "magic eggs" are when you cut a hole in a piece of bread (he uses a small champagne flute), and fry the egg inside the bread. Once done, I fold the bread in half like a sandwich, putting the ketchup on the inside.

"Magic eggs" isn't my favorite way to eat eggs -- but I guess you didn't really ask for that.

Egg drop soup is pretty good, or even adding eggs egg-drop style to vegetable soup!

Dec 02, 2010

I have a fantastic story. My sister's militantly vegan ex-boyfriend worked at a video store in Pittsburgh. One day, Mr. Rogers (yes, that one!) came in to return some videos. He proceeded to ask Mr. Rogers to verify or deny certain rumors, inlcuding that his arms were covered with tatoos from his time as a sniper in the Marines (false!) and that he was also a vegan, to which he answered - "I don't eat anything with a mother." MSMVE-B responded with "do you eat eggs?" and Mr. Rogers sheepishly admitted that he did! Point #1 - MSMVE-B made even MR ROGERS feel bad (hence the ex) and #2 If eggs are ok for Mr. Rogers, they're ok for me.

Dec 02, 2010

Yea, eggs! The will go so well on my deluxely toasted toast. ;)

Dec 02, 2010

Simon made me cheesy scrambled eggs for dinner last night. Not so much because I have any special love for eggs but because sometimes that's the only thing edible in the house besides baby prunes, and nobody wants those, not even the baby.

Julie Barr
Dec 02, 2010

Eggs: only if there is NOTHING else to eat. Then only scrambled with a piece of velveeta on top.

Dec 02, 2010

Of course eggs! I'll only eat them scrambled, fried (both with ketchup), or hard-boiled. And there are times where I have to try to stop thinking about the fact that I'm eating things that could've been unborn chickens, but the taste usually helps me ignore my unwanted nagging conscience. (I'd make a terrible vegan!)

Dec 02, 2010

I love eggs, cooked all different ways. We have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even a snack if it is hard boiled.

Dec 02, 2010

I love eggs and use them all the time with various recipes! :)

Dec 02, 2010've just decided what I'm having for dinner.

Eggs are just about my favorite food, in any form. But preferably with very runny yolks. Poached eggs on whole wheat are my standard at diners, but at home I'm usually too lazy to poach them, so I do this modified fried-poached thing.

Does anyone else notice the dramatic difference in quality between the standard eggs and the organic omega-3 eggs at the grocery? I'm sure the farm ones are even better, but I'll definitely never ever spend money on the cheap supermarket eggs again. The yolks are this light yellow color and break too easily. (I swear I have no personal or financial interest in any eggs...)

Dec 02, 2010

Eggs in an omelet. Or eggs used in cooking and baking. Or eggs, hard-boiled and with a little salt and pepper. So, YEA eggs

Dec 02, 2010

Used to despise eggs when I was little. Now I like them. Especially scrambled or in omelet form. I'm still not crazy about runny yolks though. I know that means I'll get my foodie license revoked. It's just the thought that they're not quite done.

Dec 02, 2010

One of my favorites is very similar to yours but less healthy - a fried egg on toast. I love it!

Dec 02, 2010

Love eggs. The real ones, especially. The egg white thing doesn't really do it for me.

Dec 02, 2010

Yea to eggs!

Dec 02, 2010

If they are my mom's chickens' eggs? Total yea, no doubt or question, gimme two, every day! A touch of salt and we're good to go!

I am a snob though, store bought ones always seem sooo old and I only ever eat them if there are enough mushrooms and onions to make them worth my while.

Dec 02, 2010

My parents bring us fresh eggs, laid by their very own chickens, every two weeks, and I am positively addicted. We have scrambled eggs for breakfast at least three times a week, and I am a huge fan of egg salad sandwiches. Best free food EVER.

Dec 02, 2010

Love a nice boiled egg on toast! Mmm. Also love them fried with bacon and tomatoes and scrambled with chives and brie and pan-fried red potatoes and rosemary and sausage and all sorts of other things. Guess I know what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow!

Dec 03, 2010

lots of egg lovers out there, and i will join the chorus. over medium please.

Dec 03, 2010

Eggs and soldiers, kids, eggs and soldiers.

Dec 03, 2010

Hey Brooke (No.66), calm your face down. You're probably the annoying kind of person who would have cried just as hard had Holly editorialised this post But boiling eggs can't be that fun, wahhhh.

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