Bad Decision Tuesday: Irresponsible Horseplay On The Edge Of The Grand Canyon

Okay, so this one isn't so much a poor clothing choice as it a poor judgment call, but I figure bad decisions are bad decisions, so what the hell. I came across a massive bundle of old photographs the other day and was so excited at all the horrors within---sartorial and otherwise---that I now believe I have enough evidence to keep Bad Decision Tuesday going for.....well, possibly forever. Honestly, it's like I didn't understand back then that the camera had been invented and would record me in all my awkward glory FOREVER AND EVER AMEN.  Oh, the pictures that are to come, you just wait.

For now, however, I would like to discuss what a thoroughly bad decision it is to lark around near national landmarks, and for this I will need to take us back to December 2002, when Sean and I had packed up our belongings, loaded them into a large Penske truck---with my Jeep Wrangler attached to the back, just try parallel parking that little cavalcade---and were in the process of moving from San Diego to Charleston. On the way there we stopped at the Grand Canyon, which neither of us had ever been to before, and I---imbued with the unparalleled wisdom hubris apparent immortality of a 22-year-old---decided it would be a simply marvelous idea to do this:

OH MY GOD, I KNOW. I know. What was I thinking? One false move and I'd have plummeted to my death! I guess it's a good thing there weren't any banana peels just lying around on the side of the Grand Canyon, you know?

Sean---a far more mature 26-year-old---decided to play it a little safer (snort) and merely sit on the edge of a 6000-foot deep abyss. How sensible! How restrained! I bet the fall to the bottom wouldn't have hurt nearly as much!

(By the way, as much as this was a terrible decision and I'm sure my mother is on a fainting couch somewhere right now and you shouldn't try this at home---or, uh, anywhere, really, least of all the Grand Canyon---I would like to point out that I do seem to have made one good decision in this picture. I still have those Puma sneakers, you see, and I still wear them weekly and they are still my favorite sneakers in the world. In fact, I wore them to patrol the Las Vegas airport for 48 hours straight last week and it was like walking on a cloud. And those suckers are at least six years old! Puma, call me, I think I deserve a new pair of shoes. Or at least a spot in the Guinness Book of Records, right? They're practically vintage. At this point, you could stick them in the window of a storefront on Haight and sell them for two hundred bucks.)

Dec 02, 2008

First of all I have to say that even a bare glance at that first picture had me simultaneously reeling in vertiginous horror and hoping you were about to say it was photoshopped. I'm dying. DYING!

However, for a Bad Decision Tuesday, you're both looking very fashionable!

Camels & Chocolate
Dec 02, 2008

And you still have that AWESOME coat, too, that I will promptly steal from your closet, don't you? I seem to recall its cameo in a recent Ocean Beach photo.

Also, I love how those photos look like they're from the 70's, rather than less than a decade ago.

Dec 02, 2008

That picture is scary. I can practically feel MYSELF plummetting to my death. Which is not at all lovely and yes, I spelled "plumetting" wrong but I really have no idea how to spell it.

Dec 02, 2008

Oh my GOD I have vertigo right now!!! Seriously, those photos make me want to throw up. (Clarified: because of the height, not the fashion. You look adorable, per usual.)

Dec 02, 2008

Both of those photos make me sweat bullets and gulp... hard. If your mom is anything like mine, she'll see these, and will proceed to call you by your first-middle-last names at a very high octave.
House of Jules

Dec 03, 2008

I agree with Abbersnail. Those pictures make my heart race in a really bad sort of way.

*runs off to find Xanax*

Dec 03, 2008

Your Mum needs to move over and make a bit of room on the fainting couch for me.

Dec 03, 2008

Oh my GOD. I actually slapped my hands over my eyes when I scrolled down, so that I wouldn't have to see you PLUMMET TO YOUR DEATH.

Dec 03, 2008

I'm not sure if the bad decision was to perch yourself precariously on such a precipice or the post the picture.(How very alliterative of me!) I seem to be in the majority here since my knees just buckled--quite a feat since I'm sitting!! GAH!! Oh and the blurred foot in your photo does make it look as if you are truly falling.

Dec 03, 2008

I am hearing my son freak out for you in this picture! When we took him to the Grand Canyon a couple of years back, we learned that he is afraid of heights. Good times. He would totally DIE if he saw you do this.

We asked him to take a picture of my husband and I together and we were at least a foot off the edge and he was losing his mind over it; you totally would've gotten screamed at by a youngster.


