A Bad Day, Though Curiously A Good Hair Day

You know what's pretty awful? When you start out having an alright day---it's cold enough for tights and boots, you decide to go with the Gevalia instead of the Folgers, someone just GIVES you a hot pink Sharpie at work for no reason---and then all of a sudden, things go abruptly downhill and you spill this girl's salad all over the kitchen merely by opening the refrigerator door, and it had chickpeas in it and everything, which you have to pick up one by one, and then you are forced to abandon your Cool Boss image and speak sternly to the Incompetent Intern who now probably hates you for being so uncool, and actually it turns out NOT to be cold enough for that woolly black turtleneck you decided to pair with the boots, and also you are TOTALLY WEARING THE WRONG BRA WITH IT, which drives you crazy all day, and all the while you're managing to ignore the Art Director's candy jar, which is filled to the brim with packets of pink Valentine's Day M&Ms, and then you find out you have to work next weekend, and in exactly seven days it's your 26th birthday and YOU'VE DONE NOTHING WITH YOUR LIFE and tomorrow your boyfriend is going snowboarding in Tahoe for five days and will probably fall in love with some ski bunny who didn't break her wrist the first time she tried snowboarding and then FALL OFF THE SKI LIFT, TRY TO GET UP, AND THEN HAVE IT HIT HER IN THE FACE the year after that, causing bruises, tears, a near-concussion, a lifetime of humiliation, and probably a complete ban from the state of Vermont.

But! I thought about traveling family bands today---for no real reason really, just the idea of them---and it cracked me up. Then I googled "traveling family band" and found this and also this, and that made me feel better for a while. Then I remembered an article I'd been editing yesterday that had contained the phrase "it has a relaxing, spare, Asian feel," except "feel" had been on a different line and there were no commas, so I'd just read "a relaxing spare Asian" and for a split-second, I'd pictured a group of Singaporeans, all with partners, and one left out in the corner, swinging in a hammock and nursing a beer, and that cracked me up too.

So, you know, small mercies and all that. And screw the M&Ms, I've got a box of brownie mix at home. I don't even care that there's nothing good on TV to wallow in front of tonight for entertainment; I'm going to book one of those traveling family bands. The kind with the banjos, I think. Also maybe a harmonica for good measure.

Feb 01, 2006

Awwwww.... *patpat* I have two words for you, my friend. Two very important words, if you're gonna be having brownies, anyway.

Project Runway.

Feb 01, 2006

This entry made me grin from ear to ear, mostly because I think we pictured the same spare Asian and because my roommate keeps dumping all my salad fixings on the floor every time she opens the fridge!

The cherry tomatoes... oh, how they roll.

And only a troll would leave someone so charmingly klutzy when it comes to ski hills. Or at least I choose to believe that, since I myself ran down a member of the ski patrol when I was in high school. That's worse than stumbling off a lift -- believe me.

Lifts don't swear. Or cry.

Feb 01, 2006

This is the last thing I was going to read before heading out the door for home and STOPPING FOR M&Ms on the way. This seals it. I'm getting the M&Ms you're passing on.

Because today was Not A Good Day.

ms lemon
Feb 02, 2006

Mir beat me to it. The only thing better than Bachelor Monday is Project Runway Wednesday. So good, and much less painful.

mom on a wire
Feb 02, 2006

The first link to The O'Briens made me laugh. They were on Wife Swap! Or maybe Trading Spouses. Anyway, it was a good show. Yee-haw.

Feb 02, 2006

I've had a lot of days like that lately, not exactly like that, but you know what I mean. And everytime they have happened I get freaked out like "whyyyyy today?!"

Then I watch bad tv and all is good in the world. I agree with the above, it is Project Runway Wednesday, not bad tv, greeeeeeeat tv.

Feb 02, 2006

Hilarious post, Holly. It's funny. I've often been referred to as a relaxing, spare Asian! And, by the way, your post has finally given me the inspiration to follow my life's dream...being the first Asian bongo player in a redneck family bluegrass band! I'm the newest Sweeney! (Ok, so I hate my current job. At least I can dream!)

Feb 02, 2006

Just when I think I can't love you any more . . .

Feb 02, 2006

Okay, at 26 it's WAY early to think that you've done nothing with your
life. Try asking that same question when you're 50 (in 2 years for
me)! My response will be "I've done pretty good, I've made an impact on
people's lives, plus I've been places and had fun." Nuff said! Can't

Feb 02, 2006

I know that one day Veronica and I are going to get married on top of a mountain, and there's going to be flutes playing and trombones and flowers and garlands of fresh herbs. And we will dance till the sun rises! And then our children will form a family band! And we will tour the countryside and you won't be invited!

Feb 02, 2006

Ok this is weird. ALREADY two of my favourite people in the world share the birthday of 8th February....and that is spooky enough for me. But now I find out you are a Feb eighther too?? (or did I get the maths wrong?)

So I know you can't strictly fall into the category of favourite people as we don't actually know each other. But if we did, I feel sure you would.

