No Case Of the Mondays For Me

How was your Labor Day weekend? Mine was rather nice actually, mostly because it involved a lot of eating. Well, eating and drinking, I suppose, with some light shopping and hammock-lounging thrown in, and come to think of it, those four things are, like, my four favorite things in the world, so actually it was a very good Labor Day weekend indeed. If only a loincloth-wearing George Clooney had been present for the eating or drinking or hammock-lounging (not the shopping, that might have been weird), I'd say it would have been perfect.

On Friday night, we met some pals for some very strong drinks and some very cheap Thai food, and then the next day I wandered through the world's most enormous Old Navy and ended up handing over thirty-five dollars for this perfectly adorable fall coat. I shall not, however, be able to wear it for a good two months, since San Francisco's "summer" hits in September and October, just as the rest of the country is pulling out the tights and gloves and woollies. (Those same tights and gloves and woollies, incidentally, that we've been wearing April through August.) (Well, not the same ones, obviously, because that would be kind of unhygienic. Especially with woollies, you know? So hard to wash.)

(I should probably say, by the way, since I am making such abundant use of parentheses here, that the coat looks a lot more stylish on---a lot more Natalie Portman if Natalie Portman lived in the 1960s, with that sweet rounded collar, ooh, isn't it sweet?---than it does in that picture. I should probably also say that I was torn between the navy/purple or khaki/turquoise combos and eventually went with the former just because I had nothing else like it in my wardrobe. The problem with that however, is that...well, now I have nothing else like it in my wardrobe, which means it doesn't go with anything, which means I now have to look for some purple shoes, or at least some sort of chunky purple statement jewelry.) (And I think perhaps I should shut up now, before my five male readers, poor things, fall asleep. WAKE UP, MALE READERS! WAKE UP! Carburetors! Baseball! Jockstraps! Oh good, you're back with us again.)

On Saturday night we had a Mad Men marathon and then on Sunday we drove out to Ocean Beach and walked along the shore, just like those people in personal ads who say they like long walks on the beach. We stopped in at Costco on the way back home----a three-pound bag of coffee, a thousand packets of Splenda, a six-pack of Toblerones, SOMEBODY STOP US---and in the evening I made chocolate chip cookies while simultaneously making a shepherd's pie, which was quite a feat indeed, actually, and I'm lucky I didn't drop brussels sprouts into the cookie batter or dot the top of the shepherd's pie with chocolate chips. Luckier still, however, is Sean, who would have been forced to eat it.

Monday meant a leisurely brunch with friends---I had my first biscuit: a success!---and then a day spent in the sunshine in our postage-stamp-sized back yard, which is meant to be shared by the entire apartment building, but which I am convinced no-one else knows about, because I have never seen anyone else out there. In the evening, we went on a long overdue cleaning rampage---tiresome but ultimately satisfying---which means I'm now typing this from a house with shiny floorboards that smell pleasingly of almonds.

So all in all, I guess, it was a pretty perfect few days off. But my goodness, how rude of me, enough about me: what did you do Labor Day weekend?

Sep 01, 2008

This sounds perfectly pedestrian but have you tried the Thai Chicken Salad from CPK? Sounds so chain, I know, but it rocks my world. That dressing should be a controlled substance.

Not so much days off because the dreaded Back to School is tomorrow, this year involving a kindergartner AND a first grader, both with particular angst and neither agreeing to sleep. And I can't slip them Vicodin or Restoril in good conscience. I am mostly asleep now but still fussing about tiny bags of PB pretzels and bananas addressed to teachers and PLEASE, I NEVER PICTURED MY LIFE TO BE LIKE THIS.

The first two weeks of school constitute a minor circle of hell. Best you have cats, who may have hairballs but do not have homework nor emotional crises.

I say all this as a public service in the name of birth control. NBB readers beware! This could be you. Take your pills on schedule lest you end up like we are.

Gretchen again
Sep 01, 2008

Oh, and do spill about your almond floorboard potion. Can I use in on Pergo? If it had special powers of warding off preschool feet, that would help. I am a Marzipan junkie and the smell of almonds has semi-carnal effects for us.

Sep 02, 2008

Sorry about keeping the loincloth-wearing George Clooney longer than our agreement stated, but I just couldn't bear to see him go. Chin up, though! I'm sure the chocolate chip cookies were nearly as satisfying! ;)
House of Jules

Camels & Chocolate
Sep 02, 2008

I am very happy you opted for navy/purple. It's way cute, and I can totally see Natalie Portman sporting that.

Also, yay for summer in the Bay! It's almost too good to be true! (Though can I just say that we DID have to bust out the woolies for the beach on Saturday? Then by mid-afternoon, it was bikini weather. Naturally. Schizo San Fran.)

Sep 02, 2008

Mine was cut short, I was asked to come into work to help with a deadline. The promise being that I could have Friday off and start my week of vacation early. So I hope that comes true because I'm heading to Montreal this weekend! Can't wait!

Sep 02, 2008

I was wondering which one you chose, and I must say that the navy/purple seems much more fall appropriate (and I think it's better looking). Plus, it's called "dark knight" so you can have your own little comic geek joke going on there at the same time.

