We Will Make Crazy Fun!

The fantastic house I'm currently still house-sitting is a lot more conducive to entertaining than my own apartment is---mostly because there is a dining room! and a dishwasher! and, you know, heat!---so last night two of my friends came over in their pajamas for a ceremonial evening of Thinly-Veiled Bitching About People We Don't Like, spinach pizza, and Prosecco. Which I rather think is one of the world's most excellent combinations, don't you? There was also goat cheese and two-bite vanilla cupcakes and mango sorbet and much, much, much dancing to the Thriller video. Because we refused to call our evening something horribly twee like a Girlie Night, we decided it would instead be a "Crazy Fun! Party", which is something that needs to be said in a faux German accent. With jazz hands. And I am awesome at doing faux German accents, since half of my extended family have real ones.

But this was no ordinary Crazy Fun! Party. Yes, there was merriment and gossip and tipsy synchronized dancing, but the main event was to get a little peek into our futures, to PLAN OUR LIVES as it were. And how were we to do this? With serious discussions and soul-searching and perhaps a few tarot cards? Oh no. We were to do this with a rousing game of MASH.

Surely you remember MASH? You must. Across the top of a piece of paper, you write the letters "M-A-S-H"---which stand for mansion, apartment, shack, and house---and then you ask one person for five boys' names (four can be crushes, one has to be that pocket-protactor-wielding young man with the weak chin and the constantly runny nose, oh don't pretend like you didn't have one in your class), as well as five jobs, five cars, and five locations, two each of which must be less than desirable. Then the resident soothsayer starts drawing a spiral and the person whose life she's deciding says "stop" when she wants her to stop, and then she counts up how many spaces are in between the lines of the spiral---which, surprise! is how many children you're going to have---and then she goes around the piece of paper, counting to the number you've involuntarily decided upon, crossing off your hopes and dreams (and if you're lucky, the pocket protactor guy) and determining, by process of elimination, what the outcome of your future will be.

And let me just say that I might as well kill myself right now. Because while Elle will live in Positano, Italy with Matthew McConnaughey and their seven children, working as a champion horse breeder and driving an Aston Martin in British racing green, and Ellen will be an English professor in Sheepscot, Maine, driving a black Range Rover with her husband Timothy Hutton in the passenger seat, I am destined for an entirely different fate.

Despite the fact that I will be working as a receptionist at a car dealership, my only mode of transportation will be a rusty orange bicycle. Which I will drive through Toadsuck, Arkansas, home to the shack I share with my husband who---even though I QUITE CLEARLY had Jared Leto on the list---will be my current boss. Who's very nice and everything, but far too avuncular to be someone with whom I'd have eight kids. Or for whom I would ever move to Toadsuck, Arkansas.

In the spirit of benelovence, Elle announced this morning that I could have a do-over. But apparently I just can't catch a break, because now I am to be a cashier at Party City in Uzbekistan. Sure, I'll drive a silver Mercedes SL500 to work, and I'll have Gavin Rossdale and our four children to come home to, but seriously? I just don't know if that makes up for it.

Oct 29, 2005

What an amazing system this is. However, I'm sorry I won't be able to visit you in either Arkansas or Uzbekistan; I'll be far too preocuppied with my job as an air balloon pilot in New York. And besides, how on Earth will I be able to fit Condoleezza Rice and our four kids into a plastic Tonka Truck?

You're not the only one with bad MASH results...

Lynn Moran
Oct 29, 2005

You're going to be a cashier at Party City? Can you get me a discount there?

Oct 29, 2005

i won't pretend i'm not disappointed that john travolta wasn't on that list. But I suppose it's okay because him and I live in a shack in Miami and he will leave his wife eventually (At least that's what he told ME...)

Oct 30, 2005

I'm sorry that I have two comments in a row but this can hardly wait... You say you danced to Thriller, but why not dance to the A Million Ways song by Ok Go?? It just doesn't make sense. Do you like the song or don't you?? Geez Louise.

Nothing But Bonfires
Oct 30, 2005

Susie: Aha, but we did!

Lynn: Of course, though it'll only be 15%. In Uzbekistan currency.

Luke: So was Condoleeza Rice one of your good picks or bad picks?!

Nov 02, 2005

The horrible pouting and sullenness.

And you totally missed out on my animal/color/water/naked room pyschological test, which is 100% guaranteed correct every time in an eery, totally cool way.

Swedish Girl
Nov 08, 2005

I'm with you on the German accent. I think it's got something to do with an ad on MTV back in the Jurassic era, promoting Paaarty-Line (German telephone chat?).

suzanna danna
Nov 14, 2005

I found you through Sheryl... and this post? Made me snort heartily.

I must hijack my coworker from her current state of snowed under with paperwork and play MASH.