All the invitations have been sent!

Posted: Jul 02, 2009
All the invitations have been sent!
The post office is so weird: the first time we inquired, they told us we weren't allowed to have our invitations hand-canceled -- in fact, we weren't allowed to TOUCH them after we'd given them to the USPS -- and then the second time we went in, with our batch of overseas invitations, the lady was all "oh yeah, we can totally hand cancel them. Give them to me and I'll take them to Bob in the back." Today, we went back a third time, to send out the U.S.-based ones, fully expecting to give them to Bob again, and a different lady was like "no, we don't do it for you! Here's a stamp, you can hand cancel them yourself."

Get your story straight, post office!

Anyway, we hand canceled them ourselves with this nice round red stamp here. And now they're gone, gone, gone forever! Out of my life, invitations! I never want to see you again!

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Yay! How come you used so many stamps? I like it!

Well, a) we used so many stamps because each one cost a ridiculous amount to send (a combination of square envelopes and thick paper) and b) we used so many stamps because I just like the way it looks. Most of them have a mix of contemporary stamps and vintage ones that I bought for a song on ebay.

I've never heard the term "hand-canceled" before. I love the look of all the different stamps.

hence the term "going postal." they're a wacky governmental agency!

Oooh, I just let out a squeal at the stamps alone! They look great! When you have some free time, in approximately 6 months when the wedding is done, post some pics of the actual invite! I am betting they're adorable.

P.S. Saying you bought something for a song is adorable!

Congrats! Now you actually have to go through with it, I guess.

Also, that's a lot of f-ing stamps!

What is hand-canceling, and why did you want to do it? I guess I could look this up on the internet but I'm too lazy!

Petit Hiboux -- this gives a pretty good explanation:

The ever-so-ridiculous timeline provided in a decade old Martha Stewart Weddings insisted on hand-canceling. (For what it's worth, I mailed one to myself both ways -- machine- & hand-canceled -- to see if there would be a difference, and excepting the stamp our invites would not have been mangled by the machines.)

In NYC the "main" post office is the only location that offers hand canceling. That's the one on 8th and 33rd. And the zip code on their stamp is 10001 which is kinda cool.

We got ours on Friday! And I can say without a hesitation or doubt that they are the most wonderful wedding invitations I've ever seen. Everything--from the stamps to the colo(u)rs to the display font to the peek-a-boo insides of the envelopes--is just divine. I can hardly bear to send back the RSVP card because I want to keep it for myself! :)

those stamps are divine. How has no one thought of this before? Someone needs to get Martha on this for a feature!