Boy, Do I Have a Contest For You

So, like, a hundred million years ago, I entered a contest held by Slynnro. And the most amazing thing happened: I won! This was very exciting for me, because I never win anything. Well, I won a copy of Home Alone on video and a Home Alone Gameboy game from a teen magazine in 1991, I guess, but that doesn't really count, because they never actually sent me the Home Alone Gameboy game in the end, just the copy of Home Alone on video. I was robbed, I tell you! I wonder what part of my delicate 11-year-old character was fundamentally flawed for evermore by that terrible and haunting disappointment.

Slynnro's prize, incidentally, was way more awesome than a Home Alone video and/or a Home Alone Gameboy game; it was a really delicate and beautiful necklace from Lulu's, which she chose especially for me after I'd won the contest, and which I have since worn eighty thousand times between now and when she sent it to me because it goes with everything in my closet. How did she pick out something so perfect for me, that's what I'd like to know. It's almost like she'd read about my life on the Internet or something! Oh, wait. Oh, never mind.

So the point I'm trying to get to here---and why this story about me winning the contest is relevant to you---is that this contest was a pass-it-on, pay-it-forward sort of thing; you know, where you win a prize and then you return the good karma or the excellent juju or whatever and hold your own contest to give away a prize yourself. It took me ages and ages and ages to think of a prize---could I FedEx the winner a homemade Shepherd's Pie? With a separate UPS delivery of gravy?---but then I had a super-duper excellent brainwave of an idea. So here it is. I hope you're ready. I hope you're ready to win!

Remember how I told you about my Nintendo party back in July? And how I've been playing my Nintendo DS Lite non-stop since then, and how now I'm sort of mildly addicted to the game Brain Age, but that's okay because it's only supposed to make you smarter so it's, like, totally an excuse for playing it three hours a night when you should have been making dinner and organizing your sock drawer and paying the rent instead? Remember how I told you that?

Well, did you ever think "wow, I wish I had a DS Lite too"?

Because if you did, I have some news for you, news that is---if you can believe it---even better than the fact that The Office comes back to NBC in two and a half very short weeks (OMG JIM AND PAM OMG.)  The fine folks behind my Nintendo party have offered to give a Nintendo DS Lite and a copy of Brain Age to one of my readers!

And let me tell you, YOU WANT THIS THING. You might not be familiar with a DS Lite, but trust me, you want it. It's kind of like a Wii you can put in your pocket and play on the train! Honestly, go read about it and then tell me you don't want one. Eh, whatever, I won't believe you anyway.

So here's what we're going to do. If you'd like to enter the drawing for the free Nintendo DS Lite and a copy of Brain Age---the DS Lite will be black, by the way, which is the color I have, and I will share with you that it is very sleek and shiny and also makes you look very fancy and important when you are in public places---just leave a comment below. What should you say in your comment? Well, good question. This is where it gets interesting.

I'd like to know your middle name. Why your middle name? Well, because I figure that's a pretty easy thing for you to tell me. (I mean, unless it's, like, Gertrudinadette or something, in which case, dude, I totally understand why you'd want to keep your mouth shut on that one. That is a CROSS TO BEAR.) By just telling me your middle name,  you see, you don't have to construct an elaborate answer or anything---save those brain cells for playing Brain Age!---and you can pretty much enter the competition just by existing. (And if you don't have a middle name? Uh, just make one up. Tell me what you wish your middle name had been.)

I'll keep the contest open until Monday night---hey, maybe there's time to call your parents and get them to give you a middle name, after all!---and then on Monday night I'll close it up and put all the numbers in a hat, and then I'll draw one of the numbers out of a hat ON VIDEO and that person will be the winner. I was going to try and get someone famous and awesome to do the drawing-numbers-out-of-a-hat bit, just to make it really exciting, but apparently I don't know enough famous and awesome people. Or, uh, any, really. I mean, I can call Brad Pitt and see if he's free, I guess, but if he's not, it might just be me on the video wearing some fake eyebrows or something. (No, really, don't laugh, I actually have a pair of fake eyebrows. They come in handy sometimes. You may see them soon enough.)

