Oh hey, guess what I spent this evening doing

Posted: Feb 17, 2009
Oh hey, guess what I spent this evening doing
These are the envelopes for our save-the-dates. They're the wrong color, but I don't even want to talk about that. Tonight, I stamped every single corner of every single envelope with this stupid stamp I bought at Paper Source. Tomorrow night I have to address them all with this stupid white pen I spent a whole stupid lunch hour looking for. I think this is why Real Housewives of Orange County was invented.

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Eeeeee! You're getting MARRIED!!!

people who are lucky enough to find one of these in their mailbox will not know, and will not care that it was supposed to be PMS 568 and not the slightly more beige PMS 567. They are going to shriek with excitement. So there.

They are beautiful! (Besides, wasn't it fun? I hope it was fun.)

Enh, the ACTUAL save the dates were more fun. But that's only because Sean designed them and I didn't really do much! I'm actually looking forward to addressing these envelopes tonight with my new white pen -- THAT will be fun. But then I'm sort of a nerd like that.

Leah just stole my comment. But mine was more of a screechy sound and an OMFG!

Oh man, this stuff is so exciting to me even though I barely told anybody when I was getting married! I did tell my mom.

Wait. Is that the part you hand-wrote? Or is that a stamp? Because if those are hand-written, they are beautiful, and if I received one I might just frame it. Or at least keep it on my refrigerator for a very, very long time.

Ha! Sadly, that part is the stamp.

Addressing envelopes is one of my favorite parts of the wedding planning process so far. In fact, it's the only reason I spent $67 having save-the-dates printed at all. Hi, have you met my problems? I have a lot of them.

We used that stamp too!