Where I want to get married

Posted: Jan 19, 2009
Where I want to get married
Let's all cross our fingers and toes and knees that our application is accepted and one of our dates is free.

You would not believe how adorable and tiny this chapel is. It will seat 80 if you squish them in (uh, sorry potential wedding guests!) but the aisle is so narrow, my dad is going to have to LEAD me up it, rather than walk me up it. Like seriously, he'll have to walk in front and I'll have to walk behind him. Two people can barely fit side-by-side, let alone when one of them is in a big white dress.

Still, it's a block from the beach.

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Very cute - will you keep the flags up there when you say your vows?

Oh man, beautiful! I love how natural it is with the wood exposed beams and how much natural light it lets in.

Adorable! I got married in a little chapel about that size.

wow, it's beautiful....I can't get over the fact that you have to "apply" though..:*) a block from the beach though...you can't beat that!

good luck!

So pretty! I personally have a Thing for small chapels. : )

wow. it's amazing.

Beautiful! We had 80 guests at our wedding - it's the perfect size wedding IMHO ;)

It is perfect. Quiet, small, beautiful.

Beautiful! Fingers crossed for you!

I just gasped because YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED. Wheee.