Teetering On The Edge Of History And All I Can Think About Is Vanilla Frosting

So November's shaping up to be a pretty exciting month, I think. For a start, a TJ Maxx just opened in downtown San Francisco---a first! We have a Marshalls, yes, but you'll get your stuff stolen there---and I've been looking forward to this moment for two months, ever since Moose and I passed a sign on the freeway that said TJ MAXX COMING SOON.

"When is soon?" we said. "How soon is soon?" Well, it turns out "soon" was Sunday November 2nd, a date I saw on an ad running on the side of a bus the other day. And apparently whoever wrote this ad infiltrated my brain while I was sleeping and stole my thoughts because it read (I kid you not): "TJ in SF OMG." 

Oh yes, it did. The cast of Gossip Girl is apparently now writing ad copy.

So that's exciting, and then some of our very best friends are getting married on Saturday the 8th (what to wear, what to wear?), and then on Sunday the 9th it's the HBO premiere of Summer Heights High, an Australian show that I saw on the plane in May and then spent months and months and months tracking down over here, because when I watched it on the plane, I did the sort of laughter you try not to do in front of anyone not related to you by blood: you know, the crazy laughter. This show is hilarious---beyond hilarious, even!---and if you have HBO, I strongly recommend that you watch it. Then email me and we can laugh at all the jokes together and repeat them back to each other, okay? 

So November 2nd, November 8th, and November 9th: exciting things happening on all of those dates. Could there be anything else, I wonder? Any sort of history-making, life-changing, incredibly thrilling event?

Oh yes! Wait! There's this!

The irony, of course, is that I'm not even able to vote---I'm a resident with a Green Card, but not an American citizen---but I'm just so nervous about the outcome of the election that I had to keep my hands busy somehow, and baking seemed to do the trick. I totally wanted to make myself one that said "Actually, I didn't vote. But only because I couldn't. I mean, legally. Trust me, I totally would have if I'd been able to."

But, you know, there's only so much you can fit onto a cupcake.

So Happy Election Day! I hope you've voted! We've been waiting for this years now, haven't we, and it's finally rolled around. I have a bottle of champagne on hand for tonight in the hopes that it'll all go right, and a bottle of Maker's Mark just in case it doesn't. More importantly, I finally found an excuse to buy myself that Crate & Barrel cupcake carrier I've been coveting since at least 2002.

Hey, whatever, you guys get stickers for voting. I needed something to compensate for that.

Nov 04, 2008

I can't believe Summer Heights High is showing in America! Actually, I can't believe it actually translates outside of Australia. Sometimes I think our humour is an acquired taste (Kath and Kim anyone?).

Nov 04, 2008

I voted for the first time ever (well, in an American National vote, that is...) As an American living in Europe I got sick of listening to all my friends make me personally responsible for a Bush administration (because I didn't vote the last two times...) So, now I voted, and even though I don't really believe that mail ballots change anything (HOW are they even counted correctly?) I want one of your cupcakes -oh, which brings me to why I am actually commenting: What are you going to do with those cupcakes? Pass them out to people on the street? And if yes, do you actually ask them if they've voted, and depending on their answer hand them a "VOTE" or "I VOTED" cupcake?

Nov 04, 2008

I did vote in the last two elections, but as another American living in Europe I am also getting sick of some people acting like Bush is somehow my fault. Personally. Which is why I applied for my absentee ballot the first day I could, and I voted a few weeks ago. So that's two ex-pat votes cast...I think that means you can comfortably eat an "I voted" cupcake for the two of us!

Though I do wish I was a California resident so I could vote on Prop 8...

American Mom in London
Nov 04, 2008

Eat another two more cupcakes for us! We cast our absentee ballots weeks ago, too. Not that it's going to carry much weight in Texas... but hey, we tried!

