Play It Again, Sam

Are you one of those people who finds a song they like and then listens to it again and again and again, on a loop, ad infinitum, until their fiance threatens to leave the house forever, taking half the furniture and both the cats with him? You are? Well, wonderful! I think we'll be friends! 

Sean, you see, is not like this. Sean can find a song he likes, express his approval for it with a swift nod or something, and then move on and not listen to the song again for another couple of days. And then, when the song appears on his iPod playlist maybe a week later, he'll  give another swift nod of approval---oh this one again, yes, very good, I like this one, I remember---and then keep going on to the next song. You know, like a normal, sane, rational, logical human being.

I, however, could listen to one song for the entire day if I like it enough, and it wouldn't drive me crazy in the slightest. I have done this with many, many, many songs over the years, in fact, as I'm sure my former neighbors in both London and Charleston can attest to. There is something very calming about listening to a song you like on repeat, especially those magical second and third and fourth times, when it's still so new and marvelous. By the sixth or seventh time, you will probably find that someone starts shouting at you, however, and this is perhaps your cue to put your headphones on.

My current favorite song---one I only discovered on Sunday evening but have now played so many times that if it were on a record, the record would have broken in two---is a perfectly-formed little tune called "Don't Watch Me Dancing" by a band called Little Joy (one third of whom is Fabrizio Moretti, the drummer from the Strokes.) (And also Drew Barrymore's former flame. To which I can only say GIRL, YOU CRAZY?) You can listen to the song on their MySpace page, if you are so inclined, or you can stay here and watch this acoustic performance of it, where I defy you not to fall in love with a) Binki Shapiro (best name ever!) and b) Binki Shapiro's turquoise xylophone at the end there.

I cannot get this song out of my head right now, and I'm sorry for shoving my musical tastes down your throat---hey, at least I'm not TALKING ABOUT MY WEDDING---but I thought perhaps you might need a new favorite song right now too. Once the cops start banging on your door and threatening to arrest you for disturbing the peace with your obsessive song-on-repeat behaviour, though, you're on your own.

Apr 07, 2009

Love it! Love "The Next Time Around" even more of the best driving-to-the-beach songs ever!

Apr 07, 2009

Ooh, that acoustic version's lovely. I had the album on repeat a couple of months back. Am currently driving everyone I know insane with this, over and over and over again.

Apr 07, 2009

oooh, I do like it. And yes, that xylophone is just PERFECT in all ways.

I have don the repeat ad naseum thing with songs back in the day, but not lately. Maybe it's time to start again...

Apr 07, 2009

warning: dissenting opinion.

that's a camera obscura cover, right? but without the chorus (until the end)?

the singer girl looks totally bored. which is how the two guys we saw dining with drew barrymore a few months ago looked at her table while she droned on and on and on. . .

we totally do that with songs around here, too.

Apr 07, 2009

I'm an obsessive repeater. One time, an ex-boyfriend of mine was so tired of hearing the same song ("River" covered by Sarah McLachlan, yeah, I know, SHUT UP) that he waited 'til I was distracted to make it stop repeating when we were in the car. I noticed and he threatened to end the relationship right then and there.

Totally should have taken him up on that, but that's another story entirely.

Apr 07, 2009

That is beautiful. I will probably put it on repeat at work today.

I also listen to songs over and over again when I first fall in love with them. Less so after the first month or so. With songs on the radio I tend to change them once they start repeating at the end because I'm afraid I'm missing a better song on a different station. My family hates it.

Apr 07, 2009

What IS it about guitar players? Yum.

I'm a repeater, but I tend to pick two or three songs and repeat them on a loop so I can at least PRETEND I'm not being obsessive. :P Good song.

Apr 07, 2009

Hey- caught you putting an "iour" at the end of behavior.

You can take the girl out of England, but you can't take the (Queen's) English out of the girl... or something like that.

I do like the song, but repeatedly repeating it might put me to sleep.

Apr 07, 2009

This song is lovely! I've been quite sad the Strokes seem to have disappeared, so although this sounds nothing like them, it makes me a little bit happy.

My repeater right now is called One Red Thread, by Blind Pilot. If you don't know Blind Pilot they are definitely worth a listen-- they've got that really nice folksy warm and fuzzy indie rock sound that seems to be pouring out of Portland right now.

Apr 07, 2009

Two thumbs up. Three, if only I had an extra sitting around. Bells always add brightness and magic to a song.

But I don't get the Drew Barrymore reference. Both of these boys look moderately delicious in this video, so am I missing something?

Nothing But Bonfires
Apr 07, 2009

No, no, my disdain for Drew Barrymore is based on the fact that she would purposefully SPLIT from such a delicious man. THAT is why I think she's crazy.

