Wedding shoes B

Posted: Aug 21, 2009
Wedding shoes B
These have a lot going for them too. They're comfier and they peek out less from my dress. And I like the T-bar and the ankle strap.

Ah, turquoise shoes: they're like buses! You wait forever and then they all show up at once.

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How does this heel height compare to the others? Because you don't want the difference in heels to negatively affect the length of your dress. (Hello, someone has been watching "Say Yes to the Dress" a lot lately!)

The heel height is exactly the same! Well almost -- come to think of it, these might be a TINY bit lower, only because they don't peek out as much. Which I sort of like -- they're totally hidden, at least until I pull my dress up and force people to look at them.

I love this, but not necessarily with the flower as much as I like the others with the flower. These, I would wear flowerless, because the print/texture is already doing something? That's my free assvice. But I like the idea of switching shoes for dancin'!

I agree that these are lovely and I like them better without a flower. Internet opinion, who cares!

Love love love love love.

I actually like these more. I really shouldn't be listened to, I know, but they look so much more unique and charming and although it does matter what your dress looks like, these feel -- to me -- like they match the overall vibe of your wedding. LIKE I HAVE ANY AUTHORITY ON THE VIBE OF YOUR WEDDING. God. Ignore me.

I have these shoes! And they are incredibly comfortable. But I have to say that I think Wedding Shoe A is a better ceremony-and-photo shoe, because they a) look better with the flowers, b) are simpler, and c) look more formal. Have a two shoe (okay, well, 4 shoe) wedding, and make these the dancin' shoes!

i like these better! i agree that they seem to go with the more diy free flowing feel of your wedding. i think its funny that you always comment about how you're posting about the wedding again, not again! ...but here we all are eating it up. keep it coming. i've never been a big fan of satin shoes. and comfort is key since you're going to be standing a lot. good luck and have fun!

I have to chime in last-minute! I love them both. A for the ceremony and B for the dancin'!

laugh if you must- but after i wore my fancy shoes at my wedding- I took them off and wore platform white sneakers- bec a) i wanted to be comfortable

b) My dress was long enough to cover them!!