Dec 03, 2008

Excuse me, am busy hyperventilating.

Dec 03, 2008

I just keep imagining there is a rock platform a couple feet beneath you that would catch you if you fell. I'm going to keep imagining that.

Dec 03, 2008

Excuse me, I'm having a panic attack over here.

Dec 03, 2008

HOLLY. I feel my latent mothering skills (?) emerging because I want to yell sternly at you to STOP THAT RIGHT THIS MINUTE while on the inside I am about to vomit from fear. Seriously, those photos are going to give me nightmares. And you are in BIG TROUBLE, YOUNG LADY.

Dec 03, 2008

I HAVE those shoes! I love them. I wore them on a rainy weekend in Paris last spring and thought they were done for. Amazingly, I put them in the washing machine and they came out as good as new. They're the greatest.

Are yours blue, too?

Sensibly Sassy
Dec 03, 2008

eek, totally unsafe! These pics make me nervous for you-and it already happened!

Dec 03, 2008

My teacher side and future Neuotic Mother in the year are grabbing your arm and shaking you, asking, "What are you thinking? You could DIE!"

Good lord!

Dec 03, 2008

My teacher side and inner future Neuotic Mother are grabbing your arm and shaking you, asking, "What are you thinking? You could DIE!"

Good lord!

Dec 03, 2008

There is a VERY similar picture of my husband and his brother, when they were NINE AND SIX YEARS OLD, respectively, teetering on the edge of the Canyon, because THEIR FATHER TOLD THEM TO. He thought it would be a neat picture! Nine! And Six! Get it together, father!

Dec 03, 2008

Oh. Hell. No.

Dec 03, 2008

I think bad decision Tuesdays need a counterbalance...maybe good decision Thursdays? Anyhow, I think that beautiful vintage hat you wore to your friend's wedding was most certainly a good decision, and given your fondness for that item, I thought you might like this site: They have beautiful things for ladies and also brides-to-be.

Abigail M Schilling
Dec 03, 2008

a) Can you give me specifics on the shoes? I want air shoes.

b) I was all "San Diego?! When did Holly live in San Diego?!" and then I did a stalker search on this site. Found a small bit, but can you take up your timelines again? Pretty please?

Dec 03, 2008

Oh, the picture of Sean just gives me the willies. I mean, that whole CHUNK of rock could have just snapped right off from any little bit of extra weight...shudder.

Dec 03, 2008

The funny thing is, I don't even know what the shoes are called. I really need to buy some new ones. They're sort of....velcroey? And Puma makes them? Of course, they probably stopped making them in 2001, but still. Maybe we will find them on eBay! Hey, if my brother Tom can find Reebok Pumps....

And CarrieLyn, mine are white. Though considerably LESS white than they once were.

Dec 03, 2008

I was hoping you were doing that in front of a fake backdrop. I need to sit down now...

Oh and off topic, what happened to Moose?

Abigail M Schilling
Dec 03, 2008

I did NOT need to be reminded of those Reeboks.

My mom is an eBay guru. If you send me a pic of the shoe, she can find it.

Dec 03, 2008

PLEASE tell me these were Photoshopped! My stomach is now on the floor. I am petrified of heights (like, shaking, paralyzing FEAR) so these pictures just about did me in. You crazy kids!!!!

Monkey Girl
Dec 03, 2008

You guys are just insane.

I I I I I just can't look.

It brings back memories circa 1984 visiting the Grand Canyon in the dead of winter. Icy slopes, stairs, ledges, etc... one slip and I imagined plummeting to my death at 16.

Dec 03, 2008

They're called Puma Mostros.

Sometimes, I'll admit I feel a bit dated when I wear them. I will cease and desist from that now and instead just be amazed at how comfortable they are!

Dec 03, 2008

My palms are all clamy and cold after looking at those photos! I didn't even know one could get that close to the edge of the canyon - I thought the park service had some sort of metal guard rail or something. Geesh.

Dec 03, 2008

Convulsing. Seriously, what the hell were you THINKING?!?

Dec 03, 2008

Oh, my GOD, I feel myself shaking right now. In fear for your life.

So scary. Argh!

Dec 03, 2008

I too have a pair of 6 (almost 7) year old Puma sneakers! I love them and wear them weekly. I am afraid I can't find the same style and fear that someday I will ruin them and never be able to wear them again.