SO...the only conclusion I can come to is that I love everybody born on the 8th February.

Any more of you out there I should know about?

Nothing But Bonfires
Feb 02, 2006

Yes, your arithmetic is correct---February 8th it is! I am in good---if not rather random---company, apparently, along with James Dean, Jules Verne, Mary Steenburgen, General William Sherman, Gary Coleman, and John Grisham. Imagine having a birthday party and inviting them all. There'd be some interesting conversations going on by the artichoke dip, that's for sure.

Feb 02, 2006

Huh. Guess that means I am all lined up to be bosom buddies with those guys too. Didn't see that one coming.
Maybe I can tap John Grisham for a few quid to pay for all the birthday presents....

Feb 02, 2006

Sorry about your bad day.

Hey, any chance you'd wanna gimme that hot pink Sharpie?

Feb 02, 2006

Hey, I have a hot pink Sharpie right here in my desk. In Los Angeles there is a talk radio host who is famous for autographing women's breasts with a Sharpie. I think he always uses a black one, but I guess one could bring one's own. If, I mean, one were intent upon having THE GIRLS autographed by this person, and one preferred that the graffiti be pink rather than black.

Early February is TERRIFIC for a birthday. There is Groundhog Day and also my big brother was born on February 4. My husband gave up skiing for me -- can you imagine someone loving someone that much? I tried it once, but ultimately I do not WANT to learn to do it, because I don't have the Type A "go fast" need. I prefer hands-on slomo sport.

Concerning traveling family bands: By a staggering coincidence, I bought a Partridge Family t-shirt at Target today. I MEAN WHOA. And I should add that by your 26th birthday, you're not meant to have done much with your life except get through school and obtain a semblance of a career. All the other shit can and should come later. Happy birthday, just in case I forget to say it again within the next week.

Feb 02, 2006

Ew no I know a gross person born on February 8th, hopefully she's not reading this

Feb 02, 2006

happy birthday early and i knew there was a reason to hate chair lifts!

Feb 02, 2006

So you're a ski bunny who hangs out in the lodge with a roaring fire and some bourbon-spiked cocoa. There are worse things. It's funny, I woke up this morning and noticed DK had pulled out our ski jackets from the closet.

"OH! Are we going skiing?! Maybe at Killington? Oh how sweet, it's for Valentine's Day right? Since this weekend we're in DC? Gosh, I haven't gone skiing in AGES, I am so excited! What a great surprise!"

And he looked at me blankly and said, "Uhhh, I was actually just cleaning out our front hall closet."

Sigh, now I need to go on a quest for M&Ms for breakfast.

Feb 02, 2006

Now THIS is what I was talking about. Yesssssssssssssssss! The whole wearing the wrong outfit for the weather thing is a much under-blogged-about issue... it can ruin your day and throw off your whole groove.

You have pink M&M's... I have an officemate who has a box of Hershey's Chocolate Cherry Kisses. Can you say "irresistible"? I could, if my mouth wasn't full of chocolate cherry kisses...

Feb 02, 2006

Add two days (to make your birthday February 10) and 1 year (to make yourself TWENTY SEVEN), and you would be me. I occasionally stop and have a minor freak out in my head for all the time I wasted in my 'early twenties' and then continue about my day. I also don't do well with skiing.
Happy happy on the 8th!

Feb 02, 2006

Sorry to hear about your bad day; but it turned into such a great anecdote!!

Feb 03, 2006

you should have more bad days. Not because I don't like you, you understand. (In actual fact, I don't even know you.) But because it makes for such good BLOG ...

Daydreams and Musings
Feb 03, 2006

So sorry about your bad day. But I love how you made yourself feel better by thinking about things that make you laugh. Traveling family bands - hilarious! BTW - I would so love a hot pink Sharpie! I didn't even know they made them in such a fun color. All I have are green, blue and black. I think a trip to Office Depot is in order . . .

Feb 03, 2006

Wait, I was supposed to have a semblance of a career by the time I was 26? Crap.

relaxed spare Asian
Feb 03, 2006

Hmmm, something to ponder. Does a good hair day outweigh the angst of wearing the wrong bra with a turtleneck?

The obvious answer is that a good hair day outweighs ALL daily inconveniences . . and yet, I will continue to ponder this.

Feb 03, 2006

Ooh! New picture. Nice.

My friend Beth has an orange Sharpie and I want it with a fiery passion I normally reserve for...hmm, I can't think of anything else I want with a fiery passion. That's just sad. And now I need to get a hot pink one as well so they can look pretty together.

Sorry your day was crap.

Feb 04, 2006

I just reread this post and, when I got to it's cold enough for tights and boots, I misread it as "tits and boots." I was all, like, tits aren't just for winter. They're all-weather gear.

Then I realized I'd read it wrong. Oopsie.

Irony Queen
Feb 08, 2006

Not to worry, I'm 27, haven't changed the world, nor mastered ski lifts yet. There's always next year.

In the meantime, enjoy your good hair day and locate some chocolate!