On Doing The Thing You, Uh, Didn't Mean To Do

So here is what happens when you're staying in Salinas, California, and it's 9:30 at night and you've already eaten the town's best Mexican food, and the only other possibility the evening holds is heading back to your soulless room at the Marriott Residence Inn, making some peppermint tea at the 24-hour tea-making station in the hotel lobby, breaking open one of those 100-calorie bags of Swedish fish, and watching two straight hours of Ballot Bowl on CNN.

You might see a Wal-Mart on the drive between the Mexican restaurant and the hotel and go "Ha! Wal-Mart! Would you look at that!" because Wal-Marts are few and far between where you're from. And even though you're kind of fundamentally opposed to Wal-Marts unless it's a real emergency, one of you might say to the other "Hey, let's go in and have a look around, I hear they have some excellent twelve dollar shoes."

And then, slightly buzzed on the one Pacifico you had at dinner, you might wander the lurid aisles of Wal-Mart in a daze, whispering holy shit, this stuff is cheap, I see why people shop here now. 

And even though you had not planned on this at all, even though you had just walked in to this gargantuan hangar-sized emporium to kill some time before going to bed, you will find, not six-and-a-half minutes after stepping through the enormous double doors, that the scene in front of you looks something like this:


Camels & Chocolate
Sep 20, 2008

HAHA. So you're having THAT much fun on the Central Coast?

P.S. I want to come over and play your Fit.

Sep 21, 2008

That is a worthwhile purchase, even if it came from the depths of hell (i.e. Wal-mart)! I love my Fit.

Sep 21, 2008

And THAT is why Walmart will one day take over the world and they will then jack up their prices, pay their employees ridiculously little, and no one will be able to afford milk.

Sep 21, 2008

This is why, when people I ask what I'm doing this week, I reply: "Oh, I'm Wii fit-sitting. I mean DOG-sitting! I'm dog-sitting. Ahem." And then they look at me strangely.

maria higgins
Sep 21, 2008

Don't you have any principles? I'd would think you have saved enought by shopping at the alameda market to avoid shopping at wal-mart. Sometimes saving $5 just isn't worth it. Just a thought

Sep 21, 2008

I think I see a video of you and Sean hula-ing in the near future.

Sep 21, 2008

Wal-Mart is evil in more ways than I can count.

What on earth were you doing in Salinas? We passed through there to buy gas on the way to Monterey, and that was about enough Salinas for me.

Sep 21, 2008

You didn't already have a Wii Fit? I thought you were the Nintendo poster child =) You're gonna have so much fun.

Anne & May
Sep 21, 2008

Welcome to the Wii Fit cult. You'll ask yourself, Why do I love this thing so much? But you won't care...as the pounds drop away.

Just WAIT till unlock boxing and free run. It's on after you do that!

Sep 22, 2008

Everyone stop hatin' on Holly for her Wal-Mart purchase! I, too, hate the big blue giant, but on the rare occasions I find myself in there, I always end up buying stuff that I absolutely did not intend to buy. I think they pump some sort of sedative/hallucinogenic into the air along with the elevator music.

P.S. I hope you blog about the Wii Fit and let us know how it goes...I've been debating it for awhile but I'm still not sure...

Sep 22, 2008

Consider the trip to Walmart a cultural experience. After all, we're talking about how like 75% of American shops these days. It may be evil, but where else can you buy toilet paper, tires, patio furniture, and $12 flip flops all at the same time??
Also the Wii Fit might be the best thing ever invented! So enjoy, guilt-free!

Sep 22, 2008

i wanna get physical / physical / let me see you're body talk

(this is Olivia Newton John song, in case anyone thinks i'm a big wierd perv.)

The Popcorn Bowl
Sep 22, 2008

Please tell me Maria Higgins is joking? Is she the same person who complained about your use of "crack whore"?

Nothing But Bonfires
Sep 22, 2008

I think Maria Higgins is my conscience! Coming to haunt me!

And it wasn't so much the act of "saving $5" that compelled us to buy it -- we didn't, in fact, save any money; Wii Fits are a pretty standard price wherever you buy them -- but the shocking fact that it was actually IN STOCK. Most places in San Francisco have been out of them for months and months.

Barney's Hoo-Hah
Sep 22, 2008

I agree with Popcorn Bowl. Wal*Mart may be a global monster, but why look down on people that shop there? Part of living in a free market economy is that people can benefit from vendors' competitive pricing. Don't get me wrong: I'm a liberal and like to support mom-and-pop outlets when applicable, but there's a very fine line between being a liberal and a liberal douchebag. It's terribly easy to cross over and if people aren't careful, they could suddenly find themselves working a food co-op, listening to reggae or making comments like #5.

