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Did I tell you I'm an editor over at Beauty Hacks? It's BlogHer's new space for everything fashion and beauty-related and today I wrote about self-tanner. Specifically, I wrote about the world's second-greatest self-tanner---that is, the world's greatest self-tanner that you can buy in a drugstore for ten bucks---and if you've ever wanted to hit the bottle (um, the self-tanning bottle) but weren't sure which one to pick out to avoid Oompa Loompa-dom, you should go read it. Have you ever seen me look streaky and orange? Exactly.

Also---and this isn't an "other places" thing, really---but my post about buying the expensive shower gel because a woman was rude to me is linked to on iVillage.com today under "The Buzz in the Blogs." I keep checking it out and thinking "Ha! That's me! On iVillage.com!" Wonders never cease, I tell you.

Finally, Sarah Brown---who is one of my absolute favorite bloggers in the entire world, like, seriously, if I was only allowed to read one website for the rest of my life it would probably be hers---had her first book published today: it's called Cringe: Teenage Diaries, Journals, Notes, Letters, Poems, and Abandoned Rock Operas and you can buy it all over the place.

Remember that really crappy poetry you used to write while locked  in your room, wearing your flannel shirt and listening to Pearl Jam? Those overwrought journal entries about how no-one understood you? That embarrassing letter you wrote to a famous person on your best stationery, convinced they'd write you back? This book is a compilation of all that. And I even have a piece in there too, which would probably make the fifteen-year-old me sigh dramatically and roll my eyes and run upstairs to light some incense and read some more Sylvia Plath. But that, of course, is exactly the point.

Aug 26, 2008

Just thought you should know that I ended up getting that shower gel for one of my friend's birthday gifts! Thanks for posting the link to it. I WIN! GOOD DAY MADAM! ;)
House of Jules

Aug 26, 2008

Thanks for the self-tanner info. I recently bought something at the dollar store (!) and it was no bueno.

Aug 26, 2008

GO YOU! I think you totally need your own beauty site, or Holly Burns Uses This And It's Awesome brand. We should talk to Sephora about that. Because your recommendations are stellar. I HAVE LIPSLICKS IN DARING IN MY BAG RIGHT NOW.

And, um, I probably didn't need to shout that at you.

Aug 26, 2008

can't wait to get my copy of cringe! i too have a submission...in fact your pearl jam reference was perfect since eddie v was the inspiration for the poem that will make everyone cringe!

Aug 26, 2008

Congrats on the iVillage, the book, the editor position. That's great! And I was a huge Sylvia Plath fan back in the day, too!

Aug 26, 2008

You totally sold me on the self-tanner!

Aug 26, 2008

That's great about Blogher! I need to check out Cringe, I have to say that your description of the book was one big flashback for me - except I was more of an Emily Dickinson girl.

Aug 26, 2008

Just popping over for a visit from Whoopee. I liked this post and the few others I looked at and wanted to say "Hi." Hi. I was also moved to write because I live in Vermont, where only about one woman in a hundred bothers with any product related to beauty - and not just the lesbians either. Have you been here? I see you once lived in Connecticut and it's not too far to go from there. We all wear really ugly Dansko clogs all year and never dress up in anything stylish. My office mate came in the other day and was talking about some tip she read in _Real Simple_ for simplifying your tanning routine (I think it was tanning). "How about not tanning at all", she said, wouldn't that really simplify things?" We laughed our pale, make-up free heads off, briefly. Cheers.

Sarah Brown
Aug 26, 2008

Oh man. I teared up reading this. That will be my 77th time to tear up today. Hugs, all around.

Aug 27, 2008

someone else's blog i read is in Cringe too! escape to new york is the name of her blog.