Annoying Things That Are Pissing Me Off

Internet, the economy is in tatters, several people have already RSVP-ed no to my wedding, a friend of mine got laid off today, my cat peed on my bed for the six billionth time---don't worry, he has a vet appointment this week---and earlier this evening I was standing on a street corner waiting for Sean when a man walked past and tried to win my affections by using the line "Hey baby, you tired? Want me to pick you up?" 

Today has been....irksome, to say the least. And while I'm certainly a fan of trying to find grace in small things---today, for example, I made a list of five in my planner, though only managed to come up with "my latte" and "the fact that the cat pee did not soak through to the mattress"---I am also a fan of venting. I am a fan of grizzling and grousing about life's little irritants, of offloading those prickly points of contention that stick like splinters in your side. Do you have something like that going on right now, some annoying little thing that chaps your hide and frosts your cookies whenever you remember to think about it? Because I invite you to dump it here. Oh sure, I'll go first. Here's mine:

  • On November 4, Obama won the election. On November 5, I bought two Yes We Did! t-shirts from an online t-shirt store. The money came out of my checking account---of course it did!---and yet the t-shirts never materialized. Despite several emails to the company, the t-shirts have still not materialized. Where are my damn t-shirts, stupid online t-shirt retailer? Give me back my eighteen bucks!

Whoa, that feels better. Now your turn, Internet. Anything pissing you off lately? Care to share? Think of it like therapy. Except free. And public.

Camels & Chocolate
Mar 02, 2009

How funny because up until 7:30, I was having a terrible, horrible, no-good very bad day! And judging by Facebook statuses and Tweets, it seems we were not alone...

Thank God our friends--J! Mel! Mol! Ty! Hare!--reversed that sentiment.

Mar 03, 2009

The end of February came and went, and for some reason I realized my monthly transport pass continued to function, though I had not bought a pass for March. I just figured it was some kind of transport miracle, like maybe the train gods knew how little money I have and decided to cut me a break this month. I tried it again this morning- still worked! Then while I was in the train...controlled by a ticket agent. 40€ ticket. Le sigh.

Mar 03, 2009

I'm annoyed that despite getting robbed on 23rd December (wonderful Christmas present that was), the insurance company still has not paid up for what was nicked. I'm also peeved that because of the git that broke into our garden, I have to share my (small) house with three bikes, as we are now a target for bike thieves. Harumph.

Mar 03, 2009

I'm annoyed that it snowed AGAIN in the northeast, and that they most certainly will have not plowed or shoveled the train platforms here in my neighborhood, where the NYC subway is above ground, and so it will instead amount in a few days of standing on a big ice platform and trying to not slip and fall and die. Something I've been lucky enough to do all winter long.

Mar 03, 2009

Ok, this is both big and small. The GD economy is snowballing my mental state into something very close to the brink (um, please ignore the mixed-ness of that metaphor.) Here's the thing - still employed, so is the husband, roof over our heads with affordable mortgage, cutest dogs in the world that make us feel like rock stars every time we come home, and content to spend our nights in with eachother spending as little money as possible. Nothing to complain about, absolutely. But my job requires me to spend massive amounts of time reviewing and analyzing economic and media reports that all basically say the sky is falling, my industry is going through a literally unprecedented downsizing (I mean, no one has ever seen layoffs like this in this field), and I am a world-class worrier by nature, so these things send me into a tizzy. We can't start a family yet because we aren't sure how stable our jobs are and we can't afford to move out of our dollhouse-sized home and I am getting ever-deeper into my 30's, and we can't even plan a vacation because that requires spending money and we aren't doing that right now in case one of us gets laid off. So I am both incredibly stressed and feeling like a prime a-hole for feeling stressed when there are so many that have it so much worse.

Mar 03, 2009

My roommate's been driving me nuts. All she does is talk about her weight, worry about how many calories are in her protein shake, sit on the couch and cough all over me while telling me she might have the flu, sleep all the time and then complain she's tired, and just generally doesn't have a personality that attracts my own.

Ahem. Thank you for that opportunity, even though the above statement makes me sound a wee bit cruel.

