On a scale of one to ten...

Posted: Apr 24, 2009
On a scale of one to ten...
....how weird is it that I often watch this snippet of video my mother took of the chapel we're getting married in? Sometimes with Pachelbel's Canon in D playing on iTunes in the background?

I'm going to go with a nine.

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it's not weird at all! you're getting married!

makes me think of when i was 10 and i wrote an entire list of what i wanted when i was to be married and that included peacocks to walk all around during the ceremony. now i think that's weird.

Peacocks! At the ceremony! Hahahaha! That's totally what my 10-year-old self would have wanted too.

Well, a nine is not a ten, so you're good for now. It looks beautiful!

Not weird and it looks absolutely perfect!

The charm of that place is off the charts!