Now that's what I call a drink

Posted: Apr 29, 2008
Now that
Signature Lounge, John Hancock Building

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And since you bought it at the Signature Room, I bet it cost a pretty penny. Did you see the view from the ladies room? It is the best view in all of Chicago, I think.

I feel scared that I'm going to fall off the building if I stare at that photo for too long.

KatieL is right-on about the women's restroom! Although it also makes me dizzy.

I did see the view from the ladies room but it was the same view we had from our table! And I figured the drink was actually pretty much free, because we would have paid the same amount to get to the observation deck of the John Hancock Building, and MORE to get to the top of the Sears Tower! This way, we got a view AND a drink. Bargain!