Mar 03, 2009

WHERE IS MY FURNITURE??? It was supposed to be delivered on Saturday. We have had to pay double-rent (i.e. for two places) for the past four days and now we absolutely need to be out of the one place, so we will have to sleep on the cold hard tile floor at the new place, because first of all they wouldn't deliver our beds (couches etc) and now we have gotten to the point where we told them to forget it so we're starting over with someone else. No end in sight.
Thank you. This was very therapeutic. Including the long rambling confusing sentence part. It's all clear in my mind at least.

Mar 03, 2009

My hours have been significantly cut back at work and I was a part-timer already. And though I know many, many people are going through this, it still bothers me that I'm not able to contribute financially the way I have been.

jive turkey
Mar 03, 2009

Well, far be it from me to pass up an opportunity to bitch on the internet:
There is a woman in my office I DO NOT WORK FOR who likes to show up at my desk and ask me to dictate letters, work on projects, make copies, etc. - and she has HER OWN assistant. I have my own damn work to do, and don't have time for her crap. But if I tried to communicate this to her, I'd end up in deep shit. Sigh.
Also, I'm like 2485693465 gazillion months pregnant and stressing about daycare. The end.

Mar 03, 2009

1. I am pregnant with twins. (yippee)
2. Yesterday my workweek was reduced to 30 hours, along with my salary and PTO. (boo)
3. I still have a job and was planning to propose this exact plan to my boss after my maternity leave this summer (good)
4. All of the cutbacks and layoffs in my office are affecting only women including one single mom and one preggo (me) and are being mishandled internally PR wise. (bad)

Mar 03, 2009

just upset that i am running late and that i have to brace the freezing nyc weather (-10C, 15F) today when i would much rather stay in listen to music and read a book. oh and why don't i have a trust fund so i could do just that?
(AGH! this is the 6th time i am trying to post this! i can never get the letters right! upper-case and lower-case are hard to differentiate)

Mar 03, 2009

Sadly, I don't get picked up anymore. That being said, when I was about 8 months pregnant, the homeless guy on the corner with one string left on his guitar serenaded me with, "Ohh baby! It looks like somebody rocked your world...You had some fun..." I fled and if I weren't so pregnant I would have gone home and curled up in the shower and rocked -- Crying Game-style.

Mar 03, 2009

Doing everything humanly possible to not a) cry or b) leave work or c) both.

In January I bought a used car from a friend....pretty good car, or so I thought. Older but had been awesome until that point. Since then, the passenger window has fallen off the track, the trunk pops open automatically everytime we shut a door (we have to lock it all the time to prevent), the airbag, break light AND ABS lights came on this morning...all when my husband (who was not a fan of the said purchase, to put it mildly) was driving. Coupled with the fact that our furnace broke down yesterday requiring about 400$ in repairs...and the fact that we had a weekend trip coming for my husband's birthday....the timing is LESS than good...and he is LESS than happy...and I am MORE than upset....what a fucktastic week so far!

thanks though, I do feel a *bit* better.

Mar 03, 2009

I thank you for those t-shirts. You see, I would have liked to purchase them but I couldn't afford the shirts. Since you could afford the shirts, the online retailer allowed you to generously purchase them for me.

And I love, love, love the shirts. So sorry that you thought you were buying them for yourself but really it's better this way. You have plenty of other shirts.

Mar 03, 2009

I have been sick with some evil lung infection thing for over a month. I'm the one who walks the dog because I enjoy it but the lung infection thing has scaled the walks back a bit so the dog is getting restless and irritating and chewing everything to bits. Meanwhile our cat, who has the feline version of HIV, has stopped eating and it is quite possible she is on her last leg. But then I've thought that before. My 9 month old son is just being a complete pain for no apparent reason. He's all squaky and fussy and yelling at me for NO APPARENT REASON. And good grief he does not want to be put in a car seat. I mean the injustice of it all (according to him). On top of the fact that even though we are weathering the economic downspiral as well as to be expected I just get the feeling of doom from everyone. It's as though there is a big fog everywhere. Ok, maybe I just need to post this over at my own spot. But thanks for the offer for unloading. I think I feel better already.