Good luck! Good luck! I really hope you enter. And I swear to god, if you win, I will totally send you your prize. Like, immediately. The eleven year old in me still isn't over the trauma of having that Home Alone Gameboy game so cruelly whipped out from beneath my nose after I'd won it fair and square, so trust me, I've totally got your back on that.

Now let's play! What's your middle name? 

(Mine is Angelika, by the way, just so we're on a level playing field. It's pronounced An-gay-lik-ah, not An-jel-ik-ah, and it was the name of my father's grandma on his mother's side: my great-grandmother. Needless to say, she was German. I didn't like it for, ooh, about 26 years, I think, and then one day I suddenly just loved it.)

Jenx4 @ amazing trips
Sep 04, 2008

OK, my middle name is Lyn. Not Lynn, but LYN. One "N". I never understood why parents chose that name, but apparently, my mother didn't realize that Lynn was typically spelled with two n's. So, I'm the product of a misspelling.

Unlike my sister who was the product of temporary deafness. She was supposed to be named Jane. My father could have sworn he heard my mother say Janet, so he added a "t" to the end of her name when he was filling out the birth certificate. Thankfully, my sister's middle name is "Grace" which is something my mother needed to be reminded to have with my father when she heard that he botched her daughter's name.

Maura Foley
Sep 04, 2008

My middle name is Mary Margaret and my Confirmation name is Sheila Deirdre so all that added with my first name is a mouthful! What can I say, I'am Irish and Catholic!

Sep 04, 2008

Lara. As in Dr. Zhivago.

My mother stole my entire name from her sister who was pregnant at the same time, just due three months later.

Sep 04, 2008

Mine is Robyn. As in "Robyn with a 'y', not an 'i'", which makes me think of this greeting card I saw years ago that had a cartoon of a cyclops girl on the front and on the inside it read, "My name is Cyndi. With an eye."
House of Jules

Camels & Chocolate
Sep 04, 2008

Oooh, pick me, pick me, pick me!

I'm a Leigh. Though SVV STILL pronounces it like "Lay." Silly, un-edu-ma-cated boy.

Sep 04, 2008

Louise. I was supposed to be Heather Marie, but my dad vetoed that. It took me 20 some odd years to forgive him for it. I quite like my name now.

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name? Grace. My mother indulged her southern belle fantasies by saddling me with a double name, in hopes of years of "Liza-Grace" to come. I think she would've even settled for the full Elizabeth-Grace. Sadly, neither ever quite caught on and I was instead forced to live with the letters EGG stenciled on my camp trunk. Cries of EGGhead were commonplace throughout middle school. Even at 19, I cringe when I see a monogrammed towel or sheet set. At least I'll never have to worry about whether the middle initial goes 2nd or 3rd, right?

I've left out the funniest part of the whole story: my brother's initials spell JAM, providing hours of breakfast-related amusement for our whole family...

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name is Kaye. (Kay with an "e" at the end.)
My Mother's middle name was Kaye, also with the "e."
My Grandmother's middle name is Kay, no "e" although she always thought it was Kaye with the "e."

She recently discovered, with the discovery of her birth certificate, that she has been spelling her middle name wrong for the last 70 years. In turn, she discovered that although she thought she had given her daughter her own middle name, (who in turn passed the name to me,) she in fact, had not.

So I have my mother's middle name in spelling, and my Grandmother's middle name in sound. All because my Grandmother and her mother apparently never had a conversation about how to spell her name. For that matter, I don't believe my Grandmother and her mother had a serious conversation about anything, except maybe how to use the sewing machine.


Sep 04, 2008

Yay, I love hearing about middle names! My middle name is Irene. It was my great-grandmother's name. My first name is my great-great-aunt's. I've always loved the combination. They were both some pretty spunky, fabulous women from what I've heard.

