Seriously Good Update: Now Win Guitar Hero Too!

Holy shitballs, there are a lot of entries for my Nintendo DS Lite competition already. Apologies to my mother, father, Sean's mother and father, various assorted aunts and family members, and anyone else who might have been offended by me starting a post with holy shitballs, but whoa. You people are some fierce competitors.

And now! Stop the presses! THE STAKES HAVE BEEN UPPED!

While a DS Lite and a copy of Brain Age are some pretty fantastic prizes, a very kind reader named Three Days Apart---sadly he has no website to link to, but trust me, he seems to be a very lovely chap---has offered to throw in Guitar Hero too!

You may recall that I once played Guitar Hero on the Wii and had a blast with it. Well guess what? Then I played Guitar Hero on the DS Lite at my Nintendo party---or Guitar Hero On Tour, as it's officially called---and it was even better. Seriously, I actually liked it a whole lot more. In fact, I totally contemplated the idea of taking Three Days Apart up on his offer and then KEEPING THE COPY OF GUITAR HERO ON TOUR FOR MYSELF, but obviously I would never do such a thing. Not only would it be awfully dishonest, but dude, the world does not need to hear me trying to strum along to Guns N' Roses. You, however? Well, the world totally needs to hear that.

So if you haven't entered the competition yet, enter below! Because now not only will you be winning a shiny black Nintendo DS Lite and a copy of the marvelously addictive Brain Age, thanks to Nintendo, but you will also be getting a copy of Guitar Hero On Tour thrown in, thanks to the generosity and general awesomeness of a stranger on the Internet who only wants you to master the power chord. I'll be closing the competition Monday night at 6pm PST, and then we'll do the prize drawing shortly afterwards. Don't worry: Sean has the perfect Panama hat.

(Uh, I mean to pull the winning number out of, obviously, not to wear during the drawing. Just so we're clear. Though, actually, that could be pretty awesome if I made him dress up. Maybe a tuxedo? Lederhosen? A cravat?)

(Wait, why are you still here? Go enter!)