As you can see, I'm sticking strictly to a low-fat, organic, macrobiotic diet while I'm in Chicago

Posted: Apr 25, 2008
As you can see, I

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totally possible in Chicago. :)

oh my. those look divine.

Nom nom nom...

mmm. can i have one?

Man, you're not tempting fate enough by wearing a Yankees went and put ketchup on a hot dog in Chicago? You're a brave lass.

You know, like THREE people said that to me at the game: "you can't put ketchup on a hot dog!" And one of them was Sean. But I've always put ketchup on hot dogs! I never knew it was so controversial until yesterday!

You ate the hot dogs! Perhaps my father and husband getting sick on the hot dogs had something to do with too many beers :)

Wait, if the ketchup isn't for the hot dogs, what is it for? Because I think it's an unspoken rule that if you get fries at a baseball game, they have to be either A) cheese fries or B) chili cheese fries, and therefore there would be no need for ketchup.

YUM, YUM. Who doesn't put ketchup on hot dogs???

pork/beef + tomato/sugar = delicious. good for you.

Absolutely good for you. GREAT for you. Hot dogs are one of a very few items that make me briefly reconsider my contention that there could not possibly be a benevolent god in this universe.

Have a third, seriously. It hurts, but it hurts so good.

Way to go! POLISH! People those are POLISH SAUSAGES! (They are, right? hee)

Why can't you put ketchup on a hotdog? I don't actually...strictly a mustard girl here, but WHY?

The ketchup controversy is only applicable to CHICAGO dogs, which have tomatoes on them, and therefore are supposed to count as the ketchup. However, I flagrantly ignore the "local law" and still put ketchup on Chicago dogs. Even with the disapproving looks I get from others.


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