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name is the most boring middle name ever -- I think every single girl I went to elementary school with had the same one. Elizabeth. Bo-ring! (Your giveaway, on the other hand: so not boring!)

Sep 04, 2008

I don't have a middle name and I am delighted by that. Because if I DID have a middle name, it would be the traditional family middle name, my Dad's middle name.

Flucker. And if you just did a double take, believe me it is NOTHING compared to what people do when you say it out loud.

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name is Ann. I was named for my Grandma Ann, which seems generic. The interesting part comes from all the other ladies in my family whose middle name also comes from dear ol grams. My auntie Valarie Ann, and my two cousins Kayley Ann and Emiley Ann. While I'm not a big fan of the name itself, I absolutely adore the fact that I'm tied to all of these amazing woman not only by blood but by middle name.

Super Sarah
Sep 04, 2008

I NEVER tell anyone my middle name, but for you, this once I will disclose it. My middle name is Hamlyn. Its strange, its weird, its a family name on my Grandmother's side and finally after 32 years of living with it. I like it. Enough to pass onto my children? Hmm, the jury is still out on that one!

Sep 04, 2008

I reckon I can better 'Elizabeth' in the boring middle name contest. Mine is Jill. Which is five letters shorter than Elizabeth and five times as dull!!

Sep 04, 2008

I'm a Leigh as well! For a long time when I was little, I used to spell it LEE, because that was easier for me, until my mom told me that I was spelling it wrong all those years, leaving me to feel quite stupid since I didn't know how to spell my own middle name. I dig the way I'm *supposed* to spell it though.

Sep 04, 2008

My own middle name (the real one, not the Ul in Bo-ul-der), is simple and sweet and given to me by my parents because my own last name was so very long and would forever be spelled for newcomers. Plus it was the middle name of my mother and of my father's sister (my aunt).

But much more interesting is the story of my college roommate who had no middle name. She came from another country and landed in the US as a political exhile. In the country that was a stop on the way here, she gave herself a nice name that you'd associate with a flower. It translated well enough to English, so she kept it.

Then the 80's and the whole preppy monogram style came along. I looked up one day to see her with a newly monogramed sweater with a First initial, Bigger Last Initial, and a Middle Initial. And I thought, huh. She always said she did have a middle initial, in this case an "M". So I asked, "Roommate? What's the M stand for?" To which she responded "Middle!"

To this day, I still love her for that pure American-like ingenuity.

Sep 04, 2008

Mine is Ann. For my grandmother. I assume. These comments are really interesting!

Sep 04, 2008

Ooooh. Great give away.
My middle name is 'Louise'. Which makes me an Emma Louise. Which in 1981 was, i think, THE most popular name combination for a girl and so was the name of all but one of the girls on the ward where i was born.

It was also the name of 3 of the 26 kids in my primary school class, countless numbers of girls at the comprehensive, and 4 of the 80 girls in my year in the high school. Original hu!

For years i have cursed my parents. They regale me with beautiful names i could have been called, but in the end they plumped for the safe and somewhat boring combination.

And with my surname it makes me an ELF!

Sep 04, 2008

Can I play if I have never commented before? Actually I have always wondered, is it rude to lurk? I am a BIG blog lurker, sorry, I should take up commenting.

Well it seems there were only three middle name options for girls born in Australia in the 70s (Anne, Louise or Marie)- I got Anne (with an "e").

Sep 04, 2008

Mine's Marie. There's not much backstory to it, just that my initials form the initials of my parents' first names. And it sounds nice.

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name is unofficially Ho Yin.
This is actually the exact same name as my first name, Ke Yan, except that it is the Cantonese version of Ke Yan, which is Mandarin.
This makes absolutely no sense, since my family comes from Hong Kong and therefore all speak Cantonese.