Sep 22, 2008

Enjoy your new Wii Fit! They also make a separate skiing game if you find that you really like the skiing portion of the standard game. Also just found out that Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser is doing a Wii Fit game in the next couple of months.

Sep 22, 2008

everyone I know who has a fit loves it. Good purchase.

Sep 22, 2008

Hey! Wait a minute...as a Marriott Associate...I must disagree with your description of the Residence Inn brand as "soulless". Come on now Holly! You've been around the world. Sure, it's a chain, but a high end chain and anything but soulless. It's cozy and warm and did you know about the cookies at the front desk? Ah ha! Didn't think so. And the FREE beer and wine during the FREE 'dinner'

Take it back...

xo Cheryl

Erin Etheridge
Sep 22, 2008

Recently Learned Life Truth: It's expensive to have principles in a capitalist economy, and we shouldn't belittle people who can't afford to finance their principles.

I've also heard the wii fit is awesome.

Sep 22, 2008

I got so excited to defend my company and share the free booze info that I typed in my weblink incorrectly. Sure, it's nothing yet, but stay tuned...work in progress.

Sep 22, 2008

one might say walmart contributed to your fitnes and exercise happiness. so that would be a good thing.

although walmart. i usually try to stay away!

Tami A.
Sep 22, 2008

Hey Holly, first time commenter, and quite new reader.
My husband and I keep muttering under our breath: "I hate Wal-Mart" every time we enter the blue/grey box. Oh well.
You're hilarious, you got yourself a new fan.

maria higgins
Sep 22, 2008

Hi there! I am sorry if I came across too abrupt! Perhaps I can blame using my blackberry on the way home to type this, and therefore the spelling errors as well as too short of comment to explain my point... Which is: I have nothing againts people shopping at wal-mart, and I am definitely not looking down at those who have to shop there for things like baby formula, toothpaste and toilet paper because they can't afford to shop elsewhere... However, I do count myself and Holly to be lucky enough to have a choice when it comes to shopping for non-essentials, some might even call it "luxury" items (and please do not tell me that wii fit is an essential! :) So why support something that stands for everything you are not? Especially if there is no price difference? Just because you had some free time to kill? Because you wanted some instant gratification and did not care to be on the waiting list? I think those are pretty weak arguments, but perhaps I am wrong... In any case, I have obviously touched a nerve here with some readers... Enough to call me names and suggest that I hate Holly and all other wal-mart shoppers. You guys are just a bit too defensive - why is that? Because deep down you know what I said is true? Anyways,Holly, your post was about wii fit and not wal-mart, so feel free to delete this comment as well as my previous one- no hard feelings, I guess I was just a bit surprised...

Sep 22, 2008

Actually, I shop at Wal-Mart. Not often, but I don't buy the "it's wrong to shop at Wal-Mart" spiel. Say I save $5 on whatever-I-buy-at Wal-Mart, then thats $5 more I can spend on taquitos that I purchase from an immigrant down the street.

Sep 22, 2008

I second the shopping at Wal-Mart thing. I'm a uni student and honestly don't mind shopping at an "evil" store if it's going to save me a few bucks, or even a few cents... especially when my books cost almost $500 each semester. I can't afford to be picky right now, and honestly? I'll probably continue to shop at Wal-Mart if it's still just as dirt-cheap when I'm older and financially secure.
Saving money is always good... it means you get to buy more insanely cute shoes that you simply Must Have... Ahem.

And PLEASE Holly, let us all know how the Fit is! My mother is a Wii addict and has been eyeing it since it came out, and if it's awesome, I'll save up and get her one for her birthday. *sighs* So sick of Ramen.

Sep 23, 2008

Ooh Salinas, you're less an hour and a half away from me in Paso Robles! But I don't have a wii fit:( fit a plain old regular wii. grrr

Sep 23, 2008

i think the wii fit is WAY more evil than wal-mart!!! hahah! i can't ever have one because the weight thing? would be an obsession. i would be on it 12 times a day just checking if my weight went up or down. heh.

Sep 23, 2008

Too bad you didn't drive a bit further and stay in Carmel or Monterey, which has a bit (OK more than a bit) more ambiance. I'm not a big fan of Wal-Mart, but I'm sure that some of the folks in Salinas rely on the low prices. I've been known to make an emergency run there myself when in a small town where there isn't a lot available. At midnight when you're head feels like it's splitting open due to a sinus headache and nothing else is open, Wal-Mart is a lifesaver! :-/

Sep 23, 2008

We just stayed in Salinas as a base and because I could get an excellent rate on a hotel there. We were actually diving in Monterey, so we made the drive there each morning.

Sep 23, 2008

Ooh, congrats on finding a Fit in stock somewhere!