The Great American (and Canadian and English and Singaporean) Dress Search: Mission Complete!

So although my sister is still dateless for The Most Important Social Event of the High School Season---although it's not until June, so maybe a handsome young transfer student will swoop in at the last minute, or wait, am I confusing her life with Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield's?---she has at least found a dress! Thank you all so much for your lovely links and suggestions, and thank you also for my credit card bill following that post because, what? You expect me to WORK when people are just BRINGING THESE PRETTY DRESSES TO ME? And yes, I know the suggestions were supposed to be for Susie but she only needs one dress and also she doesn't have a salary, and me, I need many dresses and I can totally eat Triscuits and peanut butter for a week and let the electricity bill go to Collections if it means ruffles and tulle and silk and never having to cruise the racks at TJ Maxx again. Could you help me out with a bathing suit next? And then we'll do jeans?

Oh, Susie's dress! (I'm sorry, I'm working on the concept of it Not Always Being All About Me, but it's strangely foreign to me, like trying to learn Sanskrit, so it's taking a while.) Susie's dress is sweet and pretty and will go well with gold strappy shoes, and I'm not sure about YOU but those are my prerequisites for a dress. If this sort of thing interests you, you can see what it looks like here. If not, I apologize and I suggest you get your revenge by e-mailing me some ugly bathing suits and pretending you think they might work. Or you can just tell me if there's anything you'd like me to post about next, because you're sick of reading about frilly things like dresses and haircuts, and god, Holly, it was just so much cooler when you talked about naked girls wandering into your house and your ear falling off.

And if you don't like Susie's dress, please don't tell me. We have just paid for two-day FedEx shipping so that it gets here by the time my dad arrives in Charleston so that he can then bring it back to Singapore for her, and I could totally have bought a pair of shoes for what that cost. Gold strappy shoes, of course. For me, obviously, not her. What, are you kidding me? I don't love her THAT much.

Mar 14, 2006

very pretty! and it will be a lovely colour with her blonde hair.

Mar 14, 2006

Did she also get the suggested items to make the outfit complete? Like the evening bag and jewelry and babydoll lingerie with matching g-string?

Mar 14, 2006

That dress is gorgeous! She will be the belle of the ball, with or without a date. Surely some handsome young man will come to his senses and be her escort.

Heather B.
Mar 14, 2006

I couldn't get past the Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield reference, as I had reverted back to the early 90's and good times at SVH. The dress is hot and who knew that Rampage had a cool little zoom thingy.

Mar 14, 2006

Oh, I LOVE it! It almost makes me want to go to prom again. Well, no. OK, maybe a prom that also features martinis.

Mar 14, 2006

i'm confused about the "complete your look with" suggestion of lingerie. surely you can't wear those straps with this dress. is it meant for after-prom, perhaps?

Mar 14, 2006

Ha! The Wakefield twins! I haven't thought about them in YEARS!

Mar 14, 2006

That dress is PERFECT for ... well anyone who is as darling as Susie and yourself -but specifically this: A sixteen year old girl who doesn't want to look a) dorky b) slutty. Not too short, low, tight, long, loose, weird, etc - this is so great b/c I keep seeing these kids in prom dresses that look like they're competing to be the next Bai Ling/Paris Hilton. Plus: gold strappy sandals! Love! Tell Susie to have a great time and don't worry about having a date - she'll have more fun if she goes with a bunch of friends anyway. Tres jolie!

Mar 14, 2006

The dress is lovely and will have all the boys saying what was I thinking not asking Susie! I hope she has a great time.

And don't let anyone tell you, you don't deserve those dresses you bought for yourself, because lets face it you do. Now make Sean take you somewhere fancy.

Mar 14, 2006

I always ditched my dates at such things. It was more fun to twirl on one's own and with whomever one found to twirl with....

Mar 14, 2006


[That is me not telling you.]

Mar 14, 2006

You're such a good big sister. :)

Mar 14, 2006

very, very cute dress!!! and completely age appropriate. She will be the belle of the ball. :)

Thespian Libby
Mar 14, 2006

How odd.....if you go to the site and look at other evening dresses - the "complete your look" items are the same for all of them. The same necklace, the same babydoll, and the same purse. Apparently they have a very small accessories department.

Mar 15, 2006

The dress is beautiful. I love the sparkles. Great choice!

