Front of the dress

Posted: May 07, 2009
Front of the dress
This is still currently my number one choice for bridesmaids' dresses......and yet I can't pull the trigger and make the decision. I love the Jackie 0.-ish style and the fact that they feel vaguely vintage, and I love the gold jacquard, and it looks great on both my sister (here) and my friend Alison, and I'm SURE it'll look great on my maid of honor Anna too (though she's in England, so she can't try it on.)


I keep wondering if a dark grey dress would look even better (the colors we seem to be working with most for this wedding are dark grey and turquoise, with a little bit of gold and ivory thrown in). A dark grey dress would pop with white flowers (which is what I want them to carry) AND it would show up better against my (ivory) dress -- one of my biggest concerns with this dress, see, is that in the photos, it's going to look like we're ALL wearing wedding dresses.

I also sort of hate that this is from a Major Bridal Store, although in its defense it a) doesn't really look like it is, and b) comes with the assurance from both people who've tried it on that they love it and would wear it as a cocktail dress again and again.

Plus, I haven't yet found any dark grey dresses I like, despite searching every store known to man.

Basically I'm still undecided.

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I love, love, LOVE this. So pretty!

Ah, the Dress Queen's stamp of approval! That's very important!

Oh, how I love this dress. LOVE.

See, you've got TWO authorities there! ;-)

I just think it so effortlessly ties in with the theme and style of your wedding. And you're right, it looks awesome on Susie and I'm sure on Ali and Anna, too!

This dress is hells of cute. I think you should go for it.

So pretty! That is a very non bridesmaid, bridesmaid dress. I love it!

It's just gorgeous. I want one.

Go for it! I've seen plenty of wedding parties wearing dresses that are similar colors to the bride's dress.

Look at this one: They're all practically dressed the same and it doesn't matter. The photo is gorgeous.

Besides, I'm sure no one at your wedding will be wondering which one is the bride. They will be wondering where your wedding party found those beautiful dresses, though.

What they all said.

The dress is fabulous. Truly.

You may be the only bride on the planet to have found a dress that bridesmaids really could wear again. Sure, everyone says they will hem it and wear it out, but FOR REAL I would wear this all the time. I vote for a dark grey because it's a little dramatic and elegant!

I was just going to say how awesome this dress would look in Tiffany blue... then you say turquoise is one of your colors... it's a gorgeous dress. Although your sister could make a potato sack look awesome.

Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

A total winner of a dress.

I like it! Guess you couldn't really dye it charcoal grey, huh?

That dress is adorable.

I love it too, I'd hate to see you pick something else just for a color. As to the color: of course the history of bridesmaids includes dressing just like the bride so as to confuse any would-be interlopers.. they wouldn't know who the bride was! :)

That said, I think having them carry flowers with colored ribbon or colored shoes would also work. Or maybe tuck some sweatpeas into their bouquets to pick up the turquoise of the wedding colors? The hemline is also different than your dress I presume? That will also lend some difference in the photos.

Would it be possible to take this dress to a professional and have it dyed in the color youwant? I think it's a beautiful dress and the style is very unique and, you're right, kindof vintagey.

I also think there's something to be said about your bridesmaids and you all wearing similar colors. It's different! Pretty much everybody wears a white wedding dress while the wedding party wears a contrasting color. How many people do it the other way where they all blend in together? I think it would look gorgeous.

Also, you could have their bouquets include darker greyish or teal type colors to stand out in front of their dress. And if you have their flowers be different from your bouquet, then you'll still be in the spotlight. Besides, you're the bride! Of course you're the center of attention!

Lastly, I read somewhere that many many years ago the bridesmaids used to wear the same color dress as the bride so as to confuse evil spirits who might want to harm the bride. I don't believe that could happen, but it's still a neat thing to reference if all of your party wore similar colors. (Oops, I didn't read the other comments before I wrote this! heehee!)

The dress is lovely. Can you find a grey fabric you love, take a photo (or many) of the dress to a seamstress and have them copy it in your grey fabric?

I'd love to! does a person find a seamstress?

Craigslist! But the one I found involved a lot of meetings, changes, and TIME.

I can picture Allison in this and she would look STUNNING.

I found a great seamstress who literally rebuilt a vintage dress for me, through a local bridal shop in Seattle (Cicada). It was the sort of place where everything is hand sewn, and the people who sew their dresses will sometimes try and pick up extra work on the side. I would contact any boutique type wedding dress shops like that as a start.

This is absolutely divine and so UNLIKE what most brides make their bridesmaids endure. Classy, vintage, classic, timeless, flattering, special.

I have a sneaking suspicion that you will regret not choosing them.

Oh and dude, it's your wedding, people will KNOW you're the bride.