Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

Hey, did you know that today is the The Great Mofo Delurk? Because it is. So I thought this might be a splendid time for us to get to know each other---or rather for me to get to know you---because Internet, I love reading your comments, and I love hearing your stories, and I love discovering your blogs, and every time someone e-mails me and says "I read your blog but never comment," I think "well, how am I supposed to return the favor and get to know you then?"
Because that's all the blogging community is, isn't it, a bunch of people looking out for each other and commiserating and congratulating and finding each other and becoming friends and making their significant other roll their eyes just a little when they reveal they were up until midnight looking at pictures of so-and-so's kitchen remodel or worrying about so-and-so's son. That's how I feel, anyway. I'm so grateful to you all for reading, and for letting me get a peek into your lives as well with the stories and anecdotes you leave in the comments section like little wrapped-up gifts.
So I'm going to ask a question---a really, really easy question---and in the spirit of The Great Mofo Delurk, I'd be overjoyed if you'd answer that question. If you want to leave me a URL so I can check out your blog as well, that would be great. If not, no worries, I'm just happy to know you're there. (Come to think of it, where are you? Maybe you could tell me that too. It would probably make my day if you were in, like, Uruguay or something. Or New Hampshire. I've never met anyone from New Hampshire, although I've always been a little bit thrilled that the state motto is "live free or die." It's just so...absolute, isn't it? Live free! Or die! No room for maneuver or compromise with those New Hampshire-ites, apparently. Which is something to admire, I suppose.)
So here's the question: what did you have for dinner last night? Bonus points if it involved ice cream. For both courses.
I'll go first: we had Trader Joe's organic wholewheat pasta (that's the San Francisco in us coming out) with Trader Joe's pesto. And a diet coke. And maybe three caramel chocolates (each) from a large bag that my mother brought me from Marks & Spencers in Singapore. Maybe. Although if I'd known I was going to be asking this question, I would have made sure we had something far more fancy. Or at least that I was a better liar.
But what did you have for dinner last night, lurkers and delurkers? Answer me that.
(Also, while I'm asking, if anyone knows how to get tea out of a seagrass rug, I might quite like that information too. You know, just in case. Like, for the future. If perhaps I one day happen to spill a cup of tea on a seagrass rug, say. Waaaay in the future, I mean. Like maybe yesterday afternoon.)

Oct 04, 2007

Organic kamut pasta with fresh tomato sauce (straight from the garden). Homemade apple pie (apples picked from the apple tree in the backyard) with organic vanilla soy ice cream. Ye-um!

Oct 04, 2007

P.S. I live in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Oct 04, 2007

Regular lurker, I occassionaly comment. And I hail from Birmingham, AL, but I currently live in Atlanta, GA (I'm here for university).

Last night I made Trader Joe's stuffed ravioili (how do you spell this? I can never remember) with Trader Joe's tomato basil sauce. Atlanta somewhat recently got a Trader Joe's in Midtown so I shop there or at our local Dekalb Farmer's Market (AMAZING!) as often as I can.

There was no ice cream involved, but there was a parve, dairy-free Tofutti Cutie ice cream sandwich involved... that counts, right?

Oct 04, 2007

Oh, and I have to ask--living in San Francisco, don't you miss the South? I love traveling just as much as you and I really want to live abroad when I'm done with school, but there's something about the people and the places down here that I can't quite let go of. And speaking of travel, I have another quote for you to add to your travel collection:

"Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers that the mind can never break off from the journey." - Pat Conroy, Prince of Tides


Oct 04, 2007

Very occasional commenter, mostly a lurker. I haven't read the 362 comments before me so I may repeat something someone has already said. If so, I'm sorry that someone else had a bowl of Cinnamon Life cereal for dinner last night.

But I do notice the commenter right before me, Emily, lives in Atlanta. I am a native of Atlanta (there are few of us left here) and I also love Dekalb Farmer's Market! I just went a couple of weeks ago.

Oct 04, 2007

I'm the 365th commenter, and its kind of intimidating.
For one, I don't think that many people ever, ever have looked at my blog. In one week. But, in honor of the fact that there are that many days in a year, I do feel special.
I'm from Delaware. Born and raised, never lived anywhere else. Boring, right?
For dinner last night I went to Buffalo Wild wings with a friend of mine and had 16 boneless, mild wings. Oh! and a lemonade. As a side note, it was possibly the worst service I've ever had there, but it wasn't the four seasons you know?
Anyway, I would feel quite unworthy of a visit to my blog from you as you are in fact a blogging celebrity. Like Britney Spears is for un-bloggers. Bad example as you are much more "together" than she is. Anyway, enough rambling, I should go clean my blog up if you're planning on a visit.....

