Hi, I'm wearing makeup, how could you tell?

Posted: Jul 13, 2009
Hi, I
Results of my hair and makeup trial this weekend. CHECK OUT MY FAKE EYELASHES.

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It looks great! And your earrings are gorgeous.

So, so pretty are you.

Aw, thank you! Kerrianne, these won't be the earrings I wear for the wedding -- I just forgot to take them off for the picture! I'm actually thinking turquoise earrings for the day itself....

I really really like your hair!

You look beautiful, as usual.

Turquoise earrings would be wonderful - something blue! Well, blueish. I wore turquoise heels as my something blue.

The eyelashes look marvelous because they don't seem obvious that they are fake but still look long and beautiful.

So pretty!


Whoah, stunning! You look fantastic!

you look fabulous. are you getting more and more excited or have nerves kicked in yet?

Thanks! Definitely getting more and more excited as it all comes together.

So very pretty! You will be the most gorgeous bride. All other brides will have to give up and hand you the tiara, for sure.