Please welcome the newest addition to my kitchen...

Posted: May 04, 2008
Please welcome the newest addition to my kitchen...
I bought this vintage can opener at an antique mall in western Michigan last weekend, and when the woman at the counter rang it up, she said "oh, I just got rid of one of these a few weeks ago. People still BUY them?"

Yes, people still buy them, even though these people have perfectly serviceable two dollar IKEA can openers in their kitchens at home and REALLY don't need another thing on the countertop.

(I couldn't help it, though; it just called to me. I actually gasped audibly when I saw it.)

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This is the exact can opener that I grew up with, though ours was white. My mother used to lean on the handle to summon the cats with the noise of the motor. Really takes me back.

I don't recall my mother ever using it to open lemons, though.

So cute!

My mother-in-law wanted a new electric can opener for Christmas, and it was interesting trying to find one. The one we found was nowhere as snazzy as this one, though. Love the color!

Ha! The lemons were for a salad dressing I was making (in the blender to the left of the can opener.) And I'm totally using that trick on my cats.

It would match my Kitchenaid mixer and Dualit toaster (jadeite). So pretty!

cute, cute, CUTE!

Gasping audibly when you see something in an antique mall is a sure sign you have to buy it.

So pretty!

I miss the days when mechanical things were given such great colors and names...why, good morning, Sunbeam! What shall we cut open today?