She Moves In Mysterious Ways

I have this really weird injury. I'm not sure how I got it, although I can only assume it was a by-product of the bicep curls I was doing at the gym yesterday afternoon---remembered pants! Remembered a shirt! Should get a medal!---but it's really, really painful. No, really painful. It feels like carpal tunnel syndrome, but in my…hmm, I'm not even sure how to describe this part of my anatomy, come to think of it. Picture your elbow. Then picture the other side of your elbow, you know, on the inside of your arm. The opposite of your elbow, if you like. The anti-elbow! The dark side of the elbow! What's that part of your body called? Because that's the part that hurts.

All day, I've been massaging it, trying to make it feel better, and these impromptu arm rubs have coincided with the times I've got up and walked through the office to get a glass of water—a brief break from typing, see—and it's only just occurred to me now that, dude, I totally look like one of those heroin addicts on Trainspotting when I do that. Something about feverishly rubbing that soft part of your inner elbow makes you look like you're tap-tap-tapping to try and find a vein before you start shooting up (seriously, try it right now at your desk. You see?) So, you know, I figure maybe I should stop doing that. In public, at least.

(Come to think of it, something else I've just realized I do a lot at my desk is blow into my hands to warm them up---I get cold often; you will sometimes find me typing in fingerless gloves---and I've only just realized now that that makes me look like I'm constantly checking my breath. You know how people sometimes do that thing where they breathe covertly into their half-closed hand and then smell the air to see if they can catch a whiff of onions/garlic/whatever they had for lunch and are now self-conscious about? Well, yeah, thinking about it, that looks remarkably like blowing on your hands to warm them up. Note to self: stop that too.)

Feb 29, 2008

I've tried checking my breath that way and smelled nothing - no bad breath no good breath no nothing. So, when in doubt I just announce to everyone that I've eaten something stinky and then I chew gum.

Feb 29, 2008

I've had that injury before from doing something stupid like carrying my bag wrong. I like to refer to it as my elbow pit injury.

Good Girl Lit
Feb 29, 2008

You've pulled muscle, my dear. Word to the wise. Stop going to the gym!

When I get nervous I put my hands over my mouth, like I'm trying to hide what I'm saying. How did I learn this about myself? On a date. He actually said, Why are you putting your hands in front of your mouth? Stop.

No, Evan. I'm STILL not over it. ha!

Feb 29, 2008

I believe the medial term is "Wii Tennis Elbow."

Feb 29, 2008

Er, medical.


Feb 29, 2008

My sister calls that the elbow-pit (you also have knee-pits which she references far more frequently).
Stumbled onto you via a couple of references a couple of days ago and you have a great blog!

Feb 29, 2008

gym = evil

Mar 01, 2008

I call it the crook of your arm.

I just call the knee pit the back of your knee.

House of Jules
Mar 01, 2008

It's the elbow pit in our family! Sorry you've pulled it, and hopefully it won't affect any WII tennis tournaments you have coming up! ;)
House of Jules

Mar 01, 2008

Actually, I do believe you've stretched that tendon. At times when we do not have the muscle mass to complete the exercise your tendons carry the rest of the load and stretch - resulting in that strange pain. Lift a lighter weight instead, but with more repetition.

Hope that helps!

Mar 01, 2008

I think it should be called your woble.

Mar 01, 2008

Loving all the "new" terms for your antecubital. (That's the offical word for it) It's actually more of a regional word than a pinpoint place, but if you were to report your injury to a MD, they would write "c/o pain in the right (or left) antecubital"

Really there would be a lot of abreviations & such, but you get the idea.

Mar 01, 2008

I hear ya on the fingerless gloves! Great invention. Need 'em here. My office is an afterthought, behind my house (not exactly heated). AKA "the icebox".

Fingerless gloves! Aye!

Mar 01, 2008

You may just have sore biceps. The "head" attaches somewhere in that region I think. Try this stretch a Personal Trainer showed me. Raise your arms straight out from your sides palms down. Point your thumbs out and close your hands. Rotate your arms so your thumbs are pointing behind you, fingers on top. It really helps when your biceps are sore from a tough workout.

