Because These Timelines Are Getting Kind Of Heavy

Do you know what I have been enjoying lately? I have been enjoying Freaks and Geeks. Oh my sweet baby Jesus, that show is good. And funny! Never mind that it totally ripped off the greatest show ever, My So Called Life---seriously, I am calling for a Jordan Catalano vs. Daniel Desario SMACKDOWN, and we all know who would win*---because, you know, it's so good that I can get past that. You should watch it! It has the most random people in it, people like Jason Schwartzman and Seth Rogen and Linda Cardellini, who then went on to play the nurse Sam in ER, which I don't actually expect you to know because I feel very strongly that Sean and I are probably the only two people left in the world actually watching ER. Every time I mention ER, someone says "wait, that's still on?" Yes, it's still on! They're only going to cancel it once every possible love triangle has been exhausted, and Internet, we are a long way from that.

*Catalano would win, duh.

Some other things I am enjoying include finally going back to the gym again after a, um, two-month hiatus, and really, there is no excuse for that since it is IN THE LOBBY OF MY OFFICE BUILDING. I walk past it every day! No, twice a day! No, four times a day because I walk past it every day on my way out to lunch as well, and wow, that is a lot of selective blocking out I am doing right there; I'm surprised I'm not crashing into things with these blinders I have on.

I should note, however, that I have actually only been back once since the two-month hiatus, because I keep doing this weird thing where I accidentally forget an imperative part of my gym kit. A few days ago, for instance, I forgot pants. Today I remembered pants---in fact, for some reason I brought two pairs of workout pants! Way to be enthusiastic!---but I forgot to bring a shirt. I swear I'm not doing it on purpose as some sort of psychological bid to get out of going to the gym, but really, you can't exercise with a vital part of your clothing missing, can you? I mean, there are laws against that sort of thing. Back me up here! It's not like I forgot my socks.

I bet I'm not the only one who would justify skipping the gym if I'd forgotten socks. Today I left the gym early because it was so busy, that there were only 3 free elypticals! It was getting too hard to breath in there!!!! So forgetting a thats totally forgivable!!!!!

Feb 27, 2008

oh my gosh yes... I loved Freaks and Geeks and also would drool over Jordan Catalano in 'My So called life" - lots of similarities between the shows that I never realised until now! As for Linda Cardellini - She looked so familair to me when she was first on ER but it took almost half a season for me to work out how I recognised her. Maybe it was because she wasn't wearing her army greem jacket?

House of Jules
Feb 27, 2008

If you love Freaks & Geeks (and My So-Called Life! Jordan Catalano=SWOON!), you'll probably like Undeclared, a series that was taken off the air way too soon, and stars lots of people who are in plenty of tv shows and movies now. You should check it out. Paul Feig's (the creator of Freaks & Geeks) books are hilarious, too.
House of Jules

Feb 27, 2008

I've never seen Freaks & Geeks but no, you're not the only one who still watches ER. I still LOVE that show, and I love Linda Cardellini. And I love Abby Lockhart more. And I hope they never cancel it, and that maybe they might bring back Noah Wyle.

Now forgetting your shirt? Or your pants? For the gym? I can understand skipping the gym if you forgot such an item. But, um, your apartment is right upstairs, right? Not to state the obvious, but... uhhh... you could just run upstairs. :)

aBd libbing
Feb 27, 2008

In college there were girls who'd work out at the gym in outfits that looked as though they were missing a vital part, like shirts. (Oh, and they'd be in full make-up, with their hair done. Yeah, I'm using the term "work out" loosely...) Anyway, just saying, you might have gotten away with it.

Feb 27, 2008

I still watch ER! And sadly, I've never watched My So Called Life, but not for lack of trying to get my hands on it. I've even tried finding places where I an watch it online, but for some reason can't find full episodes. The tragedy...

jive turkey
Feb 27, 2008

Freaks & Geeks is awesome. We have the first (and only) season on DVD, and we watch the whole thing at least once a year when we're snowed in.

Feb 27, 2008

pssh! i can beat that. try not going to the gym for four months because you can't be arsed to go in and talk to the lobotomy-inducing guy at the desk? hells ya. and it's RIGHT THERE IN MY OFFICE...FOR FREE...granted, it's about the size of the Shoe (as in, "The Old Woman That Lived In" fame)but free be free.

i keep saying the pilates line to myself i.e. i can do pilates on the floor of my flat for free! who needs you, gym? but who am i lying to? you guessed it - MYSELF. GO LYING!

