Wedding Shoes A

Posted: Aug 21, 2009
Wedding Shoes A
Hey, so I dyed those shoes like you told me to.

At first I didn't like how they came out, but then they mellowed -- or maybe I mellowed? -- and then I sort of liked them again. And then I found Wedding Shoes B in another store and they were on major super discount sale and also they were really comfy and good for dancing, so I bought them too. And now I'm not sure which to wear for the wedding, so I'm thinking maybe I'll wear BOTH. You know, Wedding Shoe A on the left foot, Wedding Shoe B on the right.

Actually, I think I'll wear these for pictures and then the others for dancing. And maybe more pictures.

Comments on this Photo

These are going to look AWESOME in photos. And I totally agree with you on having a separate pair of shoes for dancing. Lord knows I'll be switching into something more comfortable. (And maybe something that matches my swimsuit?!)

I say these because I think the croc looking print isn't quite right for a wedding dress. And I actually like these a lot!

Just be careful if the ground is wet- I once had to dye a pair of shoes red, and then it rained, and the shoes bled everywhere.

If the ground is wet, that'll mean it's raining in San Diego at my outdoor garden wedding, and then I'll have a whole NEW set of things to worry about!

These are definitely wedding-y-ier, which I like for pictures! Plus the peeking.

THESE!!! I love these!!! And the flower is really lovely.

Oh Crap. I didn't mean to add to your stress. Maybe it will rain the night before, and the grass will be damp? Yeah, that's what I meant.

these. for sure.

omg LOVE the idea for wedding and pictures and that fun peek of the shoes photo. and then the OTHERS for dancing!

I really like these...I agree with Slynnro that the croc print isn't quite right for a wedding---and these are LOVELY.

Can't wait to see pictures!

These DEFINITELY. Darling!

I'll jump in - THESE are the shoes. Great job dying them, these are lovely.

The shoes! They are perfect! Also, don't worry about rain - a wet knot is a tight knot! (In other words - it's good luck!)

Re: the rain? Same goes for is your feet sweat. A friend of mine had her girls all in purple, dyed purple shoes on a 90 degree day. Their feet got sweaty and the dye ran and it was horrendous.

They look great!