You've Got To Have A Fun Thing

This weekend, I went to Target with my friend May, and I managed to get out for under forty bucks. I never get out of Target for under forty bucks---hell, I never get out of Target for under a hundred bucks---so that was pretty unprecedented, I've got to tell you. Since we don't have a Target in San Francisco, you see, Sean and I have to drive about fifteen minutes outside the city to hit the nearest one, and perhaps because we've then made a special trip out of it---moving the car from its sacred parking spot right in front of our building, which we'll never get back again, not in a million years---these excursions to Target always turn into an extravaganza of consumerism. Kitty litter! Paper towels! Toothpaste! LET'S TRY THIS BRAND OF TOILET CLEANER, IT'S ONLY A BUCK FIFTY. It's scintillating, I tell you, shopping with us.

And so when I go to Target, I always try to get a fun thing. Do you do this? Do you get a fun thing in Target? You've got to get a fun thing in Target, Internet, trust me, otherwise you've just driven out to the suburbs for kitty litter and paper towels and toothpaste and toilet cleaner, and if you think about that too much, well, it'll slowly kill you dead. My fun thing this time around was the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette shampoo you were all telling me to buy......and, okay, maybe also this blush I've been dying to try forever. May's fun thing was a People magazine a hefty and important tome on nuclear physics.

The other thing I did this weekend was get my hair cut. It shames me slightly to admit it, but I last got my hair cut at the very beginning of October, which means it had been pretty much exactly six months since I'd had so much as a trim. (Seriously, I've been engaged longer than that.) I took in the same picture of Nicole Richie I've been taking in since 2005, and then sat back and let my lovely stylist do her stuff. When she was finished, I still had enough for a diminutive ponytail, and so that was good enough for me.

Hello! I have enough Bumble and Bumble product in my hair to start a small fire!

On Sunday, Sean and I made a trip to the Alameda flea market, where our aim was to get A) some sort of turquoise fabric for a very exciting wedding-related project, B) old California postcards, and C) two more chairs for the kitchen table, and where we ended up, instead, with D) none of the above. We did, however, find something far more exciting, and that was a set of cocktail glasses we've been looking for FOREVER. If I told you how many ebay listings and  thrift stores I've scoured for these particular glasses, you wouldn't believe me, but they have been surprisingly tricky to track down. (I once found one in the Goodwill on Geary and Larkin, and promptly bought it, but it was in pretty bad shape and not quite the right size, and besides, right after I bought it, the police arrived to arrest this woman who was totally trying to leave the Goodwill wearing some pants she'd stolen, so I sort of got put off from ever going back.)

Here are the glasses, in case you are wondering; you can see one in Don Draper's hand here:

And here is one of the six we bought, finally in my possession, sitting atop the kitchen counter:

After we had bought the glasses (six for twenty bucks!), we stopped in at Costco on the way home for cat food---since Mr. Fake Diabetes will now only eat canned food that costs approximately sixty eight dollars per ounce---and Sean promptly put a bottle of scotch (seen above) in the cart. "Is this your fun thing?" I said. "This is my fun thing," he said, and Internet, I could hardly argue with that.  My fun thing, for what it's worth, was a pineapple.

Brother Tom
Apr 06, 2009

haha, Luke just told me that you "dissed" me in one of your earlier posts because I dont like how you only ever write about your wedding. Here is the kicker, and why your diss has just been turned back on you 50 cent style, I didnt eveb read that article! Because, wait for it, it was about weddings!! hahaha.

But in this article, and your 'Twenty One time travel', you are back to your very best...!

Apr 06, 2009


Don Draper! *squeals*

I can never get out of Target without dropping at least $100, too. I don't know what it is about that place. Husband told me he'd tell me what it is about that place but I told him to shut up.

Apr 06, 2009

Those are totally freaking awesome glasses. I covet them.

Apr 06, 2009

WOW, I have a set of 4 of those glasses, along with a matching pitcher that I stole* from my mother. They were originally my grandmother's, and I assume my mother stole* them from her. How exciting to see that they're so coveted by others & used by Mr. Draper!

*not actually stolen

Apr 06, 2009

I just sent this link to my mom, Holly. I hope she doesn't demand I give her the set back!! ;)

Apr 06, 2009

Sweet glasses!
I've been meaning to tell you... I've been seeing globes EVERYWHERE!
Target has smallish silver ones, maybe 10" tall with the stand, and World Market has ones that were maybe 5" with no stand and they looked aged. Those ones didn't have stands, I think you were just supposed to put them in a bowl on your coffee table or something.
Anyway, fyi!

Apr 06, 2009

Just thinking about Target gets me all squealy and consumery.

Apr 06, 2009

I realized that I do the fun thing at all my favorite stores without consciously knowing it. Although, I live in the suburbs and there is a Target right around the corner, which makes it significantly more dangerous for me. But now you've got me in the mood to go flea market shopping, which I haven't done in forever!

Apr 06, 2009

I'm going to Target this morning and I definitely need to know what you think of the Brilliant Brunette shampoo. (Does the shampoo sud nicely? Did you get the conditioner too? Is it moisturizing?)

Apr 06, 2009

You know, it's funny: I was reading your post this morning, about Target and glasses and fun things and then I DON DRAPER DON DRAPER DON DRAPER DON DRAPER.

And the next thing I knew, I was down here in the comments section with little recollection of what had transpired. I do believe I may have fainted.

Apr 06, 2009

I LOVE those glasses! Every time you post your household things I get more excited to get the heck out of Mexico and back home where all my pretty home things are in storage.

