What it's like to go out to eat with us

Posted: Apr 29, 2008
What it
If there's a lull in conversation or if we're waiting for our food, we just cannot help checking our iPhones. It's a sickness, I know, and we're sorry for it. Please don't accept any dinner invitations from us anytime soon.

(Brunch at The Bongo Room, Wicker Park.)

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love the bongo room! hope you had the crazy pancakes or french toast!

I had some pretty crazy pancakes. They were lemon ricotta with this INSANE gingersnap....sauce? butter? I don't know....on the side. They were amazing.

This is what is like for us too, except my husband doesn't do this. So basically, its him starring at me checking my blackberry all through dinner. I'm really a great date, really.

oh, I would make a great dinner date for you! I am iphone-addicted too. Sue me! :)

Wow, that is spooky, I was on holiday in Chicago last week too, and I ate the lemon ricotta pancakes at the Bongo Room too! My friend and I literally licked the plate afterwards, yummy! Of course I also ate a breakfast burrito but I needed the carbs after a 9 hour flight to Chicago!

Did you check out the amazing vintage shops in Wicker Park? I bought a beautiful dress for an upcoming wedding and got a fab discount cos of my cute British accent :0 )