Back of the dress

Posted: May 07, 2009
Back of the dress
This is still currently my number one choice for bridesmaids' dresses......and yet I can't pull the trigger and make the decision. I love the Jackie 0.-ish style and the fact that they feel vaguely vintage, and I love the gold jacquard, and it looks great on both my sister (here) and my friend Alison, and I'm SURE it'll look great on my maid of honor Anna too (though she's in England, so she can't try it on.)


I keep wondering if a dark grey dress would look even better (the colors we seem to be working with most for this wedding are dark grey and turquoise, with a little bit of gold and ivory thrown in). A dark grey dress would pop with white flowers (which is what I want them to carry) AND it would show up better against my (ivory) dress -- one of my biggest concerns with this dress, see, is that in the photos, it's going to look like we're ALL wearing wedding dresses.

I also sort of hate that this is from a Major Bridal Store, although in its defense it a) doesn't really look like it is, and b) comes with the assurance from both people who've tried it on that they love it and would wear it as a cocktail dress again and again.

Plus, I haven't yet found any dark grey dresses I like, despite searching every store known to man.

Basically I'm still undecided.

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I think this is absolutely gorgeous, and I want one for myself!

I am always a bit turned off by bridesmaid's dresses from Major Bridal Stores because they're always costlier than the alternative and they can hardly ever be worn as often, but this definitely seems to be the exception. I love it! It adorable and seems rather versatile from the pictures.

Is there any way to add a punch of color to better separate the bridesmaids from you? A ribbon on the flower stems, jewelry, hair accessories, shoes, a floral accent in the bouquet? I'm sure you've thought of all this, but, really, it's such a fantastic, lovely dress.

And if you keep coming back to it and haven't found something you love more ... then, that's something, right?

She Likes Purple, I'm totally with you. But this one is actually very reasonable -- a lot more so than some of the other Banana/Nordstrom/Anthropologie dresses I've looked at. Adding another punch of color (turquoise shoes? Ooh!) is a great idea. Thank you!

Like you noted, they look white here. You wouldn't stand out as much in your own bridal photos. I love the cut of the dress, though.

Do you know anyone who sews well? You could show them this dress and ask if they could find a pattern and make it for you. Might end up being around the same price as the Major Bridal Store, if you find the right person.

It's lovely. Turquoise shoes would be rad. But I see what you mean about everyone in white... or some version of white. How many bridesmaids are there?

Rachel's idea is great - there are some amazing seamstresses out there and they could easily duplicate the dress in a fabric/color of your choice.

This dress is lovely, though, and I love it as-is. Colored shoes would be fab.

I do see your concern about everything/one looking white, however.

Yeah, so three is not like seven. I was thinking you know WALL OF WHITE versus a few lovely ladies in white ish. No one is going to be confused about who the bride is!

i love the idea of adding some accessories to make it stand out so that it's clearly a bridesmaid dress...and not a wedding dress. i wonder if you could take ribbon and wrap around the waist in either a dark gray or turquoise to break up the white/gold wedding-ish of it. that being said. it's gorgeous. and so not major bridal-y. :)

I wish I had the counsel and creativity of Flickr-ites when i got married. SO many solutions here!!! What a resource.

I don't know how much you're interested in spending on bridesmaid dresses, but my girls' dresses are by Melissa Sweet (they were about $240 each) and they are AWESOME. My sister and I actually chose them because we both saw the dress on the rack, and instantly thought "I would totally buy that to wear to a wedding"... I have already told my girls that I am stealing someone's dress once the wedding is over, because I REALLY want one!

Anyways, Melissa Sweet has TONS of cute dresses, and most of them come in a dark grey color... if you go to, then click on "bridal party", and then "Melissa Sweet"... the dress I'm using is MS215, and it's in Gallery 3.

I will forewarn you, the color representation on that site is not great - if you think you'd want to order one of her dresses, I'd suggest finding a store that carries her dresses so you can see actual color swatches. Best of luck!

I have seen a few pictures lately of weddings where the bridesmaids had nearly white dresses, and I actually loved how it looks. We're conditioned to think bridesmaids need to be separated from the bride with colored dresses, but really... no one is going go be confused as to who the bride is. Ever. And it looks cool with all the white/off white in the group pictures. I think if you got bright shoes for the bridesmaids and maybe a white bouquet for you and blue/white/gray for them it would look really fabulous.

I'm usually opposed to Major Bridal Stores in theory, but this dress really doesn't have that I'm From David's Bridal look at all.

Have to weigh in ...

The dress is gorgeous but YES you will all look like you're wearing wedding dresses. And my mom always THREATENED me ... No one competes with the bride on her wedding day!

Sorry to poop on everyone's parade with my motherly-ness. YAY wedding!