Nov 04, 2008

Add another 2 ex-pat votes although we stalled around and had to get friends flying to New York to take them and pay overnight express mail to send them from there to San Anselmo, CA. Worth it though especially because we did get to vote no on Prop 8 from down in the Yucatan, oh, and for Obama too. I too am really sick of being held accountable for Bush, and I did vote the last 2 times but certainly not for him.

Send cupcakes!

Yummy! I love that cupcake carrier, too! I am in Minneaoplis and I will be 1st in line to vote so I can cancel out my dorky husbands R vote!Here's hoping!!

Nov 04, 2008

Yay! Summer Heights High in the US! You're absolutely right Holly, that show is hilarious and brilliant... and it's all actually really sweet and touching at times.

P.S. VOTE! VOTE NOW! (We don't have much of a choice about whether or not to in Australia, so it's nice to be able to encourage people who have a choice... though I do believe in compulsory voting...)
P.P.S. That got long-winded quite quickly. My bad!

Nov 04, 2008

hi holly! we're ready to go in over here in london, uk too. the american boyfriend already sent in his absentee ballot for obama and as a canadian, i can only nervously watch and hope the republicans don't steal yet another election.

we've got our obama foam fingers and we're ready to go. by the by, we also have maker's mark. but i'm going to drink it on the night of - hopefully those southern states will fall into place.

Nov 04, 2008

It's 5am in California and I'm up because I can't wait to vote today! Great cupcakes. Also, the crazy laughter is the best kind and now I must get HBO because that show + Little Britain = I can stop doing crunches!

Saucepan Man
Nov 04, 2008

I think you should enter the filled cupcake carrier for the Turner Prize. As an art installation it's brilliant. Lots of potential titles:

"Obama must win or I'll eat my words"


"He carried the vote in every state"

Nov 04, 2008

The hubs and I both early voted, so now I just sit and wait on pins and needles. Maybe I should've waited for today just so that I would've had something distractionary (it's not a word but it should be) to do, like wait in line for hours.

Also, I would like a cupcake.

Starbucks and Ben and Jerry's are giving away free stuff today (as well as a sex shop) to people that voted. Yay free!

jive turkey
Nov 04, 2008

Awesome! Cupcakes are SO much better than stickers (which my polling place never hands out, much to my disappointment).

I just voted an hour ago in PA! Send one of those yummy cupcakes my way...

Also, I heard that Starbucks will give you a free tall coffee if you present your voting stub.

Nov 04, 2008

I can't vote either; same reason. Maybe we can will him into office. Or do what I did and pay people off to do it for us...

She Likes Purple
Nov 04, 2008

Of all the things we got for our wedding, that C&B cupcake carrier was easily our favorite (and most used, oddly enough).

Nov 04, 2008

OMG I totally want one of those cupcakes! I am obsessed w/ cupcakes ever since I read about a mobile cupcake shop, a truck that literally dispenses custom-made cupcakes to lines of hungry people seeking comfort memories from their childhood.

Or else just really good cupcakes.

And also, cupcake carrier??? I definitely need that. (only so I can become a self-sufficient mobile cupcake shop, only I'm not exactly going to sell them, if you catch my drift.)

And also---YIPPEE!!! Election day! We know you'd vote appropriately if you could, Holly. It's the thought that counts. (unless you live in a swing state in which case, FORGET THE THOUGHT, VOTE FOR OBAMA. AND BRING CUPCAKES.)

More coffee now, please. :)

Nov 04, 2008

It's a travesty that you can't vote - I think you love America more than most Americans!

Nov 04, 2008

I'd take one of those cupcakes over a sticker any day!

Nov 04, 2008

If things go badly, I will be the one on your doorstep sobbing and begging for bourbon.

BUT THEY WON'T. Because...well, because I said so, that's why. I'm beginning to understand why certain dictators (often mustachioed) amass armies to promote their ideologies. BECAUSE SOMETIMES YOU'RE JUST RIGHT. The end.

Too bad my Obama shirt isn't considered "business casual."

Nov 04, 2008

We voted for Obama 3 weeks ago and we live in a swing state (NM)! We voted against Bush twice, once from the safety of Canada. I really hope the dems sweep this time. If not, there are two bottles of wine in the fridge and we can still move back to Canada....

