Posted: Jul 17, 2009
Our vicar sent us the rough layout for our ceremony yesterday and while I know I should be used to this by now, being seven weeks out from the wedding and engaged since October, DO YOU SEE MY NAME RIGHT THERE? NEXT TO THE WORD "MARRIAGE"?

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Vicar? Are you getting married in a Thomas Hardy novel?!

Wow darling, I believe I will be the same way! I have been engaged since October as well and reality is finally honing in; I am going to be wife. A WIFE!

Just thinking about it gives me butterflies!!!!

Btw- adore your blog!!!!

Well, I don't know what else to call him! Priest seems so weird to me, like he should be wearing a pointy hat. Or wait, is that the pope? Anyway, vicar is what we always called them growing up!

You CoE types rather did away with the pope with that whole H8 Unpleasantness; I believe you are correct in saying that this person is a vicar. Of course, assuming they're coming from an Episcopal church, they could feasibly also be a deacon or a priest...

Being a wife is awesome! A big promotion! Major job security!

Aaaah! So amazing! Your handwriting is so adorable, too.

I think "minister" to us is like "vicar" is to you. but I might be making that up. I was raised catholic, what do I know. we have priests.

"vicar" makes me think of British comedies like "keeping up appearances." I guess it makes Jim think of Thomas Hardy novels. you can tell who is the brainy one in this relationship.

Ah, minister! Maybe that's what I should call him. Vicar does rather remind me of "more tea, vicar?" tea Vicar

Forget Thomas Hardy novels, even Keeping Up Appearances is the height of refinement compared to THAT.

Hyacinth would like to point out that she IS the height of refinement, THANK you very much.

if I ever officiate a wedding again, I am definitely going to call myself The Vicar.