Extremely Loud and Incredibly Vinegary

Damn, you CANNOT find a strudel in this town. Trust me, I looked all day yesterday---in four different supermarkets, no less!---and I couldn't find a strudel anywhere. Then someone told me about a German bakery, but by then it was too late and I'd already bought half a dozen apple Danishes (Danishi? Dani?) and cut them into slices to make a faux strudel, which---with much aplomb---I christened Fudel. I may also have added an umlaut. Everything is better with an umlaut.

So I had a German-themed shindig last night---lest you think I was just chasing a strudel around town for kicks!---which wasn't actually so much a "shindig" as it was a "book club," but I think shindig sounds cooler, like there was breakdancing and jello shots instead of sedate literary discussion and a nice Riesling. I made a vinegary potato salad, and a vinegary cucumber-vinegar salad, and there was real Pumpernickel and Bratwurst, and I said all my Vs as Ws all night. Which I actually do a lot anyway, just to crack myself up. Weronica, are you wearing your wintage Wersace dress tonight? I'd wolunteer my Walentino but I'm on the werge of giving it to Wanessa to take to the willage. Here, have some witamins! You drank at least a wat of wodka last night; I'm surprised you haven't womited yet! Maybe it was all the winegar!

Anyway, I think it went fairly well. And tonight I am dispensing of the role of Book Club Hostess and taking on the one of Unapologetic Groupie, which I will stretch across two days. Seeing a half-decent band in Charleston, it must be said, is like waiting for a bus in a thunderstorm; nothing comes along for ages and ages, and then suddenly they all arrive at once. We're seeing G. Love & Special Sauce tonight---predominantly because I snagged free tickets, but also because Sean likes to pretend he is still in high school, except with beer that's legal---and tomorrow night we are seeing Wilco, mostly just because they are awesome.

It's actually going to be an Apartment Field Trip, with Thespian Libby and Lovely Neighbor Stacy heading up the reigns, and other assorted people---many of them boys with long hair---coming along too. The auditorium is not really in The Best Part of Town, thus maps and compasses and healthy low-sugar snacks must be brought along in case of emergency, a fact that occured to me after receiving a recent e-mail from Thespian Libby that included the following: "Do we have a plan for Wilco Wednesday? We should have some sort of plan, don't you think? I think it would be wrong to just head to North Charleston all willy-nilly. The last time I did that I ended up at Professional Bull Riding."

The show, I think, is going to be like one of those dreams where everyone you've ever known in your life is there all at once; Charleston, as I mentioned, doesn't attract big-name bands very often, and it's also about a small as a city can be---"you're going to wear the SAME sweatpants you wore to the grocery store last time you went? But you might run into someone you know!"---so doubtless everyone I've ever waved at, air-kissed, hugged, or discussed the meaning of life with will be there. Which obviously makes it a SMASHING idea to get a brand-new, do-what-you-want-with-it haircut tomorrow afternoon! I don't know about you, but I LOVE spending my evenings locked in the bathroom of a public auditorium, crying because I look like a lesbian cruise ship director! Of course, attending two concerts in two days does double my chances of either faux-fainting or grabbing the lead singer's butt on stage, as I've been known to do in the past. Though honestly, these days I'm not as fussy. The drummer's will do.

Mar 07, 2006

Oooh, do try your best to get some kind of inspirational haircut. I need a haircut DESPERATELY but I have NO IDEA what to do with it. Would love to see YOU try a great new idea first. :)

Also, I have no idea what a strudel is. Is that bad?

Mar 07, 2006

Did I make that smiley face? THe world is full of surprises.

Mar 07, 2006

I thought of Wilco whenever I saw that post you titled "I am Trying to Break your Heart." What a great song (and sentiment).

On an entirely unrelated note, I actually came to your blog today to see if you'd heard the unthinkable, unfathomable news: Bachelor Travis Stork and Sarah Stone have already called it quits. they claim that having to stay away from each other for four months until the show's finale made them "grow apart." *crocodile tears*

Mar 07, 2006

i would go into east LA willy-nilly to see wilco! have fun!!!

Mar 08, 2006

No half decent bands and no strudel?? Maybe I should reconsider moving down?

But you do have palm trees and sunshine and all sorts of fun stuff us Northerners don't have!

And you get The Bachelor EVERYWHERE!

Mar 08, 2006

Wilco, shouldn't you say VILCO? Also, I want the recipe for the vinegary potato salad. My husband will thank you. He fails to understand how he married a girl named Gretchen who does not have a decent German potato salad recipe.

By the way, on the vacuum cleaner front, my wealthy mother-in-law popped up with a thousand-dollar vacuum cleaner which she bought but says she does not have time to learn how to use, so she is giving it to us. It's not a Dyson. Not sure what it is. But if it cost a thousand dollars, presumably it sucks. Shit, for a thousand dollars, it should actually blow me.

Mar 08, 2006

You know, it is hard for my mother to believe that I can be half German and yet hate German Potato Salad and German Chocolate Cake. But it is true. I don't even pronounce my V's as W's. It is very sad. What is the next book that you're going to be discussing?

I am really feeling out of the loop and must say that I have only heard of Wilco once. And it was from the guy I like who gave me the look of disdain when I admitted I had no clue who they were. The same look of disdain he gives me when I tell him that I thought Chicken Little was a cute movie. I don't know how it is possible to fall for a comic book geek who is also a movie and music snob but I managed to do it.

Mar 08, 2006

Let's see the hair.

Saucepan Man
Mar 08, 2006

So I suppose that means the current Charlestonian world at the top of The Magic Faraway Tree will have moved on when I get there on the 18th and there'll be NO LIVE MUSIC... (still, we can probably do things with green smoke and have endless meals of chocolate cake and syrup pudding!)

Mar 08, 2006

Oooh, I am sure we'll love and laud whatever hair appears... and I hope for a picture as well. Most of all, I will be thinking intentionally in inspiring ways after your safety as you venture into The North.

Mar 08, 2006

mmm..... fudel. With an umlaut, no less. I too am waiting to see the hair!

Dana Lynn
Mar 09, 2006

You mean book clubs don't involve breakdancing and jello shots? What are they all about then ~ just ... books?

Mar 09, 2006

I just hope you don't run into the scary hicks who wrecked your car. That would suck. But maybe Sean could kick their asses! That would add to the whole high school theme, too.

Mar 09, 2006

Book clubs seem like so much fun... wish I knew literate people who liked to read in the local area!

Also, you have got to have some kind of comment on the whole Travis/Sarah (aka Travarah) split up. I'm dying to hear it!

Mar 11, 2006

my local Safeway actually makes some nice strudel (probably without the umlaut though). and now i want some!