To dye or not to dye?

Posted: Jul 19, 2009
To dye or not to dye?
These are the shoes I'm going to wear for my wedding. I knew I wanted flowers on them, so I bought those little $3 hairclips at H&M and clipped them on to the shoe -- clever, huh? But here's my dilemma: I bought the shoes in white because I'd been planning to dye them my favorite color: aqua-ish turquoise. I thought aqua-ish turquoise shoes would be pretty fun, especially with the cream flowers breaking it up a little. But now I'm wondering if I even need to: the white/cream combo is quite pretty in and of itself. And the shoes peek out a LITTLE from my dress (not much, but a little); do I really want to distract and detract from it with bright aqua-ish turquoise shoes? Will I look like a clown with big blue feet? Decisions, decisions, Internet! This is why I can never get anything done.

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Pretty! Do they match your dress? How long is your dress? If you don't dye them, will you be more likely to wear them again?

Sorry, I commented before you added the description. I have seen some wonderful wedding photos with bright colored shoes. I think you should go for it!

If I don't dye them, I will probably never wear them again -- they're very weddingy just left white. But I could always dye them AFTER the wedding and wear them again.

Dye them. Life is too short for white shoes.

dye them! i love seeing photos where the shoe is a fun color! it'll be a fun pop for sure.

Oh, I'd say don't dye them and incorporate that great turquoise color with jewelry or a hair clip or something like that. Or dye them! I think you can't go wrong here.

Dye them!! They'll match your earrings, right?

I say keep them white for the wedding and dye them afterwards.

Dye them now. I had some floral-printed silk shoes and I LOVED them. Also, once you wear something for your wedding I found I was reluctant to wear it again because it was now "special." So, don't be afraid of the one-time usage.

You'll love the photos with those peeking out!

dye them! it sounds lovely.

I say don't dye them. You don't want to take attention away from the dress! And if they're turquoise all eyes will be on your feet instead of your pretty face. :)

Don't dye them! Leave them white for the wedding and turquoise them up after.

If you're happy with the white now, don't ruin it! What if they're aqua instead of turquoise? Then you'll be heart broken! If you wait until after, it will be less catastrophic if they don't match exactly.

I wore red shoes for my wedding and I loved them. but I say go with your gut.

I love the look of bold colored shoes with a wedding dress. Totally theamatic with the wedding colors. Dye them!

I say dye them... When I got married, it was during the flip-flop craze and I found an Aqua-ish Turquoise-ish pair of FF's, that I wore during the ceremony for my "something blue" I thought it was FUN, I think everyone else thought it was "weird." But these shoes are classy, and they are adorable... I just think the pop of color could be fun.

dye 'em!

dye them!

And, as an added bonus - you will have your "something blue"

I wore blue shoes and got so many compliments. DO IT!!

Yes, yes, yes, dye the shoes! I wore black and red cowboy boots under my dress...and loved it. I still remember hearing my soon to be MIL saying, look at those books as I walked down the "aisle." (We were married my a pond so there was no aisle per se). I'll have to post a pic, but they're on the other computer. :(

I think of it in terms of the wedding pictures-specifically, the detail shots of your rings, dress, and shoes.

White shoes are the classic choice, and the pictures will be timeless. Aqua ones will photograph just as beautifully, but the contrast of a classic style with an unexpected, fun color will make for a much more eye catching photo.

Depending on the exact shade, a bright hue would be more quirky, but a lighter shade would look like the Tiffany & Co. blue. And we all know that goes quite well when photographed with jewelry of any kind.

Dang. Here are pictures featuring similar shoes and a black-and-white dance floor (you'll have to scroll down through them to see the examples).

These photos make me think that the white would be so pretty....and not plain at all.


Dye them! The only thing I would change about our wedding is to have worn non-white shoes. They were cute and strappy, but didn't stand out like they could have. The shoes are cute either way, btw!

I vote dye them, because it will be sassy and fabulous, but also because one of my favoritest things in the world to do is to wear the shoes I got married in again, and again. In fact, now they are getting kind of scuzzy, but I guess all that means is I've been married awhile now.

Dye them. Just think of the photographs they'll inspire.

I wore berry red satin shoes with my wedding dress, and I love love love them. Do it.