Apr 07, 2009

My current song addiction is Wrong by Depeche Mode. I get into a loop with songs where I listen to them on repeat until I get them committed to memory and then I move on to find a new crush for a bit. Prior to this was The Rake's Song by The Decemberists and prior to that was Sexless Love by Twin Tigers.

All my former crushes turn into forever loves that I will eventually go back to, but they all start with an infatuation phase.

Apr 07, 2009

Its very sweet, but in my opinion the song 'The Next Time Around' (showing on their Myspace page) is almost perfect.
I thought it was Fabrizio who had chucked her though...

Apr 07, 2009

My husband has just learned to accept that if I get a new CD, I am going to listening to it constantly for the next week at least. And he is pretty tolerant of me putting songs on repeat. I had a roommate in college, though, who was so not amused.

These days my song of choice is "All I Want Is You" by Barry Louis Polisar from the Juno soundtrack.

Apr 07, 2009

Oh! This song! I love it. And I went to their myspace page and listened to others and now I must have them on my iPod.

Thank you for refreshing my music rotation. I mean, vintage Duran Duran is good and all, but it's time I move on.

Apr 07, 2009

I'm so glad to learn that I'm not alone. I just rediscovered a song that I used to play on infinite repeat: "Dark Blue" by Jack's Mannequin (from their first full album, 2005's "Everything in Transit")

Hope you like it!

parenting BY dummies
Apr 07, 2009

Happens all the time. And it drives Hubby nutty b/c I usually select some ridiculously obnoxious song to fall in love with like Stanky Leg (which I only like b/c it's pathetic and catchy and fun). Just last night I played Santana's Maria, Maria constantly for an hour and a half. He loves me anyway. Or, he does a good job pretending for the sake of the kids:)

Apr 07, 2009

We are the same over here. A friend sent me a mixed CD and #10 has been played approximately 457 times. Matthew is about ready to smash said CD.

Apr 07, 2009

Sean’s okay. He’s leaving you with a roof over your head! The people around me threaten to throw me out of the house. How rude! ;-)

Apr 07, 2009

um, i am totally she of the song on repeat kind. i become obsessed with anything (from james taylor to john mayer to britney spears to the avett brothers) to a point where i should be embarrassed. but i am not. because if i like a song and want to listen to it that much? EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD JUST DEAL WITH IT.

Apr 07, 2009

This song reminds me of something from Juno. I'm not like you with music, but I am with food. I find certain foods that I can eat over and over and over again until Roger is crying "UNCLE!" I am a bit obsessive like that, I suppose.

Apr 07, 2009

If you're really self conscious about the first dance at your wedding, this would be a really good song. Get it? Don't watch me dancing?

Apr 07, 2009

Jess, I totally had that thought too. AND SERIOUSLY ENTERTAINED IT FOR A MINUTE.

Apr 07, 2009

I am totally like that with songs; I know it's time to stop when my roommate puts on her headphones. It's particularly bad when the song in question is something inherently annoying like "One Night in Bangkok." You'll find a god in every gol-den oy-ster...

Apr 07, 2009

I do this with songs and also with artists. Like anyone who rides in my car has a choice of Elvis Costello, Elvis Costello, Jenny Lewis, or Elvis Costello.

Apr 07, 2009

What a lovely song! (Although I must say, I agree with jdg that she looks a bit bored.)

Anyhoo. I too am a compulsive repeater. My current infatuation is with this:

Anne in SC
Apr 08, 2009

I will flat wear-out a song I like. I'm sure my husband loves it when I do that. That's seriously the best way to learn the words so that you can sing to the top of your lungs on the very loud, 101st time.

Apr 10, 2009

Date: Circa 1996
Location: My bedroom
Scene: I am on the phone (one of those see-through ones) with my crush. It's the phone conversation where he's supposed to ask me to prom. Managing to keep the butterflies from turning into nervous puking, I have put on my favorite band in the background hoping to impress him. NO WAIT. I have put my favorite SONG on in the background. On repeat. Because, there was a specific button for this back then on my humongous CD player. (It was Iris. By Live. Oye.)

Me: Yeah, I know, that was hilarious. Mr. Fitz is crazy.
Him: You KNOW this! Ahh, yeah, so the band was practicing last night and the craziest shit happened...
Me: Yeah?
Him: Wait...are you listing to Live?
Me: [Thinking I've scored in the "impressive" category.] Yeah. I love that band!
Him: [critically] But, like, are you listening to some song on repeat?
Me: Umm...[Erupting in nervous hives]...yeah.

He did ask me to prom, but that date was even more awkward than the moment of she-listens-to-songs-on-repeat realization.