Feb 27, 2008

so weird, i've been watching Freaks and Geeks on DVD lately too. The strike got me out of the habit of watching TV with commercials in it. TV on DVD is the best!

Feb 27, 2008

Wait... you live in San Francisco. Aren't the gyms there clothing optional or something? It's a throwback to the heydays of Haight-Ashbury and free love, I believe.

Nothing But Bonfires
Feb 27, 2008

Laura, my apartment isn't upstairs. My OFFICE is upstairs, but I don't have any spare shirts or pants there!

Feb 27, 2008

Hee! Sheila, not even in Cali is clothing optional at gyms, although people tend to run around with not much on at the beaches. I do understand that in certain areas of North Hollywood, a jockstrap and a sailor hat is considered an acceptable going-out ensemble.

Although I believe Holly would make many new friends if she worked out either without pants or without a top. Holly, if it's any consolation, Ben also has a gym in his office building (and one of his benefits is free membership in it) and never goes. Our excuse is "the kids -- no time to work out!"

lauren townsend
Feb 27, 2008

correction, you, sean and i are the only 3 people to still watch ER!!! lol, i LOVE that show and foolishly hope it helps me get into nursing school in the future... :)

Feb 27, 2008

Heads up. There is a new show called Quarterlife on NBC that was advertised as "from the people that brought you My So-Called Life and Freaks and Geeks". That may be true, but don't be fooled. The show is nowhere near on par with those two gems (we're talking triple bogey, at least). I only made it through 25 minutes of the premiere last night. Execs: "Let's make a show about 20-somethings that blog! And it should be completely un-ironic and humorless and full of cliches! That'll get the kids watching!"

If it makes you feel better, I haven't been to the gym in a week because my shoes smell really bad.

Feb 27, 2008

I would walk all the way to yoga and realize that I'd forgotten my wallet. Or was still wearing my glasses. (God knows you can't do yoga wearing GLASSES.) Suffice it to say, I haven't actually attended a yoga class in months.

Congratulations for getting back on the proverbial horse. And while wearing pants, no less.

Feb 27, 2008

Well I watch ER too, so now there are four of us.
Let me also say that I think I have you beat on the walking by the gym thing.
My husband bought me a bike trainer for Christmas (per my request, he wasn't "saying" anything.) It is sitting in our bedroom, bike set up in front of the television, next to the window overlooking the neighborhood. It has been set up since the second week of January. Ask me how many times I have been on the bike. Go ahead, ask.
That's correct. I have been on it ONE time.
And I sleep in the same room with the thing, and have to pass it every morning on my way to the bathroom. When I arrive at the bathroom, and I see my bulbous rear end, I grouse about it’s girth and weight. And then I remember I have a bike not 20 feet away, ready to be used. And then I sigh, and think I could go read blogs instead. So I take a shower and I walk downstairs, and my bike is ignored once again.

Feb 27, 2008

I also watch ER as does one of my friends (and sometimes my husband). So, I think we might break a dozen viewers by the end of the day.

I, too, have recently started back to the gym. I went to a spinning class. My God. It was hard. I can barely move my arms to type. (Or maybe that's all the Miss Vickie's chips I ate to replace the salt I lost.) Anyway, I've often forgotten crucial gym apparel--like my shoes--and had to go home. This has occurred even when I'm keen to go.

Feb 27, 2008

I somehow missed the "My So-Called Life" and "Freaks and Geeks" boat, but I'm just about to start watching "My So-Called Life." Can't wait. I also admit that I still watch ER, so I guess that makes me #6 or 7? Finally, I've also forgotten parts of my gym ensemble -- once I ended up wearing work slacks (they were kind of stretchy) to the gym, and another time, I wore black dress socks with my white sneakers and shorts. I looked HOT. H-O-T.

Feb 27, 2008

I watch ER and I can't stand Sam. I used to hate Abby but now it is Sam. She should be written off like the jerk of a surgeon who lost his arm.

Feb 27, 2008

My hubby and I have watched both Freaks and Geeks and My So Called Life on DVD in the last few months.

When you've watched all the episodes of Freaks and Geeks, and you're depressed, check out Undeclared. It's the other cancelled series from Judd Apatow with Seth Rogen and many of the actors from Freaks and Geeks appear on Undeclared. Hilarious, but Freaks and Geeks is better.

jennifer in sf
Feb 27, 2008

I watched Freaks & Geeks with my roommates a couple years ago, and all the characters seriously became our other best friends. It was a little out of hand.

