Breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, so sue me

Posted: Apr 29, 2008
Breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, so sue me

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I'm just amazed that you had the fortitude to order a bagel amidst all those lovely DONUTS. Mmmm...

Oh, I ordered a donut as well, don't worry.

I had never been to a Dunkin' Donuts in my life until I went to one in Chicago last July.

Sean and I have a very special place in our hearts for Dunkin Donuts. It was the first "coffee shop" -- and I use that term very loosely -- that opened in our little Connecticut town. As a result, we had many dates there, including our first, although we were still only friends at that point. (Although we did actually go there for our REAL first date as well, but that was after a movie.) Anyway, now we have to stop at one anytime we see one, since sadly they don't have them in California yet. I've heard there's one in Vegas though. Roadtrip?

Holly, do you carry around a real-life version of gaussian blur? Your skin is as delicious as that bagel.

Also, the smell of DDs makes me think of happy childhoods. Love.

Oh, ChelleBird, you are too kind. I love the idea of carrying around a gaussian blur, though. Ha! Like in a special bag!

So I'm assuming you stopped a lot in Chicago for DD right? There are three on my 20 min drive to work. It's a little ridiculous how many there are around here.