However, nearly a hundred years ago when my grandfather moved abroad, the officials spelled his last name the Mandarin way, therefore forever saddling him and his offspring, including my father, with a last name that wasn't really theirs.

When me and my sisters were born, our parents thought "well, it would be kind of awkward to have a first name in Cantonese and a last name in Mandarin. Let's just make their first names Mandarin too." But they continued to use our Cantonese names with us since that's the dialect we speak.

While I understand their logic, this was possibly the worst parenting decision they have ever made. After 18 years, I'm still trying to sort out the mess that is my official name.

And THAT is quite the story to regale strangers with when they meet you for the first time and ask you the seemingly simple question "What's your name?".

Sep 04, 2008

Wow this is the best competition ever!!! It is a thrill to even be in a competition where I could win a DS! Thanks Holly, you are awesome.

My middle name is Mayumi which, along with my Japanese surname, surprises people as I look pretty European despite being half Japanese. I really like my middle name and would like to carry on the Japanese middle name thing if I should ever have kids.

Sep 04, 2008

Antunes, my mother's last name.

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name is Michelle. It is also the name of my aunt who was present at the hospital when I was born. Even after 31 years, I am not clear on whether on not I am named after her. Seems like I should be and yet, that's never been said out loud.

Emily P.
Sep 04, 2008

My middle name it Jo. It is the name of my aunt who helped my parents come up with my first name. Funny thing...well at least I think it is kind of quirky...I married a Joe.

Sep 04, 2008

Molloy, my mother’s maiden name. My brother and sister also have Molloy as their middle name. If I have a daughter it’s a family tradition I would like to carry on, I am not as cruel as my mother as to inflict a boy with a name so close to Molly!!

Sep 04, 2008

After I got married, I switched my maiden name to my middle name. So now my middle name is O'Brien. But the middle name I was given when I was born is Elizabeth.

Sep 04, 2008

Susan. It's all wrong, no matter how much I like the name on its own.

Paul Gutman
Sep 04, 2008

Senft. Yes, a triple consonant. No, the priest did NOT say it right when we got married.

Sep 04, 2008

Ruth. Eileen Ruth. I've always thought it was so harsh sounding. One time we found a magazine ad that had a doll with my sister's name (Catherine Rose). I doubt we'll be finding any dolls for sale called Eileen Ruth.

Sep 04, 2008

Boring and southern-sounding (but most certainly not, I'm from the midwest), my middle name is Jean.

Leona Jean.

Yeah, took me about 30 years to embrace that one.

Sep 04, 2008

Mine is Sarah. Which means "princess." And then my parents wondered why I was such a drama queen. Pfft!

Sep 04, 2008

Ann - no 'e'; and my confirmation name is Barbara. Makes the catholic upbringing all worthwhile... ;-)

Loving your blog! x

Sep 04, 2008

Renee. I am surprised (and honestly a little delighted) that I am the first one. Given that my first name, Jessica, is so painfully common; it's nice to have something that is a bit unusual.

Sep 04, 2008


I'm Margaret Ann, named after my grandmothers on both sides of the family.

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name by birth was Susan. When I got married, though, I changed my middle name to my maiden name, so now it's Fox. Much better, I think.

Sep 04, 2008

Mine is Germane. It is my grandmother's maiden name. It was originally German but my great grandmother was in the military (during World War I, I think) and decided to add an "e" to the end so people wouldn't think she was German.

Sep 04, 2008

Jo. Just Jo. Named for my mum's best friend, which I think is really very nice.

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name at birth was Mary, which was my grandmother's first name. Since my parents only had girls, I wanted to carry on the family name. When I got married, I changed it to my maiden name, which is Rabalais. So did my sister when she got married. I'm from south Louisiana, and it's French.

The first day of school was always so awkward for me, because teachers could never pronounce my first or last name. They'd pause when they came to my name, and I always knew they were trying not to butcher it.

