Getting started early

Posted: Apr 29, 2008
Getting started early
Four o'clock drinks before our six o'clock flight. THAT WE MISSED. (Nothing to do with the four o'clock drinks, though, I promise.)

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wow beautiful girl

Hey, is this at the Top O' the Cock?

It is indeed! I never knew that's what it was called. How....racy.

Ok, it's actually not called that...outside my own head. It's unfortunately just called "The Signature Room".

Top O' The Cock is much awesomer.

You are too adorable for words, missy.

Man, I wish that the El hadn't F'ed you up on the way back to the airport. That being said, that is so typical of Chicago public transportation. At the exact moment that you're singing it's praises, your train will lose power, and you will sit in a hot, packed car underground for close to an hour.

Nothing wrong with getting started early. :)

You look lovely here, Holly! Not that you don't always look lovely, but here you look particularly so!