FunnyGal KAT
Mar 03, 2009

Our effing kitchen countertops are finally being installed today... more than a month after they were originally supposed to be in. We were promised that we're first on the list of installations today and our job is very important-- so in whose world does the first installation of the day take place between 9:30 and noon? I cannot wait for this project to be done!

Whew, I do feel better. Thanks, Holly!

Mar 03, 2009

Holly, I had something so similar happen with a pair of shoes that never materialized. Keep fighting that stupid company! I finally threatened to report them to the better business bureau and voila! the $76 was returned to my checking account. Imagine that.

amber of theambershow
Mar 03, 2009

Ditto the "Yes We Did!" tee shirts. They're really, really, really behind the ball.

I'm also irritated at BlogHer women essentially calling themselves stupid all over their blogs (not you, others). I wrote a scathing post about it last night.

Mar 03, 2009

I have nothing really to share, except that I'm still distracted by your mention of frosted cookies. Almost so distracted that I'm seriously weighing the option of whipping up some sugar cookies, and icing, and eating until my thighs explode.

Mar 03, 2009

OK, there are so many things I could talk about here that are actually serious, like my boyfriend getting laid off, his ex wife being a raging bitch-face, the fact that people seem to lose all common sense when they become executives and I am left to take care of them as though they are small children...

But no, instead I need to talk about last nights bachelor. WTF?!!! For those people who did not watch the THREE hours in one sitting like me and who maybe still have it on their dvr or something, I won't leave spoilers. But it pissed me off. A lot. Too much. WHY DO I EVEN CARE?!

Neo Geek Girl
Mar 03, 2009

My vacation request for this Friday was denied, so I can't make the girls weekend in the mountains with my dearest friends from University. I was supposed to attend a conference next week, which I was looking forward to. With the economic uncertainty, my approval will likely be canceled. I am the largest I have ever been in my entire life and even my FAT clothes are too tight. I am not sure what my job will look like after May 12...

Men need to offer a solution... women know the therapeutic effect of venting!


Mar 03, 2009

I wish the media would SHUT THE HELL UP! Yes, we all know how bad the economy is, and the stock market sucks, and housing prices keep falling, and jobless rates keep going up, and businesses are losing money, and many others are filing for bk protection, and OH MY GOD the sky is falling, blah, blah, blah. We know this already. Quit being freakin' Chicken Littles.

I say we should boycott the media for a month and let them report that doomsday shit to no one.


Mar 03, 2009

I'm annoyed that I'm about to become a college graduate in a severely depressed economy. I wish I could be happy about the achievement of graduating, but instead I'm growing ulcers just knowing how tough/impossible it'll be trying to find a good job.

Plus, I'm moving to the bay area next August and I'm just royally pissed off that it's not next Fall already. Damn you, time!

Operation Pink Herring
Mar 03, 2009

I had THE WORST day yesterday. First of all, I was supposed to be off yesterday for a totally legitimate sick day, but on Friday an Emergency Meeting for 9am Monday morning was announced and my attendance was required. This is not typical in my office, so I tried to get out of it and could not. I rescheduled three (THREE) doctor appts and planned to come in on Monday. And then it snowed, like, a lot (for Maryland, anyway) and I was sooo pissed because I was sure we were going to have a snow day, but I knew I'd have to wake up anyway and try to figure out if this Super Emergency Meeting was taking place anyway, despite the snow. But the snow day never came, and I had to go into work even though every other business and school in the city closed. I trudged halfway to work in the snow before my fiance called me and notified me that I'd taken his keys with me by accident, so I had to go all the way home and the I was late to work despite being up mega-early to sort out the Emergency Meeting situation. And then, when I got to work, Emergency Meeting was canceled and moved to Tuesday. And I'd rescheduled all three (THREE) of my appointments for Tuesday so that I could be in attendance at Monday's super-emergency meeting. GAH! Then I went to the gym to burn off some bitterness and realized I'd forgotten to bring both a sports bra and a water bottle, the cable went out in the middle of Heroes AND 24, and my fiance was up all night with food poisoning from a steak I cooked.

