Chicago Mission #1 Accomplished!

Posted: Apr 24, 2008
Chicago Mission #1 Accomplished!
Pizza at Giordano's. Check out that super-hot cheese string.

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attagirl! That looks SO frickin'.good!


My mouth is watering. I want a pizza. A real pizza. A super-hot cheese string pizza. Now!

You have to tell us how it was: was it good, was it eh, was it the best pizza you've ever had?!? I'd like to know.

Good job! I see you went the spinach/cheese route. Good choice!

Half was spinach and half was Canadian bacon and pineapple. And it was good -- it didn't, like, BLOW ME AWAY! or anything, but it was definitely good. It was....kind of like a calzone. I'm not sure what I was expecting.

I got the stuffed pizza at Giordano's when I was in Chicago, too. (The one right near Michigan Avenue.) I wasn't blown away either. Although mine was just something boring like cheese or maybe pepperoni, but I was only so-so over it. I still finished it, but that says more about me than the pizza, I think.

Being originally from NYC, I'm a bit of a thin-crust pizza snob. Thick crust has never done it for me. Although that cheese does look good.

I like Sean's shirt. "I draw pictures all day." Definitely something to brag about!

(whine) I miss deep dish pizza! (/whine)

Wow. That crust looks about three inches thick! I'm with Elgoodo, I'm a thin-crust devotee but we're going to Chicago next month, I guess we'll have to try it!

mmmmm...that looks yummy. i love a good deep dish pizza.

That is one thick crust pizza! I join the rest of the thin crust crowd but now I am hungry for pizza and not the salmon we took out for dinner tonight....

OK, so is that the Giordanos on Lake St. downtown? If so, I was totally there on Wednesday night!

(I know that doesn't sound all that interesting, but I am not from Chicago and was there just visiting)

Holly, where are pictures from Gino's so that I can scientifically compare which one I want to try?