A Quick Update And Then No More Rome, I Promise!

Thank you all for your great suggestions about where to stay in Rome. I cannot tell you how it warmed the cockles of my tiny, scrunched-up, cranky little heart to have someone say "hey, I entered your dates on this Italy website and look what I found you! And it has windows! Score!" All day I had lovely, kind people sending me studios in Trastevere and one-beds near the Colosseum, and I think if you guys all got together and formed an alliance, you could POWER THE WORLD with your supreme apartment-scoping skills. Either that, or you'd put VRBO.com out of business. You certainly put me to shame.

So the excellent news is that we got confirmation back on a fantastic little studio midway between Navona and Trastevere, which not only has a balcony opening up onto a pretty little street (and a view of the rooftops of Rome!), but also comes with breakfast, and even has ITS OWN ESPRESSO MACHINE AND A CONSTANT SUPPLY OF COFFEE. I'm not quite sure if you understand how important this is, and yet also how dangerous. If there are reports in October of a crazy woman terrorizing the streets of Rome---singing show tunes in the piazzas and initiating jaunty two-steps with old men dozing in the sun---please don't be alarmed: it will only be me after one too many cappuccinos. Sometimes this also happens when I get coffee at Whole Foods.

The best part about this apartment---apart from the fact that in every review I read of it, the reviewer rues the fact that he is reviewing it, because now he's given away the secret of how great it is and everyone will want to stay there---is that it is WAY UNDER BUDGET. How this happened is beyond me, and since I haven't actually paid for it yet---send me the PayPal invoice, Alessandro! I want to get this baby squared away!---I'm actually kind of loath to even mention it, in case they're suddenly all "actually, we totally forgot to mention that we're going to charge you an extra 50% on top of what we quoted you, because it's....ah....National Balcony Month. Yes! National Balcony Month! Haven't you heard?"

But anyway, thank you for your detective work and your suggestions and your general Rome recommendations: I have been eagerly filing the latter into my burgeoning VACATION! file, which I shall assume will need its own zip code by October if I continue to collect information at the rate at which I am collecting it now. Of course, I too shall probably need my own zip code if I visit every single restaurant I've been urged to visit, but oh, what a lovely problem to have. I shall simply buy some bigger pants now in preparation.

Camels & Chocolate
Jul 30, 2008

Viva Italia! But Bahamas first =)

Jul 31, 2008

Wow, fantastic! Further proof that the internet is an amazing thing. I am (perhaps too much) looking forward to your posts and photos from Rome. I've never been there, so I plan to be living vicariously.

Jul 31, 2008

Wow. The internet is amazing.
I am so jealous of you! I love Rome, and I'm sure you will, too.

Jul 31, 2008

I can save you a few calories. There was some bakery on the Piazza Navona that is famous for its tartufo and Rick Steves said we must eat it and since he had been so right about so many things, we did not even share. And a couple of bites in, we all threw our individually purchased tartufo in the same trash can.

However, if you ever see tira misu on the gelato flavor board, you must have it. We got it somewhere near the Spanish Steps and it was a combination of different gelato flavors and it was heavean.

Jul 31, 2008

So um....I don't suppose you can throw a dog a bone and reveal this great place? I'm going to Rome in mid-September to meet up with family that will be travelling there. If you don't want to spoil the "best kept secret" kind of thing, that's ok! I'll keep on a-lookin'.....

Jul 31, 2008

and this is why I am addicted to the internet!

We are planning a trip to Europe in two years (yes I know, is that FAR ENOUGH AWAY) for our 5 year wedding anniversary. I may just be hitting you up for this super seekrit location. :)

Jul 31, 2008

I love that your way of terrorizing anything is by "singing show tunes in the piazzas and initiating jaunty two-steps with old men dozing in the sun". If everyone was like that, we'd have a much more peaceful (albeit sometimes a little over-the-top) world.

Jul 31, 2008

Go, Internet! I may have to start a blog of my own after all -- or hijack your comments here in a day or so, Holly. We are going to a wedding in Italy in mid-September and spur-of-the-moment decided "Heck, since we'll be all the way over on that continent, why not see "nearby" Norway at the same time?" So...am currently looking for two overnight stays in Bergen at something less-than-exorbitant rates. No balcony required, but a spot of sunny weather would be a nice touch :-) Coastal Norway? Fat chance!

Jul 31, 2008

oh I am so glad that everything worked out! (fingers crossed)You are going to have such a wonderful time!!

Anne & May
Jul 31, 2008

I think you need to come up with a quirky thing to say every morning when you come out on our balcony. Bellissimo! or something, only I don't speak Italian.

Get ready to say "scusi!" a lot and "due espresso per favore!"

Also, here's another HILARIOUS factoid about Rome. The Italian say "prego" all day long. It means "well" "fine" "okay" "hello" "goodbye" and tons of other stuff.

You just keep picturing a jar of Prego tomato sauce when they do it.

Have you Netflixed Roman Holiday yet? YOU MUST!

Jul 31, 2008

Before you go, and I know there's plenty of time, be sure to get my Rome walking tour guide book from me. It's the best guide book I've ever used, and I've loaned it to about 10 other people over the years who all agreed with my assessment.

Jul 31, 2008

This is what I love about the blogosphere - two people who've never met can enrich each others lives by simply sharing very valuable data on something as mundane as apartments for rent in Rome. An imaginary internet friend I've been "friends" with for 7+ years (but who I've never met) recommended a wonderful place in Florence - to this day it's one of our favorite places we've ever stayed ... and it was CHEAP.

Good luck!

Jul 31, 2008

It was actually the lovely Massimo and Biancamaria who recommended this apartment to us, so hooray for Massimo and Biancamaria!

Also, it's here for those who are interested. But if you take it from me in October, I WILL CUT YOU:

And here are some reviews, in case you're obsessed with reviews like me:

Jul 31, 2008

I've never thought of getting an apartment in Europe instead of a hotel room because I am dumb. And now I am stealing the idea.

Jul 31, 2008

may i suggest some eatin' pants ala joey on friends? i'm quite jealous you are going to rome but can't wait for the pictures.

Jul 31, 2008

in Under the Tuscan Sun she talks about great places to go in Rome...it's so wonderful you are going!
expresso for all

Aug 01, 2008

Oooooo thanks! Looks great! Not available for when I'll be there, so shitstix to that, but I'll just have to keep on looking!

Oh, and. The only thing that I can recommend besides all of the obvious in Rome is the Crypt of the Cappuchins. 3 or 4 tiny rooms in a crypt under a church, decorated everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE) with the bones of the Cappuchin monks who lived, worked and died there. Entry is by donation, and its so, so, so, so cool. Not really morbid, but fascinating and even, dare I say it, pretty! Think hip bone chandeliers, femur bone wall mosaics, and skeletons with their robes laid out.

You must go.

Aug 03, 2008

If you get a wet day, go to the Pantheon and watch the circle of falling rain -so beautiful.