WORST DAY EVER. And this morning the coffee shop was out of my usual coffe. I might just cry.

Mar 03, 2009

I'm pissed that a family member unexpectedly dropped her kids on our doorstep in November, saying if we didn't take them she was giving them to the state. I'm pissed that we agreed without having all the legal stuff finalized. I'm pissed that she up and took off to Mexico. I'm pissed that she's posting pictures all over the internet of her magical life in her new Mexican villa with the beach outside her door and endless margaritas while we're fighting the legal system to keep the children she left after she lied to us about the legal proceedings.

I love the kids but hot damn I'm furious.

Mar 03, 2009

I'm not overly annoyed with anything except the freaking economy. I get that "it has to get worse before it gets better", but have we not had enough? I'm annoyed that my boyfriend and I are planning our trip to Hawaii in June and are having to pinch our pennies to ensure we can do everything we want. Basically, just the economy. If that would get a little better I think lots of other things would, too.

Mar 03, 2009

I'm a teacher, and will almost certainly lose my job due to layoffs. All of my colleagues are sad and stressed and depressed because we're all worried. I have to work a crap second job to save money for the inevitable and scramble to try and find a position teaching in a horrible economy. I had a horrendous fight with my boyfriend last night--we just moved in together--and to make it worse, it was totally my fault. So now I have to feel lousy all day about it and guilt myself to death. My students are 8th graders who have some form of senioritis, meaning they don't want to do ANYTHING.

I do feel better now.

Mar 03, 2009

Being absolutely exhausted, needing sleep, wanting sleep, wanting nothing more than to sleep...and waking up a full hour before my alarm went off. AND NOT BEING ABLE TO GO BACK TO SLEEP.

Mar 03, 2009

My husband is about to finish school after 3 years of both of us working incredibly hard to make it work. He's got a job lined up that he loves, but we just found out that he'll be making around 50% less than we'd planned on. Which means we may not be able to have a baby next year as we'd planned. This hurts my heart so very much, though I know he is lucky to have a job at all right now...

Mar 03, 2009

Oh Holly,

One question. Did you happen to pay for those with a debit card with a Visa/MC logo? If so, file a complaint with your bank contesting the charge. You have the same or similiar rights as if you used an actual credit card (hopefully there isn't a time limit). If they don't hear from the retailer or you don't get your merchandise (which doubtful since it's been 4 mos. already) their cc processor will pull the funds from them (assuming they're still in business).

I know there are a lot of parentheticals but it's worth a shot (if you're not willing to let the $18 go).

Good luck!

Thespian Libby
Mar 03, 2009

Hmmm......I don't really have a current rant. I was laid off in August and STILL haven't been able to find employment which pays a liveable wage. I've gotten sort of weary of hearing myself rant the same rant. Though I do truly wish that people would say "get" instead of "git" and "and" instead of "nd". Otherwise I just remember that there are thankfully several safety nets between me and a cardboard box under the Ravenel Bridge.

Mar 03, 2009

I've been sick with the worst cold I've ever had for the past week. I woke up yesterday morning feeling slightly better (albeit, still with a nasty cough and runny nose)... only to find that I had developed pink eye in both eyes. PINK EYE! I'm 26, for the record, not 7.

Mar 03, 2009

Wow, you guys, I am LOVING everyone's venting. Now doesn't that feel better? A problem shared is a problem halved! Or something.

Mar 03, 2009

Taking a huge pay cut so that I could move to be with my boyfriend. Then feeling guilty about being mad about that because, hey, at least I have a job. Extreme dislike for living in Southern California. My coworkers. I am so upset at moving down here that even stupid sad songs make me cry. And then, again, guilt because I did want to move down here to be with my boyfriend and I know it won't be forever. But when we finally do move again I'll have to start all over job-wise and I'm really not looking forward to that again.

Mar 03, 2009

About to graduate from the most expensive graduate program on the planet into the worst economy in my lifetime. My boyfriend is moving cities at the end of the school year. I hate my thesis, this school is stupid, I am poor. Rarg, grr. Thanks for the space to vent.