Liberal Banana
Sep 02, 2008

Just about the same: eating, drinking, shopping, cleaning! (Queue Twilight Zone music in background.) And I even made donuts! Yes, MADE donuts. Bought biscuit dough, heated up some oil in a pan, and fried those suckers right up. Dropped 'em in a little cinnamon sugar mix and oh my god - so goooood. Check out the little recap on my site if you've got a few moments to kill this morning...

Sep 02, 2008

My husband purchased and cooked food which I then ate.

Also, I do not know what a woollie is.

Mrs. Who
Sep 02, 2008

Basically did nothing. Mostly time spent with family. Eating. Watching TV. Started watching "Everwood". Husband likes it. I think it is meh. Not bad. Not really good. Made pancakes for dinner last night. That was the highlight of the weekend.

Sensibly Sassy
Sep 02, 2008

Oh wow that sounds like an awesome weekend! Jon and I wen to to Tahoe and basically vegged out all weekend.

Sep 02, 2008

We went to the state fair, which was El Lame-o. $5 for funnel cake? I like funnel cake as much as the next girl, but not five dollars worth. $5 per ride. Needless to say, with 3 kids we had spent what we hoped would be their college tuition. Kids had fun though. On Sunday we went to church, and the Denver Natural History museum. Much better. More fun, and cheaper. Monday the kids stayed in they're jammies all day. And they have today off too! Hooray for extra long weekends.

Sep 02, 2008

What's a woolie?

P.S. Love the coat!

Sep 02, 2008

I had the very same dilemma with the coat, but ended up with the khaki/turquoise. (Now I know who to call if I need to borrow the other color.) ;)

Sep 02, 2008

This was the first weekend I even THOUGHT about pulling out my bathing suit. And putting it on under wool sweater.

Sep 02, 2008

I have tried that coat on three different times. It is super cute, but something is holding me back. Maybe it's my non-Natalie-Portman-ness.

Also, am I the only one who was reminded of Friends? "No, Rachel, you weren't supposed to put beef in the trifle. It did NOT taste good."

Sep 02, 2008

Too funny, I was coming on to say that Whoorl bought the same coat in the other color, but she beat me to it. I too looked at it in the store and worried that I couldn't pull it off. I'm starting to reconsider... (especially since it's on sale on-line for $30!)

Sep 02, 2008

Our weather up in Vancouver did the opposite of yours and cooled way the hell down immediately as Sept 1st set in. I am not amused. It is still supposed to be summer till the 21st or something, no?

However. My weekend: first date with awesome guy Fridya night. Second date Saturday night. Third date Sunday night. Fourth all-day date on Monday. Think maybe I have a boyfriend now? Unsure. Very happy :)

Sep 02, 2008

ooh, must know about the almond-scented cleaner. at a lovely bbq yesterday, the hosts received a candle gift set with a toasted sugar almond scent. i almost bit into one.

Sep 02, 2008

Dude. Talks/mentions/yells of "JOCKSTRAP" are going to chase me away a looot quicker than a little chattering about an Old Navy coat. Trust.

Sep 02, 2008

The almond-scented cleaner is Method Wood for Good floor cleaner; I highly recommend it if you have hardwood floors. It gets them shiny without streaks and it smells so good I sometimes have to stop myself from drinking it. You can buy it at Target.

I also like the oMop, from the same......collection. Wow, that sounded pretentious; who has a COLLECTION of stuff to keep their floors clean? Um me, I guess. Anyway, this is the mop -- it beats the pants off the Swiffer. I actually LIKE mopping the floors when I use it. Or at least I can almost convince myself that I do.

Speedy Canizales
Sep 02, 2008

I also cleaned my house last night. Unfortunately it was more of an all-day event for me, and I didn't get to finish until past midnight. I feel like my eyelids are made of 10-pound weights right now.

Sep 02, 2008

Friday: dinner date

Saturday: sleep in, yoga class, VERY Southern Debutante wedding

Sunday: sleep in, lounge about in the lake and intermittently ride jetskis

Monday: re-merchandise boutique with cutest little 4th grade budding fashionista you've ever seen :)

All in all, a very nice weekend. Thanks for asking!

Sep 02, 2008

Sounds like a lovely weekend! I drank too much at a rooftop party, made out with some random dude we all think is gay and then spent the rest of the weekend playing with my niece and nephews.

Good times!

Sep 02, 2008

i did much of the same thing with kayaking thrown in. but ahhhh hammock lounging the best. and i have been lusting over that jacket for a LONG time now and am torn between the blue/purple vs khaki/turquoise. but now that it's on sale, i'm going to take a closer look!

Sep 03, 2008

much of the same as you ... dinner at my favorite mexican place friday night; farmers market and then headed out of town for a fabulously fun wedding saturday, looooong nap and pizza and a movie sunday night, then shopping and cleaning and homework for the master's program i start next week on monday. fun, productive, and relaxing, gotta love it!

Sep 03, 2008

I put the electric blanket back on the bed and thought about turning on the heat.

Monday was a pathetically boring day. I'm still feeling guilty for watching a Top Model marathon instead of taking my dog to the park. I blame my boyfriend for having to work.