The Year of Jetlag

I landed twenty minutes early at San Francisco International Airport yesterday morning, sailed through customs, immigration, and the baggage carousel, and was outside on the curb by 9:10am, the time my flight was originally supposed to land. Thanks to some excellent timing, Sean was right there to swoop me up in the car three seconds after I exited the double doors into the chilly morning. What super good luck, right? I know! But still, I was tired, I was cold, I was hungry, and I hadn't slept in a horizontal position for over 24 hours, and all I wanted to do was go home, eat a bagel, and nap for an indecent amount of time. And then right as we were pulling out of the airport---ha! that was so easy! why was that so easy?---we discovered we had a flat tire.

So that sort of sucked. I sat back on the curb in the cold again for half an hour while Sean winched the car up, took the old tire off, and put the spare one on, all in front of the International Arrivals terminal, while people enjoyed teary reunions and got parking tickets and accidentally ran over their toes with the luggage carts around us. But thank god for that spare, really, and for fiances who can change tires at a moment's notice in their work clothes, and thank god for the iPhone too, which came in very handy when we couldn't find the jack and had to google "where the f**k is the jack in a 2004 Jeep Liberty?" (Answer: under the passenger side back seat, if you ever need to know.) (Also, we didn't really put the "f**k" in there.) (Although damn, you know we wanted to. Who puts a jack under the passenger side back seat? It was the last place we would have looked. And did look, of course.)

So today is New Year's Eve and tradition dictates that I am supposed to reflect on the previous year, although tradition doesn't really dictate that, because a cursory glance over my previous end-of-December posts for 2005, 2006, and 2007 reveals that I've never actually done that on my blog at all. When I was younger, though, I used to set aside an hour on New Year's Eve to put on some Soul Asylum (this was the 90s, so maybe it was also sometimes some Pearl Jam, who knows) and fill my diary with adolescent musings regarding the year we'd just had and the year we were about to enter into.

More recently, I haven't really had much time for that---it was a year! whatever! it's over!---but perhaps because yesterday marked the two year anniversary of us moving to San Francisco, perhaps because I am exhausted and jetlagged and introspective, or perhaps because we plan to spend tonight on the couch with Guitar Hero and a bottle of champagne and therefore I'm not running around doing crazy things like painting my toenails or oscillating between dresses, I'm rather self-indulgently drawn to the idea.

Mostly I will remember 2008 as the year I didn't stop traveling. This was pretty much my own fault, of course---Girl Has Serious Case Of Wanderlust, Becomes Addicted To The Thrill Of Booking Online!---but a lot of my travel was work-related too, and this is one of the things I loved most about 2008, that I got paid to travel, my god, if that doesn't warrant italics then I don't know what does. Trust me, I have never lost sight of how lucky I am to be doing exactly what I want to be doing, with and for people I truly love. This year, I visited Vietnam, L.A., Denver, Chicago, a tiny bit of Michigan, Charleston, Orlando, Singapore, Berlin, the Bahamas, Dallas, London, Rome, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Singapore again, and just typing all that out made me tired. Also, you should know that I totally forgot to put Rome in there the first time around, which is slightly sad as a) the trip was only two months ago, and b) it's where I got engaged.

Ah yes! I got engaged! 2008 was the year that (finally) happened and maybe I'd given you the impression, in the past, that I was pretty laissez-faire about that kind of thing, but the truth is that I sort of wasn't: I was kind of quietly ready for that somewhere around early 2007 so the fact that it happened in October 2008 meant it wasn't a moment too soon. At one point earlier this year, in fact, I wanted to grab Sean by the shoulders and shout WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WHY HAVEN'T YOU PROPOSED TO ME YET DON'T YOU KNOW I'M A CATCH!, but luckily I kept ahold of myself and realized the boy just needed some time to figure out how to get it perfect, and man, was it perfect indeed. I might have argued that it shouldn't have taken him TWELVE AND A HALF YEARS---we met in the summer of 1996, although ours is a long and complicated history, and also in the summer of 1996 I was sixteen, so ew, whatever---but after all, all good things come to those who wait. Especially those who wait twelve and a half years, apparently. Anyway, the way our wedding planning is going, we won't be married until 2015, so perhaps taking a really long time to do everything is just one of our Special Things. Parents: expect grandchildren sometime in 2040!