Mar 03, 2009

About two years ago sold a business to my brother-in-law, and he still hasn't paid us. This forced us into bankruptcy last month. Never do business with family. Might lose the house, but I'm working on saving it. December 23rd my stepdaughter ran away. Merry Christmas. January 6th my husband of 13 years announced that he wants a divorce. Happy New Year! And the economy is in the crapper. Oh, and last night I had a dream that I got laid off. Lets hope that doesn't happen :-) Life can only get better, right?

(sorry if this shows up more than once, re-posting because looks like I did something wrong.)

Mar 03, 2009

I'm really annoyed that the RSVP date for our wedding was three days ago, but we're still missing nearly 40 response cards (nearly half our entire list!). WTF people? What is so taxing about writing your name on a card, putting it in a pre-stamped envelope and dropping it in a mailbox? I don't even care if you decline at this point - JUST TELL ME. Also irritating is the fact that later this week I have to write an extra-nicey-nice email to the stragglers, asking them to please let us know their plans soon.

Mar 03, 2009

Hmm, I have a biggun. I've now been in Mexico two years, and my husband's visa appt was a YEAR ago. Still no word. Meanwhile the violence has reached us here. There was a grenade attack on the local police station while my husband was jogging at the park across the street - 150 meters away - and five police officers have been killed since then, including one yesterday.

I want to go home. :(

Mar 03, 2009

Wow, I'm feeling a little better after reading everyone else's problem.

Kait, do you want me to find your sister and smack her for you? :)

Mar 03, 2009

I thought I was the only one whose universe has been sucking lately. For example, my wallet was stolen at the supermarket yesterday. My favorite wallet that I bought in Buenos Aires many years ago. And now I'm at the DMV, which is awesome. Also, my eyelash curler broke yesterday. Also awesome.

I did see a full rainbow, though, so maybe it's not that bad.

Mar 03, 2009

My mother-in-law is a micromanaging control freak who treats my 53-year-old husband like he's 18 and lives in her basement. And furthermore, he lets her get away with it, because she controls his inheritance. Don't make me elaborate. You'd be sorry.

Lady in a Smalltown
Mar 03, 2009

I am in the 28th week of my first pregnancy. My first trimester was pretty easy (tired all the time, sore boobs, peeing a lot, but no morning sickness) and everything else has gone really well. I haven't gained much weight. I was blessed with an easy pregnancy. (That is not my irritation.)

I jinxed it and now I am having gallbladder problems and have to give up or cut back on all my favorite foods and am not sure what I can eat. My side hurts most of the time.

Thanks for the space to vent.

Vampy Varnish
Mar 03, 2009

Ok, here goes. The idiot I work with, who I call "Scarecrow" because "if she only had a brain" screwed up yet again today. I have asked her on three occasions to NOT order tuna sandwiches for work meetings because a room filled with people and tuna DOES NOT MIX. What did she do yet again today? She got tuna sandwiches! I could leap over my cubicle wall and strangle her I am SO annoyed! AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

I wish I could say I feel better but I don't since this is a daily issues. But thanks anyway!

Mar 03, 2009

Wow, and I thought I was the only one that the universe is picking on....

My wallet was stolen from me at the supermarket yesterday. It was from a trip to Argentina many years ago, and it was one of my favorite possessions. Bonus: It was extra fun to sit at the DMV today for my new license.

Also, my eyelash curler broke. Of all the days? Sigh.

But, I did see an entire rainbow yesterday, so at least there was something good.

Mar 03, 2009

I'm annoyed that a guy I (barely) know thinks (mistakenly!) that I am his personal therapist, and when I politely inform him that I'm prepping for midterms/taking them for some of my classes and thus can't listen to his whining, he bitches because he can't...well, bitch. I'm annoyed that said guy texts me "hey" and other such useless, text-message-using-fodder 239805723985789 times during the day which costs money and whines that I have (a life) classes because he has "problems to discuss".
I'm annoyed that this guy is NOT EVEN MY FRIEND, I talked to him like twice, OMG WHY *ME*!?? And I'm annoyed that I'm too nice to tell him to go away.
Also, I am annoyed that the weather here is so dang cold and thus my nose refuses to stop running. I am beginning to look like Rudolph because I have to wipe/blow/etc my nose so much, and you know what? IT IS NOT CHRISTMAS. If I'm not getting presents, the red nose?! NOT WORTH IT.
...Wow. Lookit all those capital letters!! Ahem. /end rant. Thanks for the space :-P
I hope things get better for you!!