Oct 04, 2007

Dinner last night was problematical, I had a root canal in the afternoon and the novacaine wore off and it hurt like hell. So, first I had a couple of shots of tequila at the local beach bar... that led to a couple more and then I think there were some fish tacos involved. Sorry, no ice cream.

I'm in a small town called Akumal on the Caribbean coast of they Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. I've been reading your blog since you were getting ready to go to Singapore and I'm hooked. Before you moved to SF we had little in common, I'm 61 and retired and gay and have been living in my RV with my partner since I retired. We travel a lot in Mexico and Central America and spend a couple months a year in our condo here in Akumal. This summer we also bought a house in Merida, Yucatan and we are starting the renovation on it soon. It's very old, very colonial and I'm excited.

Oh, SF. I spent more than 30 years there and retired from a job with the city. I'm happy that you are loving my City and that you have fit in so well. I admit that the last half of my career I lived out in Marin, I got sick of never having a summer.

Now, I have summer all year long and if I don't like the weather we start the engine and move on. I will miss being so mobile once we actually get the house fixed and move into it. I'm not selling the RV though, so if the urge to move hits we can still take off.

I have a blog (above) although I'm not as regular as you are in updating it. I think you work in the travel biz, if you need any info on this area (Riviera Maya) I'm happy to help. You are a great writer and Sean a great photographer, I see coffee table books in your future. I'd buy it.

Oct 04, 2007

Oh! And I'm totally from New Hampshire. We love "Live Free or Die": it's right on my license plate. We're serious about living free. Or... you know. Dying.

Ostrich feather
Oct 04, 2007

366th comment and still going?

(Ya'know, there are probably WAAAY more people reading than are actually even commenting today. So, multiply comments by seventyseven and you'll know your readers.)

Dinner tonight: Pasta with salmon sauce. Wine.

Writing from Vienna. This city's motto is: Vienna Is Different.

I find that self proclamation quite charming -if not hilarious.


(I've started blogging as well, but y'know ... it's in German ...)

Oct 04, 2007

If I had replied to this yesterday, when you posted, then my answer would be tuna fish with capers and spinach leaves mixed in stuffed in a multi grain pita pocket. Wrapped in foil. In the car. On the way to somewhere else. And two of those Riesen chocolates with the gooey center.

I took my lurker status to an even CREEPIER level when I saw you and the boy in the BART station in Berkeley after the Wilco concert a few weeks back. I thought about saying hello but it felt wrong. And weird. And lurky. But you guys looked pretty adorable!

Nothing But Bonfires
Oct 04, 2007

Oh my gosh, Sarah, you should have said hello! Or at least let me know we knew each other so I could have stopped doing whatever embarrassing thing I was probably doing.

Oct 04, 2007

Last nigth I had a delicious grilled cheese sammy and a bowl of organic tomato soup with ritz crackers a a pickle that my wonderful bf prepared for me. Oh and some Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice cream for dessert :) It was the perfect meal for a rainy Seattle night!

Oct 04, 2007

First I just want to say I think you're hilarious. I read often from Kona, Hawaii.

Last night we went to Splasher's Grill on Ali'i Drive and I had the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with fries. And approximately 9 Bacardi & Diet Cokes.

Oct 04, 2007

Holly, you should post how many people visited your site today! lol.

Oct 04, 2007

Last night for dinner... I had... uh... actually, I don't think I had dinner last night. But, my dad made me a cheeseburger with mayo and ketchup (ketchup side touching the cheese because that's the way it should always be) the night before.

Oh, and I've been reading your blog since you guest-posted over at Joy Unexpected.


Hello, sorry I didn't de-lurk for this sooner.

I was caring for elderly MIL here yesterday. I made meatloaf (w/ ground turkey), whipped mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus for her, Pet-man and daughter.

Pet-man didn't finish, so he didn't get any dessert.

Vanilla for everyone else, though. With fresh strawberries.

Oct 04, 2007

well, since it's after midnight here in northern ireland, technically i had home-made chicken fried rice for dinner yesterday. but since i haven't been to bed yet, i'll count yesterday's dinner as spicy pork ramen from my friendly local japanese restaurant.

no ice cream, sadly, but i did have half a bag of revels (and chocolate is almost as good).

Oct 05, 2007

I'm a high school teacher (first year...) originally from Chicago but now in Indiana, as my boyfriend is finishing his dissertation at Purdue. First year teacher, last year doctoral student. It's fun around here.

Last night I made Rachal Ray's "Creamy Spaghetti and Beans" with lots of white wine and no pancetta. I had intentions on a salad, but there was something about a big bowl of sedating pasta all on its own that was almost a novelty. French vanilla ice cream with salted peanuts and caramel sauce. I do not eat like that every day. I swear to god.

I found your blog via some wiley Bachelor link last year...your writing (and clothes) are beautiful!

Oct 05, 2007

Oh, goodness. 376 comments--I almost feel sorry for adding to the delurking! But I've been addicted to NBB for some time now (really, it's one of the main reasons I can survive a rough week) and I simply can't pass up the opportunity.