I'm not very good at new year's resolutions---is anyone?---but in 2009, I think I am going to try a little harder not to be a neurotic, psychotic witch.  I am not going to sweat the small stuff, I'm going to take more deep breaths, I'm going to practice a little more patience and tolerance, and I'm going to quit making things into Such A Big Deal and just let them go if they need to be let go of. I'm going to be better about keeping in touch with my friends, better about keeping my apartment clean, better about making sure my days are productive, and better about not spending money. I also pledge very solemnly to be better about making sure I eat a whole ton of ice cream every night (from the carton, in front of The Hills) because hey, I need at least one I can keep.

Happy New Year! Much luck for 2009! What are you going to do differently this year?

Dec 31, 2008

I love that you admitted that you weren't laid back about it AT ALL. Because I wasn't, either, and people made me feel like some sort of BEAST when I admitted it, when I maintain that most women aren't so chill about it, but it is uncool to say so. LET US MAKE IT COOL.

This year, what I'm doing differently is, uh, having a baby. Holy shit?

Dec 31, 2008

I TOTALLY did that thing when I was a teenager where I'd write these long, overly-dramatic journal entries reflecting on the past year. Gosh they were so lame. hehe

Happy New Year!!

Dec 31, 2008

I plan to feel at home, eventually. And I haven't really felt at home for a very long time, so that's going to be different.

Have a wonderful new year!

Dec 31, 2008

I'm going to exercise and eat better, which is basically a given for pretty much everyone's resolutions.

I'm going to try and not freak out and obsess about the future, which is something I have been known to do... endlessly. I am going to try and take things as they come. Most of all, I'm going to try and stay positive, which is something I have never, ever been good at.

Jan 01, 2009

I'm going to let go of my anger at moving to southern california (let me know when you're here and I'll show you around a town you already know. I'm going to write more and work out more and be more productive.

Check with me in 2 years and see bow I'm doing.

Congratulations again on tus engagemet.

Jan 01, 2009

About 8 years ago, my resolution was to stop making resolutions but this year I thought of a zillion things I could do to be a better person, which is both humbling and kind of depressing. Maybe I reflected a little too long into my champagne, but WHOA, there is work to be done. This year, I'm going to work on those things. Chip away at what I've been purposely ignoring. Dive in. Stop putting off what needs attention. Face fears.

It's time.

Happy '09, Holly!
House of Jules

Jan 01, 2009

The only resolution I've ever made and kept is to visit one new country* every year. I started that one in 2000, and plan to keep it alive in 2009. I've been to Poland, France, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Switzerland, Peru, and Jamaica.

*In 2008, I didn't visit a new country, but I did travel to a completely new place: Hawaii. I spent 2 weeks there, and decided that Hawaii would be worthy of an asterisk.

My only other resolution is to enjoy 2009, because I have no reasons - none at all - to keep from doing just that.

Best wishes!

Jan 01, 2009

Mine are generally creative resolutions, so last year it was to draw every single day (pretty much did it), and I think that my one for this year will be to take a photo on a particular theme everyday. I haven't quite finalized it in my mind but I have until the end of the day to decide, right?

Have a great new year!

Jan 01, 2009

I am a person that doesn't really make resolutions but I might have some vague things in mind that I hope to accomplish (like my 70 something list of house projects) and we'll see how we go there.

Happy New Year! I hope it's wonderful.

Camels & Chocolate
Jan 01, 2009

Cook more! Run another marathon! Be more organized! And of course, spend more time with you! =)

Jan 01, 2009

I plan to actually get to unpack these darn suitcases (been living out of them since August 4th now) and get our stuff into the same country we are. It's not much to ask, is it?

Jan 01, 2009

Holly - I just love reading your posts because I can hear your awesome accent in my head.

My 2K9 resolutions include remembering birthdays, being satisfied (less expectations to be unfulfilled), and talking less/listening more. Ooh! and signing back up for japanese classes.

Happy New Year everyone!!

Operation Pink Herring
Jan 01, 2009

I liked to pretend that I was cool with the fact that after 5 years together my boyfriend had not proposed, but I'll also admit that I was really not OK with it. I also admit that I still remember every person who ever asked us the dreaded "so, when are you two lovebirds going to get engaged already?" question, and I still think that they are all assholes.

Apparently I need to work on letting go of my grudges this year.

Jan 01, 2009

This year I'm moving to Boston. I'm SO excited. And I'll be even more thrilled if I can get a job.

Helen Jane
Jan 01, 2009

Bah, all my resolutions all fall inside the productivity bucket.

But I'm sure excited for your big event.