And hi, 3-month "hiatus" from the gym currently in progress, gym in same building, full kit in drawer as we speak. Maybe next week?

Feb 27, 2008

I still watch ER. I'm catching up on the last 5 episodes, but it's happening slowly. I wish they hadn't of written Ray off though (or Michael, Neela's hubby) but what can you do?

Camels & Chocolate
Feb 27, 2008

I LOVED Freaks and Geeks when it originally aired (haven't gone back and watched it since, but it is in my Netflix queue). Funny, how not many people had heard of it then, and now it's kind of a cultural phenomenon (perhaps with the rise of Apatow?).

You'll probably find this interesting:,,20052164,00.html

Feb 27, 2008


Entire entry written out, giving it a quick editing glance, ready to click-n-submit and...the screen refreshed itself. I felt like the stoned girl Ellen from the Apple commercial that was all the rage a few years back--"It devoured my paper"...

Where was I. Oh yes. Working out.

To counter your entry..OK, I am a light sleeper, about 5 1/2 hours a night. I am trying to get back in the swing of regular exercise, and there is a work-out room in my apartment complex. If you go down there anytime after 4:30, the treadmills are all in use.

So yesterday morning I woke up, slammed down my coffee, and made my way down to the workout room, letting myself in with my key card. There were already 7-8 people there, with one treadmill available.

Oh yeah, did I mention it was 5:15 AM?

What the hell is the matter with you people??

Feb 28, 2008

@Erika: you mean, Paul McCrane as Dr. Romano? Loved him... well, loved hating him. Mostly because I loved "Fame" and he was Montgomery.

Anywhozit, 2 more here who still watch ER. I guess I don't talk about watching it with people since it seems like no one else watches it. Maybe we're just all embarassed to be watching it.

I like Linda Cardellini the actress because F&G was just so awesome. But I hate her ER character. Serious hate.

Anyone else think Ellen Page looks like she could be Linda's baby sister?

Feb 28, 2008

Oh - and how did I forget this - but My So-Called Life was just re-released on DVD with some so-called special features. Loved that show. Remember when Jordan Catalano didn't wear guy-liner and front a mediocre band? Good times.

Nothing But Bonfires
Feb 28, 2008

Alyce, I got it the DAY IT WAS RELEASED. No joke.

Feb 28, 2008

I love even hearing the name Jordan Catalano. Dreamy.

Pantsless on the treadmill? Not dreamy, sorry. :)

Feb 28, 2008

No. I still watch ER. Can we discuss because I have NO ONE to talk about it with. And I think it has gotten so good the last few years!

I like to pretend that I forget my gym bag and that's why I don't go. But really, it's because I'm a lazy whore.

Good Girl Lit
Feb 28, 2008

Ha! This is why I don't even pretend to go to the gym. I love it when people say, Oh! You're getting married? Are you on some kind of crazy diet?

Also, Freeks and Geeks is the best show ever. And I can say that as the person who BEGGED you to watch it for almost a year.

Millie is easily the best Christian character every on television.

Feb 28, 2008

Ohhh, Freaks & Geeks. I love it. I also started watching My So-Called Life online. I was a little too young for it on TV but I love it so these days.
And Linda Cardellini was also in Brokeback Mountain, she plays the waitress Heath Ledger's character starts dating after his divorce. Siigh.

Feb 28, 2008

And uh, I think Daniel might win. He's much tougher.

Feb 29, 2008

ER is one of my favorite, favorite shows. I will watch it until the bitter end; I don't care how terrible everyone else thinks it's become. It's mine and I will revel in it.

The Over-Thinker
Feb 29, 2008

Best episode of Freaks and Geeks is where Sam wears the Parisian Night Suit.

My problem is not that I forget something and can't work out, it's that I REMEMBER, I hate exercising and I love donuts.

Feb 29, 2008

mmmmmmmm Jordan Catalano mmmmmmm

My mind has perfect recall for him in that show. Yummy!

Feb 29, 2008

I LOVED My So Called Life.

Loved it.

Two years ago during a period of unemployed life, I discovered a channel that ran episodes of this show at one or two in the morning. As I was also quite depressed during this period of my life, I was thrilled to bits at being able to lose myself in the show. There's so much that happened in that show that would never "work" in 2008, you know?

P.S. I love reading your blog. :o)

Mar 02, 2008

Don't worry - my parents still watch ER, too.