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name is Egan. It is my Grandmother's maiden name. The unfortunate part of the story is that my brother's middle name was Bacon (my Mother's maiden name). In school, the kids would find out about this, put two and two together and start calling us "Bacon and Eggs". Just typing that out made me break out in sweaty humiliation again. What I will do for a DS, huh?

Anne in SC
Sep 04, 2008


Adele Barrett
Sep 04, 2008

Mine is Mary :)

Sep 04, 2008

I'm another Louise, and Emma is so right, Louise was the middle name that all girls in the UK between 1981 and 1982 have as a middle name (if they're not Marie). I've never been able to work out why, as there's no famous Louise I'm aware of from that period. My mom wanted it to be Louisa but my dad vetoed that as being too fussy.

Anne in SC
Sep 04, 2008

I couldn't just leave my answer at Suzanne - because, you see, all of my life I've been explaining my name so I just had to do it here too. Even though no one asked.

Though the middle name is Suzanne, I go by Anne. Not Suzanne. And not by my first name (which is totally different still).

I was named for three women, one sister each of Mom's and Dad's and my mom. Aunt Susan's name was put together with Mom's middle name (Ann) to create Suzanne. Being that everyone went by the name I was given except Mom (who went by her first name Rebecca)they actually cut the "Suz" off of Suzanne and went with Anne. Because Suzanne sounded too much like Susan and they were trying to keep the confusion of multiple names in the family at bay. Yet in doing so they created good confusion for me - constantly having to let teachers know that I went by Anne and then why. Most of my friends from childhood could tell you my story because they got to hear it every year with every new teacher.

Sep 04, 2008

You probably couldn't even send the thing here even if I'd win it, but middle names are too interesting a subject not to comment...

My middle name is Lucienne. Everybody laughs at me about it, and I'm not sure why. I was baptized when I was twelve, and my parents let me choose my own middle name. Maybe my denial at the awefulness of the name is just a product of the fact that I have no-one to blame except myself.

Luckily, because it was added when I was twelve, it doesn't show on any official papers, so if it ever gets really bad - I will just pretend it doesn't exist.

Sep 04, 2008

Well, way to one-up me on the prize, dude! And uh, my middle name is Lynn. SHOCKING, no?

Mrs. Higrens
Sep 04, 2008

Like a couple of the other comments, I switched to my maiden name as a middle when I got married.

Going from Dunham (my grandfather's middle name from family) to Valentine has really made my life better.

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name is Crist. Which is what I go by, and thus, not all that exciting. It's commonly misspelled as Chris, Krist, Christ, Kris. My first name is Jordan, and I have indeed received mail addressed to J. Christ.

Suzy in DC
Sep 04, 2008

Mine is mom's is also Christine, so is her mother's. And my great-grandmother's name was Christine with HER mother having Christine as a middle name! Confused yet? :) Even better, we were all alive at the same time, when I was born, there were 5 generations of women in my family - crazy!!

Mrs. Who
Sep 04, 2008

OK, well, my middle name growing up was Lee but, once I got married I used my maiden name as my middle name. I don't even know if people do this anymore. I know my daughter didn't. Anyway. My middle name now is Shepherd.

And now that I made the effort to glance up at the other comments, I see others have done the same thing. Nice to know I'm not the only one!!

Sep 04, 2008

Oooh what a great competition, and well done nice people at Nintendo and Holly for the great prize!

My middle name is Christine so I'm Victoria Christine named after my maternal grandmother.

When I was little I used to feel bad for my other Granny as my parents didn't use her name too, but nowadays I don't think Victoria Christine Marion would flow quite as well, so my parents knew what they were doing after all!

Sep 04, 2008

Karin. Named after my mom's college roommate. I think they might still exchange Christmas cards. But maybe not even that. I feel like there's a lesson there.

Sep 04, 2008

my middle name is eileen, after my grandpa's mother who passed away shortly after he was born.

i like it, but i have to confess i was at 8 or 9 years old before i learned how to spell it correctly! for some reason i always wanted to put more l's in there.