Mar 01, 2008

I had pretty severe wrist pain for awhile and I was sure it was because I spend most of all day, every day, typing myriad somethings. Come to think of it, I have no idea why they suddenly stopped hurting. Magic!

(I hope your anti-elbow makes less with the hurting soon.)

Mar 01, 2008

I forced my hubby to accompany me to the fitness center in Cabo. Vacation, what can I say? I didn't want him down by the pool, alone, ogling the babes with unnaturally large objests in(on?) their chests while guzzling silly drinks.

I handed him a twenty pound barbell.

Lordy, he whined about a pain which sounds vaguely familiar. For days. Anyway, he was too sore for sightseeing. Me, happy.

Mar 01, 2008

Arm pits, elbow pits, and knee pits.... for some reason they are labelled as such in medical dictionaries but that's what tehy are really called... honestly... just ask Dr Nick (Hiii Dr Nick!)

Mar 01, 2008

My 5-year-old son also calls that the elbow pit. He came up with it on his own, and i thought he was very clever. Until i just read all of your comments and realized that apparently everyone else came up with that too.

Mar 01, 2008

I think you've got tendinitis (aka tennis elbow). I get it a lot, and have experienced it in my knee before as well. Alternating heat and ice is good for it, and let it heal before you work it at the gym again :D

Mar 02, 2008

I'd call it the crook of my arm, or my inner elbow, or the fleshy part where my arm bends. Genius.

Your self-consciousness has me cracking up! Who'd have thought that other people would think what you think they think. ;)

Your U2 reference has me shaking my booty like a Moroccan dancer and I'll no doubt be going 'round singing that song allll.dayyyy.loooong! Thanks, Holly!

Mar 02, 2008

Had to de-lurk to comment. As Michael above said, that is what my husband and I also refer to as your "Woble" - pronounced "wobbly". The back of your knee is your "Eenk".
Love your blog btw. You're my girl-crush... :-)

Mar 03, 2008

That fleshy part on the outside of your elbow, when the arm is straight, is called a weenis
The opposite part is, naturally, called a wagina.

Mar 03, 2008

Sorry, it won't let me edit.

You have injured your Wagina. Try telling that to your boss.

Mar 03, 2008

I tell my son that part of the arm is called the "crook" of the arm or inner elbow. (Totally just read that Chiada just wrote the same!)
He believes me because I am mommy and all knowing (at least for now!)...

Southern Writer
Mar 03, 2008

Sounds like you've injured a tendon. If it doesn't feel better by now, definitely see a doctor. X-rays don't work for tendons; you may need an MRI. You may need surgery, depending on the severity of the injury. I hope not, and that you're feeling better.

Mar 03, 2008

I've got you beat.... I've sprained a TOOTH before. Yeah.

Mar 03, 2008

Seeing as this is your first time back in the gym in a long time, you're most likely strained something, but nothing to worry about unless:

a) it gets so painful you cannot move it
b) you experience sharp, shooting pains

For the sound of it, it sounds like it's a dull ache and probably comes from just getting your muscles back in the game. A commenter above it right, your biceps do connect actually into the top of your forearm somewhat. Be careful to control the extension on the move (aka: lowering the weight). If the weight is too heavy for you or your become fatigued and cannot maintain good form, it is common for people to not control the extension and you could hyper extend at the elbow and cause a strain.

I would say you can continue to do curls but be mindful of how that area is feeling. Tired and a little sore is okay and expected, sharp/shooting pains and an inability to move is not!

Nothing But Bonfires
Mar 04, 2008

Thanks for all the advice, guys. The pain has totally gone!

Mar 04, 2008

I call that part of the arm, "The Fold."

Glad it's feeling better!

Mar 05, 2008

My boyfriend calls it a wenus. Rhymes with the male anatomy. I call it an inbow because it's not exactly a pit in the way the knee pit is a pit, and it's on the inside of the arm. That makes the most sense to me. A whole lot more sense than wenus makes.