Jan 01, 2009

HAHA. Love that you admit that you were SO WAY READY for the engagement. I was too. And we had only been together two years. I was uh, a LOT more vocal about it with Aaron though!

Anne in SC
Jan 02, 2009

Fantastic post! Though I won't write about it (I don't think) my new year's resolutions would be crazy similar to yours. Thanks for getting them down "on paper" so I can see them; they are exactly what I need to have as my resolutions right down the the ice cream. I don't keep nearly enough ice cream around.

Happy New Year! Here's to getting rested.

P.S. If this ever posts I just thought I would let you know that the box for proving I have a pulse is right over the "word" I'm trying to see...making it very difficult to prove that I have a pulse. I've even gone out and come back in.

Jan 02, 2009

Happy New Year!

I always resolve to be more selfish, because when it comes to friends and family, I always give, give, give my time and never really get anything in return and never take time for myself. So I resolve that this will be the year I actually go through with this resolution!

And in case I don't, my other resolution is to wash my face every night before going to bed. Much easier to accomplish. :)

Jan 02, 2009

First, let me tell you that I had a similar experience with the jack in the back seat of the Jeep Liberty. Luckily, at the time, my husband happened to be the district manager for Jeep, so I called him and yelled at him (because of course, it was all his fault.)
After he told me where it was (I too was all, WTF?!?!)
He then chose to explain to me that it is under the passenger seat because Jeep drivers usually have a Jeep full of "gear" (sleeping bags, snowboards, tents and various other outdoor equipment) and thus don't want to have to unload all their stuff to have to dig a jack out; pulling it from beneath the passenger seat is much more accessible. And there you have the official word from the Jeep man.

As for my resolution, I resolve to take pictures that include myself. I reviewed our photos of 2008 and realized that none include me and very few include my spouse. All are of lovely scenery, architecture, and of course, our child. We have 8-zillion photos of our child, and none with us in them. She will look back one day and think she was abandoned by her parents, especially her mother, for the first two years of her life.

Jan 03, 2009

Give up the Camel Lights once and forever, and quit paying rent and buy a house or condo.

Welcome home.

(You are a catch, dear. What was he thinking?)

(If you see this post, it means I managed to replicate the rubbery digits below in three tries or less.)

Jan 03, 2009

Looking back at my teenage angsty diary entry from the end of 2007 (I'm 17, I reserve the right to continue the tradition for at least another year) I haven't really achieved anything I expected from 2008. Thankfully, I think I've achieved other things because I wanted very weird and unsuitable things from this year.

This is the first time I've visited your blog and I'm very impressed :) it looks like something I'll come back to.

Pedicure Queen
Jan 04, 2009

Happy New Year!

Don't mean to sound like a downer or anything but seriously you should look forward to a better new year than to simply think that it's the same ol sh*t different day kinda thing. Works much better that way. Trust me ;)

Jan 05, 2009

Hold on to your hat 2009 - this is what I wanna do: move back to the USA; figure out what I'm doing with my life; get one or TWO dogs; possibly buy another house + a car + a bike (and then, not spend any money on anything else for like, 18,723 years); eat organically and do a sprint triathlon. Also, finally get a kick-ass boyfriend (I too know something about waiting. Like, 30 years.) GAME ON!

Jan 05, 2009

Happy New Year Holly!

This year I'm going to try and stop shopping quite so much, start cooking a lot more, clean out our flat from A-Z and pester my boyfriend to finish the DIY so we can finally unpack the remaining boxes from when we moved in 6 months ago!

Jan 05, 2009

I also think Sean got it just about perfect, and for that matter I sort of was ready for it to happen for your two, too!

Perhaps that means that for 2009 I should stop obsessing (however virtually) about other peoples' lives?

Ah- who am I kidding? I'll be here, reading with bated breath, for all the details of your 2009 and beyond. (Of course, I meant that in the least crazy-stalkerish way possible. If that's possible.) Happy New Year to you and Sean!

Jan 06, 2009

Hi Holly,
I was given a lemonade award, one is supposed to pass it on to 10 bloggers. I gave you one, and rest assured; I'm absolutely certain it carries no boost in status or cash prizes, but I'm a regular reader of yours, so there you go! :)

Happy New Year,

Jan 07, 2009

I just started reading your blog on my first "mental health day" of 2009. Congrats on your engagement and upcoming nuptials. Having gone through it myself, I'd say it's the best and worst time you'll ever have.

This year, I am going to be all about reusable bags. No more plastic or paper for me, thank you.