Now I've gone even crazier

Posted: Jul 19, 2009
Now I
The white ink just wasn't quite right, so I went to the art store and bought some turquoise block printing ink instead. At first, I freaked out because the ink wasn't right and the letters were just going on as big globs of turquoise paint, but Sean, that genius, cut up a sponge and dipped it into the ink, then used the sponge as a makeshift ink pad, and then it worked perfectly. So we started the project from the beginning (we'd only done a few napkins in white, don't worry.) I think the turquoise ink looks so much better on the grey napkins than the white ink did, although I really need to know WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME OH MY GOD. I bet I'll look back on this picture in six months and laugh so much that I cry.

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I think it looks lovely!

I ordered a custom B&M stamp to use on our envelope seals and toothpick thingamabobs, but now I want to go STAMP CRAZY (as if I already haven't) and do our napkins, too. Great idea!

No, it's great! Seriously, such an inexpensive way to personalize things.

thought about you when i read this:

"A few well-placed touches, such as monogrammed cocktail napkins or an interesting charger, can go a long way toward making your party look extra-special."

XOXOX i'm so excited for you guys.