That's nowhere near where the sink is supposed to go

Posted: Nov 14, 2010

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Okay - talk to me about this sink installation! We've looked at that sink about 900 times at IKEA and can't seem to commit. *I* am concerned about loosing the double sided sink - Hubby is concerned about installation. Any thoughts?

Hmmmm, well we've never had a double-sided sink, so we didn't have anything to lose there; if it helps, though, this sink is pretty huge and you can fit a lot into it. I think they also make a double version, though perhaps that wouldn't fit in your space.

Installation seemed to be pretty easy (says the person who had no hand whatsoever in the installation.) We had to have the counters down first, and then we put the sink in around them (I think this makes it an over-counter sink?) There was no loud swearing from the kitchen when Sean did it, so I can only believe it was pretty painless.