Wedding hair

Posted: Jul 13, 2009
Wedding hair
Had a hair and makeup trial over the weekend and was pretty pleased that someone managed to scrape my puny amount of hair into something resembling an updo. That flower belongs to the hairstylist and it's a bit too big, but it was just to see what it would look like: I'm going to have something fairly similar, probably a gardenia.

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wow. stunning.

Lovely. I love the flower.

is it odd that i'm tearing up a bit? this is just stunning! holly, you will make the loveliest bride!

so pretty!

Simply Beautiful. I adore the fact that you are hand creating your bouquet, amongst other decor! You give me inspiration for my own upcoming wedding!

The light and the hair are so beautiful in this shot. Promise you'll recreate this photo on the big day!


Seen on your photo stream. (?)

Really, really pretty - I was one of the many on Twitter who urged a trial. I've had more than one helmet head nightmare.)

And your bangs look cute, too!

You look like a painting! This is absolutely gorgeous.

This is so beautiful. You have such graceful proportions. Very lovely.


Love it! I wore a silk flower in my hair too. I have to post some of my wedding pics, I just got home from my honeymoon. My wedding went by FAST!

Adore!! So beautiful!