Sep 04, 2008

Mine is Anne... which always makes me think of Anne of Green Gables when she explains that her name is Anne with an "E"... My first and middle names also happen to be the middle names of my mother's 2 sisters...

Sep 04, 2008

OMG, OMG, I'm so excited for this - I was drooling over your post about the party and the Brain Age and all that, because I am a HUGE DORK and I love video games. So, my middle name is Beth, which my husband tells me frequently is much hotter than my first name (Melanie) and that he wishes I would go by Beth instead because it would make me that much hotter. I can't deal with that, though, I don't like change. And Beth just doesn't seem that sexy to me, though maybe I'm wrong... Anyway.. let me just get all excited for a second (more than I was in the rest of my comment, I mean, which was pretty darn excited) and say: I hope I win, I hope I win!! (jumping up and down)

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name is Amanda. And I went through a long period when I wished it were my first name so I could go by Mandy. Life would've soooooooooo much more fun had I been a Mandy.

Sep 04, 2008

Mine is “Ana”

According to the story: my mother wanted to named me "Lara" after Dr. Zhivago (like Jen’s in comment #3)... but she got veto by my father's family, because in Venezuela, the country I was born in, has a state called "Lara" so they went with "the poor child will be made fun at school and blah, blah, blah"... so she came up with “Ana Cecilia” (which were both of my great-grandmother names) and she got veto on that one too, because apparently the Italians are not very big about using dead people names (I’m totally using it for my first child if she is a girl - custom be damned!)...
But, since my paternal great-grandmother was STILL ALIVE and kicking… Then they decided to use "Ana" but not as a first name, so then they (the family) put everyone's choices in a hat and out came "Monica"... so its Monica Ana... and with my last name my initials are MAC.. Which is totally cool… Because who does not love a Mac?

The twist in all of this? My sister, who was supposed to be a boy, was nameless for about 1 month, until they all did the hat-draw-name sting again... and out came Veronica. Most people thought my parent’s just thought it would be cute to name us Monica and Veronica. ahh the truth is never that glorified!

Now, lest see if the draw out of a hat makes me lucky again this time!

Sep 04, 2008

my middle name used to be lindsay, but i changed it to my maiden name when i got married. so now it's liccini (luh-chee-nee). i didn't want to have two last names or a hyphenated name, but i couldn't give up my maiden name either. i think it was a good compromise, although lindsay is such a lovely name.

and meredith, i love, love, love anne of green gables. that part where she writes the "e" on the chalkboard is wonderful. it always made me so happy that she stuck it to her teacher. like, "bitch, i'll write that i have a very bad temper 100 times, but you better spell my name right." but her teacher was a guy so she really couldn't say bitch, but you get the point.

Sep 04, 2008

My middle moniker is Rae. And interestingly enough I had to marry a man with the last name McRae. For real.

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name is Marie. Named after my great aunt. Keeping my fingers crossed for the prize!!

Sep 04, 2008

I don't have a middle name. Indian people usually give their kids their dad's first name as a middle name but my parents like to buck tradition and didn't think that giving their 5lb daughter a 12 letter male middle named worked.

Sep 04, 2008

Ashley. My parents weren't very original and most of us ended up with that for our middle name, it's my mother's maiden name. (I was just as original with my kids too - they got my maiden name)

cool contest btw.

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name is Michelle. My parents stole it from the Beatles.

My first name is Serena and for about a week in kindergarten I desperately wanted to change my name to Michelle, Serena was such a lame name. My teacher convinced me that I was being silly, and that while she knew a bunch of Michelles, she never knew a Serena and that I was unique. I've been very happy with my name since then.

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name is Detrick, which is my mother's maiden name, said just like it's spelled. I go from liking it to hating it, sometimes in the same day. :)

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name is Joy, which I really like. It's my Mum's middle name too. To top off the family connections, my Mum's sister's middle name is Joyce, as is her daughter's!