Thespian Libby
Nov 04, 2008

But once you're Mrs. Burns-Slinsky (Burnslinsky?), you'll be able to vote, right?

Nov 04, 2008

I voted early for Obama, but I live in Texas so not sure how much of a difference I made. I could never NOT vote though.

Vote people, Obamanos!

Nov 04, 2008

i have to have one of those cupcake carriers now!!!

and seriously, what are you doing with all those cupcakes?

Nov 04, 2008

Well, I was GOING to hand them out on the street, but I figured that might be weird. I'm not sure if I'D take a cupcake from a stranger on the street! So I'm bringing them into my office, then taking a few to my friend's house tonight, where we're going to watch the election results on TV.

Nov 04, 2008

I love them, they're so patriotic! And imagine my befuddlement with a friend of mine who refuses to vote because, she says, "they're ALL liars". What to do with that?

Anne & May
Nov 04, 2008

It's me! I'm getting married. Sweet fancy Moses it feels good to say that. Please wear anything at all to the wedding. Remember, I'm wearing feathers so you can't go wrong.

I have always coveted that cupcake carrier too! I'm glad you treated yourself.

Nov 04, 2008

I have that cupcake carrier and I love it! And it totally gives you an excuse to make cupcakes.

Also, love the 'I Voted' cupcakes. And don't be jealous about the stickers - I already lost mine so at least you get to reuse your cupcake carrier!

Nov 04, 2008

actually, I didn't even get a sticker after voting this morning. But I would like a cupcake! And, by the way, I have that cupcake carrier and love it. And I will pass along a little tip I read somewhere - if you put a few m&ms (or something similar) in the bottom of the cups before you put the decorated cupcake in, you won't have to stick your thumb in the frosting to pull it back out to serve. Just be aware they are less steadily perched that way.


Kudos for reminding me of two headlines from the Onion: "Crate & Barrel has Perfect Gift for Boring Asshole" and the 9/11 issue's "Area Woman Not Knowing How to Help Bakes American Flag Cake."

Nov 04, 2008

My cupcake carrier laughs at yours. Mine carries 36 cupcakes and is aqua- beat that!

Anne & May
Nov 04, 2008

RE: Superintendant Chalmers

I'd like to think you misspelled Superintendent on purpose...but then, that would probably be giving you too much credit.

What kind of person leaves a mean anonymous comment on someone's blog? It shows a lack of class, my dear.

There's this thing called hobbies and they can really fill up your time if you're tossing around for something.

Nov 04, 2008

Hey, really, Superintendent Chalmers? Because your response reminds me of one too: "Coward Leaves Bitchy Comment With Fake Email Address; Forgets Blog Owner Can Still Look Up IP Address And Know Quite A Lot About Him/Her."


RE: Anne & May

It wasn't a mean comment. Most everything reminds me of an Onion article, and I felt like sharing. I figure Holly for the kind of person that would appreciate that humor. I bear no ill will towards her and I obviously enjoy checking in on this website.

I'd like to think that you don't have an overblown axe to grind on harmless Internet discussion...but then, that would probably be giving you too much credit.

Anne & May
Nov 04, 2008

HAHA! Touche, fair superintendant.

Holly is a dear friend and I will take it to the mat for her. But I see now how you intended it and humbly rescind my comment. Plus, I offer a most sincere apology.

We'll always have our shared loved of the Onion, my dear.

Nov 04, 2008

My husband is in the same boat - he's been a green carded permanent resident since he was 14. He wanted to be a fighter pilot in the Air Force or Navy, but you have to be an officer to be a pilot, and you can't be an officer if you're not a citizen - although you can be drafted and fight in the front lines and die a horrible death, of course. Also he can't vote. He and I started dating shortly before the last presidential election and I brought him with me so he could see democracy in action. He was not impressed. Can't say I blame him. (This led to a long conversation about the difference between a democracy and a republic, and how we are actually the latter...) Hopefully this time will be much more impressive!