If Puma gives you a call, you tell them I'm due too. :)

Rachael W
Dec 03, 2008

The Grand Canyon must bring out the hijinks in people, because my dad did the EXACT SAME THING when we visited in '92. My mom just about had a heart attack on the spot: "Kids, DON'T GO STAND BY DADDY."

Dec 03, 2008

OMG! I think I had a mild heart attack from those photos. You crazy kids!

Also, I love my Pumas too!

Dec 03, 2008

The photos today are oddly reminiscent of yesterday's pic, wherein I thought you and Sean were engaging in some irresponsible horseplay on the edge of the city of Seattle.

What is it with your two and ledges? Young lady, you've got a wedding to plan! Stop the hijinks right now! Sheesh!

Kat - Three Cent Stamp
Dec 03, 2008


Both of these photos make me want to heave! Seriously, my stomach did a flip flop when I saw them.

Now I must go find chocolate.

Dec 03, 2008

I. Can't. Breathe. Must. Take. Xanex now.

However, I must tell you, I have a similar photo of myself from a much less intelligent/far more arrogant time; however I'm laying on my stomach, merely dangling my hands over the edge of the Cliffs of Moher in Galway, Ireland. But, I still shudder every time I think back to the day we went to the Cliffs, with the high winds. The fact that I considered taking the picture standing up still freaks me glad I opted to take it laying down.

You my dear, are a lunatic.

You do realize, don't you? This picture will come back to haunt you if you ever have children. I recommend that you hide or destroy this now.

Dec 03, 2008

I'm going to echo Karen (#25) and ask, off topic, if you know what's going on at Moose in the Kitchen? I'm a complete lurker and have no desire to pry if she's just going the privacy route but the fatal error/disappearing blog was just so abrupt- I hope she is ok?

Nothing But Bonfires
Dec 03, 2008

Not to worry, Moose is fine! She just broke her blog. Or let's say Spencer Pratt broke it, because he seems to ruin everything.

Anyway, Sean is on the case, so she'll be back soon. You guys are sweet to be concerned!

kitty joe
Dec 03, 2008

thanks for the NIGHTMARES tonight! really, it hurts to look at both of these photos. i've been to the grand canyon a few times and i can't even get 6 feet from the edge without feeling like i'm already falling. i'm horrified.

Operation Pink Herring
Dec 04, 2008

OMG, I need a Valium after seeing those pictures!

Dec 04, 2008

I had those pumas and wore them to death and now I cry all the time because I replaced them with a standard lace up sneaker from Puma and they aren't even close to being as comfortable. So very sad.

Dec 04, 2008

Oh my lord. I can't tell you how much I hope never to see a picture of my three year old daughter doing this in 19 years time. You may just have ruined my kids lives - they are never, never leaving home. EVER! Your poor mother.

Dec 04, 2008

Damn. My hands started sweating and my feet started hurting (don't ask me about that one, I think it was a reaction to wanting you to run away from the edge). Jesus. Seeing the one of Sean, all I could think of was if it was me, and I know exactly what would happen: right after the picture was snapped, I'd be all, "Um, how do I now get off of this piece of rock without falling over the edge?" and I'd have to have my friend grab the back of my neck and half-drag me away as I scootched back on my ass. I actually have nightmares about that kind of thing sometimes. And I'm not even afraid of heights. You guys were insane.

Kerri Anne
Dec 04, 2008

That first! picture scared the crap out of me, and it's funny, because I know you are ALIVE, obviously, because here you are telling us the story 6 years later, but there is a part of me that cannot handle heights without borders, or bungee cords. I would be totally fine with you or me standing on a cliff if there were harnesses involved, but there is something about unrestrained heights that freak me out, almost an unreasonable fear that my body will suddenly revolt and just throw me off the edge.

(I also have a pair of ancient Pumas, and I love love love them. They are actually a boy's version, but are quite a girly shade of maroon so no one has ever been able to tell.)

Dec 04, 2008

I can't believe they would even allow anyone to get that close to the edge. seriously freaky.

I love my Pumas too. I have them in brown and they go with everything. My husband thinks they are revolting. Usually he has good taste (case in point: he picked me).

Dec 05, 2008

I have nightmares about getting stuck somewhere like that and not being able to get myself to safety without falling first! These pictures gave me a mild heart attack!

Dec 05, 2008

They all told me not to log onto this one, not with my blood pressure (which incidentally wasn't a problem until my first pregnancy - YOU).

You're not by chance the same Holly Burns who spent 46 minutes on an international call to me last week begging me not to allow your father to travel to India IN CASE SOMETHING HAPPENED???