I prefer mine though ;)

Sep 04, 2008

I loved the commenter whose roommate had M. as a middle name :)
I can't decide which of my two middle names to mention here. It must be the Irish Catholic thing. Confusing.

Sep 04, 2008

Mine is not too exciting or unique. It's Ann, after my mother. I'm glad my parents didn't give me my father's middle name, which is Lloyd. Although there's a "Say Anything" reference with that one.

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name is Meghan. It's the name that I've always been called. My first name is Mary. So, Mary Meghan. Good Irish Catholic name. There are lots of Mary Margarets, Mary Catherines, Mary Patricias, etc.

Being called by your middle name is kind of a pain though. Think of an form you fill out--forms HATE first initial, middle name. Doesn't really exist. Also, consider the first day of school...every year. The teacher would be calling "Mary"...."Mary"....and finally it would dawn on me that she/he was calling for ME! And one more thing, when people discover that Meghan is in fact my middle name, they almost inevitably ask, "oh, what's your real name?" My "real" name? Is Meghan a pretend name? I think what they mean to say is "what's your first name?" See, all kinda annoying.

I do love my name, though. Even if forms, and doctors' offices, and credit cards, and telemarketers, etc., never refer to me by the "correct name."

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name is Ann. Boring old Ann. It's my mother's middle name and she got it because her grandmother was named Anna or something. So I guess I'm going to feel a slight obligation to keep the tradition.

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name is also the plain and simple Anne, although I'm glad I have the "e-at-the-end" variety. I don't mind the plainness of my middle name though, since it makes up for my ridiculously complicated first name - Mairead. I spent every first day of school reciting "It sounds like Parade with an M!"

Also, shout out to commenter #2, Maura Foley - we're Irish Catholic too, and each of her four names also belong to members of my immediate family!

Sep 04, 2008

Erica Beth Natasha C.
I know there are people out there that have it worse, but do you realize just HOW MANY sales clerks, bartenders etc. look twice at my debit card and say "geesh, that's a mouthful." It is SO exceptionally annoying. And beyond that, Erica Beth is a double name with no hyphen, space, capital B.... no one ever gets that, I just morphe into Elizabeth. Not that I can really complain... I go by Beth, but didn't fully grasp that it was the second half of my first name FOREVER. I had no idea how to properly place everything on forms until I was in college and, more often that not, Natasha just got dropped. So if you're wondering if I will hyphenate or replace my middle name with my last name when I get married.... the answer is a resounding NO.
Sorry for the rant, you hit on a topic!
You know what would make me feel better? A DS Lite.

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name is Bryce, which I used to hate because I thought it was a boy's name. I wonder if Bryce Dallas Howard felt the same way? It was both my great-grandma and my grandma's middle name, skipped a generation when my grandma had all boys and started up again with me.

Sep 04, 2008

Jane, after my aunt. I also have two cousins who have Jane as their middle name, that's how awesome she is. :)

Bill Buchanan
Sep 04, 2008

Middle name = Marion and yes I'm one of the male readers of your blog and yes it was an issue growing up in grade school . . . but it made me tough :0

It was my Grandfathers middle name - who would have been born in the late 1800's and I'm sure it was all the rage back then - not so much for when I came around.

But I eventually to not just tolerate it but I've grown to really like it.

Sep 04, 2008

Oh, and did I mention? My did picked Erica from... Erica Kane on ALL MY CHILDREN!

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name is Marie. There has been nothing interesting surrounding my middle name, unless you include childhood fantasies. When I was about 6 years old, I was inspired by an episode of the Cosby show -- of all things -- to embrace what I felt was my divine right to be French. I campaigned for the right to be called Marie exclusive of my first name. I also wore a beret and talked in a (brutal and potentially offensive) French accent. This lasted nearly two months.

