At the Alameda Flea Market

Posted: Apr 06, 2008
At the Alameda Flea Market
I bargained that globe down from $30 to $20, and I don't care that it's the third or fourth globe that I own. On it, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos are simply grouped together as Indo-China, and North and South Korea don't exist; they're just one unified Korea. Beijing is called Peiping and India is pink on the map, which means it still belongs to the British. I'm thinking all this points towards it being from the late 1940s? I need someone from the Antiques Roadshow to help me out.

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You are so adorable! This looks like one of those pictures that we have of our mothers that reminds us how COOL they are.

ooh the flea market! it's one of my life goals to go to the market. but it's so intimidating!

i swear that shell sign has been there for ages!