Mar 15, 2006

OMG, loved the SVH reference. I think I still have a few of those from like 1989...wonder if my fellow commuters on the train would ridicule me if I reread one...

Uh, yeah, I know...

Mar 15, 2006

Ahem! I notice an omission from the title of your post....the search was also carried out from New Zealand. (Ok I only looked at UK shops cos I don't have a clue about NZ shops....and plus I didn't actually find anything useful anyway.....)But still I feel at liberty to sulk about the exclusionist title.

Although... if I could just step out of the sulk for the briefest of moments...could we also see pics of YOUR new dresses...?

As for Susie's....I am agog.

Mar 15, 2006

I dig the sparkles and the overlay. I've been spending the majority of my non-studying time going through dresses with my getting-married-in-June sister. Bridesmaid dresses, a maid of honor dress and now, over the last few weeks, a wedding dress for her. We finally found something, so I am fully understanding of the importance of this moment.

Plus the dress we thought was out of stock in her size it turned out they had ONE of lying about and therefore it will be only $175 instead of $380 and will arrive in TWO WEEKS as opposed to TEN weeks.

But I must confess to snorting loud enough to crack my facial mask at the randomly throwin in "Boning" in the middle of the description.

Mar 15, 2006

I just purchased strappy gold shoes too, and they are totally hott and make me 6'1" when I wear them. However, they must have some secret buckling scheme, because the second I step foot from my car, the cursed things slide off and lie limply around my ankles like worn out knee socks. Boo. Hiss. So they will not be the wedding shoes, alas, alack...which is just as well, as A.S. is only 5'10".

OH! I meant to tell you. A.S. can come to dinner on the 8th. Huzzah! So count us in, plus his sexy glasses!

Mar 15, 2006

The dress is positively ravishing! As Susie surely shall be when she dons it!

Mar 15, 2006

Perfect! And sparkly! I love it.

Mar 15, 2006

When I read Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield's names, there was a little tickle in my brain, and it bothered me at first, but then I realized it was a tickle of recognition. Sweet Valley Twins! OMG! I never would have thought of them, and that was the perfect reference, too - that's exactly something that would happen to them.

Love the dress, too.

Mar 15, 2006

Man, those perky twins keep popping up. Last Thursday night after boxing class, two friends and I ended up drinking far too much champagne and spent probably an HOUR talking about SVH. The bartender must have been so impressed -- three drunk, sweaty girls exclaiming about Elizabeth's near-groping by Bruce Pattman and how, in truth, Todd Wilkens was seriously freaking boring.

Love the dress for Susie -- she'll be a dreamboat in it.

Mar 15, 2006

Very nice. Love(d) Rampage (past tense because none of it looks right on a mid-thirties woman with two kids).

SVH - oh my god. I think I only read one of those. So terribly boring and formulaic. Not that I'm a published author or anything.

Mar 15, 2006

oooo, it's just gorgeous! I love the coppery color, the cut, the sparkles. va va voom Susie!

Mar 15, 2006

Thank you for all your nice comments!! I will be sure not to spike Jessica's punch and then watch her drive her and my boyfriend home, then let someone named Margot try to kill me

...And I will also take pictures

Mar 16, 2006

I, too, love the dress, but now I feel UNBELIVEABLY old, as I have no idea who these Wakefield girls are. Can we talk about Nancy Drew and her spunky sidekicks, Bess and George? They're a little more my generation.

Now go find me some fantastic summer shoes and that will make up for it.

Mar 16, 2006

Ooh, lovely! She will be beautiful. We want pictures post-prom (as in after the prom happens, not of the post-prom party, though that might be fun too).

And whatever else you do, don't change! Frivolity! Frivolity! I need frivolity!

Mar 16, 2006

Now I want a glitter mesh strapless party dress. And I want strappy shoes. And I want a bathing suit. And ...

You talk about whatever you want to talk about, Holly. Except for things that are grody. I'm not really into grody. That ear piece of your was pretty grody, come to think of it. I am happy I wasn't eating when I read that one.

Mar 16, 2006


Mar 22, 2006

Its a pretty ugly dress though. But you all are just friends with her so you wont say.

Apr 08, 2006

oh em gee!

That dress is completely adorable and TOTALLY in style, and as a 14 year old, I can say that with authority. That just screams "I am too cool for conventional satin dresses! You shall be blinded by my glitter!"

I'm way jealous.