Crazy Lady
Sep 04, 2008

Marie. Same as my mom.

Sep 04, 2008

Oh, how fun! I love prizes and contests.

Like so many other readers, my middle name is Ann. However, I actually go by Ann (my first name is Katherine), so most people don't realize it's my middle name. When they find out, people always say, "What's your REAL name?" as though Ann is just some made-up name that's not on my birth certificate.

Sep 04, 2008

Tate.... that's my middle name. It's my paternal grandmother's maiden name. I like it. :)

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name is Reynolds which is my maiden name. Until I was married my middle name was Downes, my grandmother’s maiden name. My chosen confirmation name is Apollonia, which I thought was very cool when I chose it in the eighth grade. Also cool? The hot pink tights, suede platform peep toes and circa ‘93 Betsy Johnson mullet dress (short in the front / long in the back) I wore for said confirmation.

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name is Lee, although I rarely use it on anything.

Also, I am Extremely Excited(!) about this contest because I have been trying to justify the purchase of a DS Lite for the sole purpose of playing Brain Age since you wrote that entry about it.

Sep 04, 2008

As a kid, I felt TOTALLY jilted when it came to my middle name. My older sister's, you see, was Kathleen. Kathleen! Not Katie, or Kate, or ubiquitous Katherine. No. Kathleen, with two long syllables that almost seem like three.

I got Anne. With an 'E.' Thank god for the 'E.' When asked, my parents said that 'Anne,' spoken right after my first name, sounds "vaguely Irish." And that's what I am I guess: vaguely Irish.

Thank god for the 'E.'

Sep 04, 2008

Mine is Dagmar, which was my Danish great grandma's name. I believe its old Norse for "ugly sounding middle name" or the like.

As far as middle names in my family go it is fairly innocuous though. For example, my mother's middle name is Clarence. I promise. All the children in her generation have the same middle name. Truly odd.

However, the best middle name in my family, (and I say this just for amusement and interest, because I guess it kinda disqualifies me from winning), was my great aunt's (Dagmar's sister). She had two middle names - Kartynka and Lora. First name Tora. So...Tora Kartynka Lora....Smith.
I never met her, but her name lives on as legend in my family!

(comment 48 ftw...hillarious!)

Sep 04, 2008

I like my middle name: Lenore.

Sep 04, 2008

Love. My mom's middle name is Love too, and if I have a daughter, her middle name will also be Love. When I told my husband's mom my middle name (first time I met her when we'd been dating for a few months), she said "What were your parents? Hippies?" which I thought was very rude. But my response was probably not much better: "Well you better get used to it, it'll be your granddaughter's middle name too." I was quite sure of myself!

Sep 04, 2008

So does my entry still count if I live in Australia? I'll understand if you decide to do a redraw if you happen to pick my number. :)

And my middle name is Marie. I think at least half of the girls I went to school with also had that middle name!

Sep 04, 2008

Contests are fun!

My middle name is Ann....not even with an "e" like in Anne of Green Gables. But, not a whole lot goes with Deborah, so I understand. Also, I've enjoyed reading your blog!

Sep 04, 2008

My middle name is Francesca. When I was younger I believed it to be utterly humiliating. When people saw my initials on my hot pink LL Bean backpack and asked what the F stood for I would tell them Fay. Why I didn't think Fay was embarrassing is beyond me!

Sep 04, 2008

my middle name is elizabeth, and i go by elizabeth, which was really annoying when i was in school because 1. on every first day of school my teacher said, "adaline? is adaline here" (adaline is my first name, obvi, and i love it now...but as a 6th grader i did not) and 2. because it made filling in the test bubbles difficult.
ahem, longest sentence ever.

Sep 04, 2008

Ann, no e. Bitter, bitter disappointment when I discovered Anne of Green Gables and suddenly realized how vital that missing e was. Without an e it's just not elegant! What were my parents thinking???

I'm fine now, though.