Mar 03, 2009

I'm annoyed that you still refuse to cater to my need for wedding porn and post a Sean-proof photo of your bridal gown ; )

Mar 03, 2009

Melanie - absolutely! Go kick her for me, will you?

Mar 03, 2009

Why yes, I WILL vent thankyouverymuch!

There is a guy that I met over Twitter that I like very much. As in, cannot stop thinking about him for more than a fraction of a second at any point in time, borderline obsessive crush. I thought he felt the same way about me.

Last week, I found out he's dating someone else. He introduced me to her as just "Beth", not as his girlfriend, and SHE was the one who told me they were dating. He told me later it wasn't going well though and has been trying to work out how to break up with her. I chalked it up to inconvenient timing for me to meet such a great guy and resolved to just wait till he broke up with her. I have met up with him for drinks since, but nothing "happened" because I am not going to intrude on his thing with Beth. Since then I have been completely unable to quit thinking about him. I'm way too crazy about him. Obviously this is bad news though since he's involved with someone else.

Last night he was supposed to call me and just forgot until half an hour late and when he did call, he was at the grocery store and had to keep interrupting me to talk to the cashier. Then he wanted to get off the phone after 6 minutes. He also told me that he is a recovering alcoholic. After we went out for DRINKS last week. Ugh.

Anyone want to tell me how to quit obsessing over someone who is clearly not good for you? Because I have no idea how.

Mar 03, 2009

Hmm ... my biggest aggravation right now is that we have a stain on our ceiling from a leak, in the exact same spot there was a leak last year, that our condo mgmt company supposedly fixed and not just by painting over it. The response? Send a roof guy over who says, ohn looks like there's a vent on the roof that had snow and ice over it. It's dry now. Nothing to fix. So we are supposed to expect a leak everytime it snows and then melts??? And we are fighting with the them to repair the ceiling, which they've done for the FIVE leaks we've had before but are now saying is our responsibility, even though we don't have the option of fixing the source of the leaks ourselves.

But, god, my gripe sounds so obnoxiously trivial compared to what so many of you seem to be going through. My best to everyone!

Scottsdale Girl
Mar 03, 2009

Um that World of Warcraft ad below your posts is pretty irritating. :)

Mar 03, 2009

The passive agressive bitchiness that is my boss's constant state of being. The "No, I can't just tell you what I need you to do because I have to be all passive agressive-y on your ass so you have to guess what it is that I am getting at" attitude has caused me to make the decision to quit. Yes. In this day and age of economic crises, I am left in a position where my only saving grace will be quitting...before she fires me for screaming at the top of my lungs "Green gloopy shampoo from the 60's is NOT the same thing as hand soap! And that ad guy is just doing his damn job!"

Mar 03, 2009

My cat is peeing where she shouldn't also - I know it's probably because she's feeling yucky, but I can make it to the toilet when I feel yucky, dammit!

Mar 03, 2009

Of the more than ten very dear friends that were invited to my bachelorette weekend, only 3 are coming. I've had a migraine on and off for four days. I paid way too much money for excellent jeans only to have them shrink after they were altered. What can I do with very expensive ankle length jeans?!!? The last ten years of my adult life were spent consciously saving for my retirement. I am now retirement broke. I also sliced my thumb while cutting DIY wedding invitations over the weekend. I cried.

Wow, that actually helped. Here's to hope the pendulum swings back up for all of us. Lottery winnings, t-shirts in the mail, an iced cookie...

Mar 03, 2009

Our phone lines have been out for 24+ hours. My husband had outpatient elbow surgery yesterday and yes we *would* have appreciated being able to receive that follow-up phone call from the surgery center, thankyouverymuch! One hour on-line chat with well-meaning customer service/tech support person in India created an in-person service repair appointment for "sometime soon". AAAARGH!