Apr 06, 2009

Yay! I love the "fun thing", and I too can never leave Target without one or two (or under $100, for that matter). Sadly, I now live like ten minutes from a Target, so I get one or two "fun things" a little too often.

Apr 06, 2009

Oh also? I saw Mr. Draper himself (Jon Hamm) at a coffee house a few weeks ago. Yes, he is just as good looking in person. Siiiigh. I love living in LA.

soul fusion
Apr 06, 2009

the only thing that stops me from going completely overboard at Target is that I never have a car when I'm visiting them. Anytime I visit friends or family outside NYC I try to squeeze in a trip to Target and I carefully select items that will fit in my suitcase. I'll be hitting a Boston Target this weekend! And I can totally get behind the one fun thing idea. Probably because the sheer novelty of going to Target makes everything a fun thing for me.

Apr 06, 2009

HAHAHA I love the fun thing rule. If you hadn't have told me about it, I would have come home with just boring stuff like a new plastic shower curtain liner and conditioner. Bah!

You know what's so funny about your Don Draper glasses? This whole time I thought you meant "in the style of" Don Draper's glasses. Not, um, THE VERY SAME ONES. I sincerely admire your patience and shopping fortitude.

Camels & Chocolate
Apr 06, 2009

Wait, so those are the EXACT ones in the promo? Craziness! I love them! Now next season on Bachelor viewing nights, we should have Don Draper-style cocktails out of procured glasses in lieu of wine out of solo cups (not that YOU would ever serve wine out of Solo cups, but well, some of use on occasion do).

Also, I am LOVING your haircut! Is this the final chop before you grow it out for the wedding?

Operation Pink Herring
Apr 06, 2009

I always buy myself a fun thing, too, but I've never though of it that way! I usually feel all guilty and tell myself I should put that book/CD/pack of notecards back because I don't really NEED them. From now on I'm using your system: one guilt-free fun thing per trip!

Apr 06, 2009

Ha Ha - Your brother Tom cracks me up. (1st comment)

L.O.V.E. the glasses. I think my grandfather used to have those. Love your hair. How do you like the shampoo? I tried it, but it didn't move the earth for me.

Apr 06, 2009

Whoorl, Debbie -- I am liking the shampoo so far, but I've only used it twice. It hasn't changed my life or anything, but it seems to get some good suds, it feels pretty moisturizing, and my hair is fairly shiny and soft. Give it a try!

C&C -- This is the shape that will grow out nicely for the wedding (more of a one-length bob), so hopefully, yes!

Apr 06, 2009

I totally have a set of those (maybe six? eight?) that my mother-in-law gave us with an old set of silver-rimmed china that I use to hold tealights! It never occurred to me to use them as glasses. Ha!

Nathan Bransford
Apr 06, 2009

Sooooo jealous about the glasses! What a successful flea market day.

Apr 06, 2009

Someone really needs to have a Madmen party. I have the dresses! You have the cocktail glasses! Sean has the scotch! LET'S DO THIS THING.

Apr 06, 2009

My husband would be all over those cocktail glasses and, I suspect, the Scotch.

The haircut looks awesome. Shows off your cheekbones, which are also awesome.

Apr 06, 2009

Love your haircut, it is so very cute.

Also, I am so using the 1 fun thing rule at Target now. We do occasionally get a fun thing but it's typically from the $1 spot. But now I am insisting on the book I really, really, really want the next time we go.

Also, we never can leave under $100 and my friends and I have determined that Target sucks your brains out when you enter and then deposits your brain back into your head when you leave. Makes perfect sense. And a much better explanation over the fact that they just know their product placement.

Apr 06, 2009

I have this bizarre fascination with that blush too. The patchwork! OH MY!

Apr 06, 2009

My Aunt Ginger and Uncle Denny had those glasses. (I think. They were usually kind of hard to see through the haze of cigarette smoke.) Being from Green Bay, they were usually filled with Brandy Old-Fashioneds.

My fun thing at Target is actually a Grande Non-Fat Hazelnut Mocha from the Starbucks within the Target- does that count?

Nothing But Bonfires
Apr 06, 2009

It totally counts!

Apr 06, 2009

Hi! Just delurking myself here.

I noticed those glasses on Mad Men too, and then I noticed them again on another show: Commander Bill Adama uses them in Battlestar Gallactica.

I think that means they're both retro and futuristic enough to be timeless!

Apr 07, 2009

Mmmmmm, Scotch.

Apr 07, 2009

Add me to the Brilliant Brunette bandwagon. I use the "shine release" version, plus a dab of conditioner that comes with my Clairol Herbal Essence hair color, and it gives me shiny, soft and supple hair indeed. But, buyer beware -- you have to know your own hair and check the product you reach for. In error I once bought the volumizing version (oh well, volume is good, right?) which left my hair sticky, stiff and icky. But they both seem to really extend the useful life of a hair coloring for me, which is a huge plus.

Your cut looks great, Holly -- you will be a gorgeous bride!

meredyth byrd
Apr 09, 2009

I HAVE WANTED THOSE GLASSES FOR SO LONG!!!!! I'm jealous that the only place you found them was at a flea market I'll never make it to. But glad that someone else shares my love of Mad Men glasses/style. They remind me of my grandfather, who was very Don Draperesque, without all the cheating (i think) and living all over the world doing things with soil (he was a soil scientest, ok?). The point is, he was handsome and lived in the 1950s and I wanted those glasses.

My one fun thing from Target is usually cheap jewelry, which I always get compliments on, or a bag. I have to turn my head from that department if I'm trying to avoid impulse bag buying.

Apr 09, 2009

i love the cut. i will be printing this picture and taking you with me to the salon...again.