Nov 04, 2008

There was almost one uh them flame wars in the comment section of Nothing But Bonfires...I was about to go get the popcorn.

I am all about voting, on the day of, and my polling location is in the clubhouse of my (enormous) apartment complex, so how easy can that be? But in 2004, I waited in line for 2 1/2 hours. So this year, when the absentee ballot application came in the mail I sent it in, and voted over a month ago.

Don't you know I just walked past the clubhouse about 1/2 hour ago...two people appeared to be in line.

No sticker for me. Shoot me a cupcake, if you please.

Nov 04, 2008

That's a fantastic idea, it's so cool to see people excited about voting this year.

Nov 04, 2008

Hey DC, we're all sitting around with many, many laptops at the Hub in London and I thought I'd drop by Nothing but Bonfires and congratulate you on your cupcakes. I was making peanut butter and snickers muffins the other day, admittedly they weren't as politically motivated as yours, but they were pretty tasty.

We'll call you when when the West Coast wakes up for a live update. We've already had a live update from Russell in Spain and Tom in Cambridge, you're next lady...


Nov 04, 2008

We had a mock vote at school today to get our young citizens started early with the idea of civic duty. I, of course, voted first thing after school ended. Then, I had a cupcake very similar to those you made to reward myself. Thank goodness for the PTO!

Thespian Libby
Nov 04, 2008

2.75 hours. Could have been worse, but you'd think that after 200 years we'd get the kinks worked out. We did have two sweet little old ladies handing out snacks, but alas - no nonpartisan cupcakes!

I'm dreaming of a blue Christmas......

Nov 04, 2008

I've looked over your blog a few times recently and really enjoyed it! It's interesting as a Canadian to note how excited people seem to be about this election; crossed fingers that everything goes well. We're really excited for you up north!

Nov 04, 2008

Wow, I have both a bottle of champagne AND a bottle of Makers, too! But alas, I don't have either cupcakes nor a cupcake carrier to hold my nonexistent cupcakes in. Sad.

Nov 04, 2008

how many cupcakes does that thing hold? I gotta get me one for the kids' birthday cupcakes for school...I'm tired of using a cardboard box.Since I know nothing, do you get to vote when you marry a citizen?

la eule
Nov 05, 2008

CONGRATULATIONS for your new OBAMA president!!! Even in Germany we sat on hot coals during the election, seriously, first thing we did in the morning was turning on the radio and hearing the good news. I would have voted too if I could *goes and snatches a cupcake*!

Nov 05, 2008

WOW! it's like the Huxtable family is moving into the white hosue! they alll looked amazing when Obama gave his final speech of the evening.

it's 12 in the afternoon here in London. i'm looking over my live election results on the blog and needless to say you can really start to see the inroads into madness at about 3:30 am...

Nov 05, 2008

tj maxx is 2 blocks - away from my office!!!

this is dangerous. so dangerous.

Nov 05, 2008

I will now have to look this up. Is it laugh out loud funny like Absolutely Fabulous?

PS: Can I have a cupcake? Our stickers were lame.

Nov 05, 2008

as a fellow green card holder, i was not able to vote either. developed a tension headache over the past 21 months, i mean the final few days. i am thrilled about the outcome as are all my european buddies who were busy texting me all night. yes we can!

Nov 05, 2008

I love the cupcakes! and the carrier! I can see why you've been coveting it for so long! Sorry you couldn't vote, but it seems you had fun anyway.

Jennifer R.
Nov 05, 2008

By any chance do you watch True Blood? I LOVE me some True Blood.
Wow, I finally stop lurking and the first thing I talk about is a vampire show.

I need help.
Anyway, I voted. YAY!

And I am slowly working my way through the archives cause they are cracking me the hell up. Have been reading for a while and decided to go back and read the old stuff

Keep it up
And congrats on the engagement!!!

Planning a wedding is so much fun.