Mar 03, 2009

Seriously, was the Internet invented for venting or what? I am loving this. In fact, I got so into it that I went and wrote my own vent over on my blog.

I hope everyone is having a much better day now!

Mar 03, 2009

Because of the damn economy, the evil bank I have been with for over 13 years, decided to cut my credit card limit in HALF last week! I have had the dang card for 9 years, and have never had a lower credit limit than currently. I have perfect credit, have a great history of paying them, and yet they called and said they had to cut my limit. Not that I want to use $15,000 dollars of credit, hell, I don't even have a balance on that card right now. But we are planning on purchasing a house in the near-ish future, and credit limit to debit ratio helps your FICO score. I am paying for other peoples bad spending habits, and purchasing homes they can't afford! Grr! That pisses me off! Also, smart move bank of doom, guess who I won't be asking for a home loan now!

Thanks for that. I obviously needed to rant.

Mar 03, 2009

Kait, I'm on it! :P

Mar 03, 2009


Having read through all these posts, I got nuthin'.

jennifer in sf
Mar 03, 2009

This was very therapeutic! I was all fired up about the retard I work with, but scanning through these posts seems to have eased the pain. You're like the British Oprah now! (Except you know, much smaller and, I assume, much less rich.)

Mar 03, 2009

Yesterday, I realized that my personal debt "that I hope to have paid off by 2010" is twice what I thought. And I finally looked at that statement that tells me the difference between what I think I make and what I ACTUALLY make.

And the pipe outside my apartment burst for the second time in two months, which I discovered today when the FIRE DEPARTMENT CALLED MY CELL PHONE!

Mar 03, 2009

Oh, and ALSO (this is going to be quite addictive), someone filled out the FAFSA using my e-mail address - when I contacted FAFSA informing them of this POTENTIAL FRAUD they were all, "Oh, we don't discuss private information over the internet. Please call our 800 number to correct your account."

It's not my account! Why should I waste my time calling your number?

Today, Villanova University sent me an e-mail thanking me for sending my FAFSA. And I changed my e-mail password. UGH!

(It's comforting to know I'm not the only person who never enters that text correctly.)

Mar 03, 2009

I went to post a comment (a happy one believe it or not) and I accidentally hit the back button, deleting EVERYTHING. AHHH!

Mar 03, 2009

I have a G.D. ear infection, like I'm some kind of baby or something. LAME.

Mar 03, 2009

As someone who works in customer service at a call center, you gotta find the customer service number (emails take longer) and ESCALATE. If they try and brush you off, ask to speak to a supervisor. They need to produce a tracking number, and with that tracking number prove that it came to your door and YOU signed for it. Otherwise? They need to refund asap.

Mar 03, 2009

I'm pissed that the collection agencies won't stop calling my house trying to collect my mother in law's debts. She's in a nursing home with Alheimer's now people, you're not getting paid. And stop calling me! I'm not responsible for her bills. And no I won't give you the number to the nursing home.

I'm about to start telling people she's dead. Yes it's that bad.

Mar 03, 2009

I'm pissed that I started a blog on how to utter only positive words and thoughts and the day I started I had a roller coaster miscarriage ride of yes, no, maybe, no, yes... and today I learned it's definitely a no and I can't even complaint about it on my blog. Also: not at home because I just bought the whole family "complaint free world" bracelets and my kids will point out any sigh I let out... Guess this is the only place I can do it, or in my car, when nobody's watching.

Mar 03, 2009

Woke up at 4pm this afternoon (after working graveyard shift all night) to discover they turned the water off at the old house, but haven't yet turned it on in the new house (where I am currently sleeping on a mattress in the living room floor.) Basically means I had to get ready for work tonight in the employee bathroom of workplace. FREAKING AWESOME.

Mar 03, 2009

My downstairs neighbors smoke pot all the time and the smell wafts up into our bathroom. Sometimes I'm not sure that they're smoking pot. Being a goodie-two-shoes, I don't really know what other drugs smell like. All I know is that I don't want other people's smells invading my space.

I caught a mistake at work on an email we're sending to thousands of people...great! However, I only caught it after we'd duplicated the email 3 times to send out to 3 groups of people, so I had to fix the error 6 times (3 html, 3 text-only)...why do people even want text-only emails anyway?

Aside from that, my husband is grumpy because his boss is going to have trouble making payroll this week, yet is buying himself a new (unnecessary) "work" truck for over $50k because his old truck is broken (apparently it needs about $3k in repairs). So...who in their right mind would spend over $50k on a truck when they might not make payroll? AND who spends $50k on a truck anyway?!

Mar 03, 2009

I forgot to include that my best friend from college randomly decided to cut off all contact with me last year. She didn't come to my bridal shower/bachelorette and she didn't come to my wedding. I was going to ask her to be in my wedding until she said she "wasn't sure she could make the date we picked because she might have to work". Ahem. She works at a concert venue. I checked a couple times a week up until the wedding. No concert was scheduled for May 31, 2008. She lives 2 hours away. Up til she decided she wanted to cut me out of her life we had pleasant email conversations and a few phone calls - nothing to let me know that anything was wrong or that I had done something to hurt or offend her or anything. I hand wrote a long letter about how upset I was after she didn't come to my wedding and the only response I got was a 2 line email that more or less said "I can't deal with this now." I didn't think that warranted a response from me (it just made me madder and more hurt). I have not heard from her since.

Mar 04, 2009

I'm in Krakow for the week (it's semester break in Germany, where I'm studying for a year), and every single plan I make falls through. The history museum is closed for renovation, the 19th-century art museum is closed for renovation, the royal palace is simply closed, no explanation. My friend and I got to the Old Synagogue 2 hours after it closed--I guess that was our fault, but still! And then we asked our hostel's reception about grocery stores, and she said she DIDN'T KNOW WHERE ANY WERE. Doesn't she eat?!?!?!

On the plus side, we ended up finding a grocery store in the massive mall near the train station. Mall + Polish currency = yay!


P.S. I read the majority of your blog during ...breaks...from working on my term papers, and I love it!

Mar 04, 2009

sweet holly burns, wanna know what is bugging me?

i really miss your secret bachelor tuesdays. because this go round has been mired in such confusion. i can't believe that you haven't said anything about it... have you completely foresworn it?

Mar 04, 2009

well, i have 3 kids under two and my oldest has cerebral palsy and epilepsy and doesn't walk and she's super tall for her age (3 feet already) so on the off chance i get out people look at me like i'm crazy because she's so big and doesn't walk or talk. we live on a 3rd floor walk up with and even if it weren't 10 degrees and i had a stroller i couldn't leave my house without help because there's just too many of them. so i spend 10+ hours/day with all three of them and leave my house maybe once a week. but i can't even really complain because my husband is so nice and feels so guilty that i just keep on keeping on.

Mar 04, 2009

i really wish the girl who sits in the seat right next to me in lecture on monday and thursday (two different classes) would just move over ONE seat..... the lecture hall seats about 300 and there were only 180 in the class before the first test.... many have dropped.... plenty of space to MOVE OUT OF MINE!!!
thankyouverymuch.....i do feel better. until thursday night lecture!!
and ps.... its petty but im not moving!! this is my seat!

Mar 04, 2009

Whoa...I think Kait (#25) and Anna (#72) win. I'm foregoing my vents in lieu of some sympathy (and kudos) for both of you.

Rachael W
Mar 04, 2009

I agree with 74 -- my sympathy to Kait and Anna.

That said: my graduate school professor decided to assign six huge assignments within a two-week span, including a 30-page midterm, all right around my birthday. I'm a full-time teacher and a full-time varsity softball head coach... when do I have time to do these things?

I'm very lucky to have all these jobs, but I wish I had time to breathe.

Mar 04, 2009

Snowstorm prevented me from returning a movie to the store on time. Drove to the vid store the next day (in the continuing yet somewhat plowed snow) to return the vid - found the store closed with a sign "due to weather".

Since I planned on asking for a reprieve in late fees due to the fact they weren't there, I didn't go back to the store until today (two days later).



Kerri Anne
Mar 04, 2009

Headaches. I HATE them.

Mar 05, 2009

The internet failed to send me something once. What a jerk.