Anyhizzle. Um, last night I had some "Chinese" "food", this sketchy vegan-pasta thing (note: normally I am all about the vegan dishes, it's just that this dish was...well, it was wet, which, ew), and two--not that I needed more than one, oh no--nameless dessert bar thingies. Oh, and yogurt. Good lord, get me out of college. I need real food, stat.

I've included the link to my foundling blog--I'm mainly going to be using it as a sort of travelogue when I go to London (!) next semester, so it's not much at the moment. But how I love the Wordpress templates. They're so pretty.

Oct 05, 2007

I'm so late! But here is my delurk!

I had pasta with pesto (my husband made it - I never cook. Not ever). And for dessert I had chocolate and red wine. My blog is actually shared with two of my sisters (well, we aren't actually sisters, but our pseudonyms are) and we are writers hiding from our author blogs. We generally write about writing and the perils and frustrations and joys of trying to finish our books with little ones throwing cheerios at our heads (although one sister, Anais, has no chilluns. Not yet anyways). I've been reading you from here in Chicago for several months and I love, love, love your blog. Now I'm off to see if there is any more wine left.

Oct 05, 2007

You have nearly 400 comments so if you don't get around to reading mine I'll understand, especially since I had the most boring dinner last night!! :)

2 slices of toast - one with honey, one with vegemite (kinda gives away where I live!!) and a mug of hot chocolate.

Its been one of those weeks which won't be over until late on Sunday night and boy will I ever be thankful when it is!!

Oh and in case you didn't figure it out, I'm in Melbourne Australia.

Oct 05, 2007

Wow, 379 comments! I'm glad that I am not the only lurker around here. :)

I had a friend in town last night and we went out to a new restaurant in the neighborhood (West Village in NYC). We shared a fig, proscuitto and ricotta salad. I had lamb chops with tomato orzo with green beans. And we finished dinner with plum crumble and *drumroll* ice-cream! Very good food, but waaaaay too much.

Oct 05, 2007

I actually had the most horrible dinner I've had all year last night. Horrible in that it was pretty much non-existant and also a very bad decision. Here's the menu: 4 pints of beer and the crumbs from the bottom of a chex mix bag. I usually eat healthy, great dinner (really!), but a hectic two weeks of in-laws, new crazy job, husband being away and other random events prompted the liquid dinner. Ugh.

Oct 05, 2007

I meant "dinners". I blame the hangover.

Oct 05, 2007

Oh man, now I see that correction could be in 3 places. You know what I mean anyway. Sorry for all this random commenting!

Oct 05, 2007

Oh goodness! Everyone delurked! How silly! I have a cooking blog & so of course, last night we had the most boring dinner ever. EVER. Grilled chicken (lemon-pepper marinated though!) with roasted string beans & rice. There was no ice cream for dessert. There was however, strawberry milk & Oreos. YUM!

And I'm in Connecticut - New Haven area specifically. :)

Oct 05, 2007

Better late than never they say. Sour cream and green onion potato chips, one peanut butter cup & some green tea! I hope my health-nut husband doesn't see this post. :-) I live in Ben Lomond, California, a beautiful little community in the Santa Cruz mountains. I'm not sure how to get tea out of a sea grass rug. Maybe you could flip it over? ;-)

Enjoy your posts very much! Stop on by and say hello sometime.


Oct 05, 2007

Oh, dear, I'm late to the party. Last night for dinner I had a six-inch chicken club sub (with sprouts, for optimal health value) from Planet Sub ( and also some black pepper & lime chips (which I regretted as soon as I took the first bite--I should have gone with my usual favorite, sea salt & malt vinegar).

Oct 05, 2007

I've commented a few times...but I'm not very good. I also have a blog, but rarely find the time to update. Being a monkey/slave/graduate student will do that to you. Plus, when I log on, I end up becoming distracted by great blogs like yours!

Anyway, I actually had whole wheat pasta and pesto - not even kidding! Except that we ate that two nights ago...last night was tomato soup and grilled sandwiches, with a side of ER reruns. :)

Oh, and I'm currently calling Arizona home.

Oct 05, 2007

I comment occasionally, but I love your blog. is my blog. I'd be honored for you to check it out. I hope you enjoy it.

My dinner last night consisted of frozen pizza and chardonnay, but it was at a play reading, to which I regularly bring my accordion or cello and provide improvised incidental music. The host provides dinner for all of us, but the food is pretty much an afterthought to the Task At Hand.

Oct 05, 2007

I rarely comment, but I love your site (especially with more Bachelor Holly, more!)

Pregnancy and the inconvenience of having all your internal organs squished by the willowy thighbones of your baby mean that I can no longer eat a meal at a sitting. So dinner = the couple of hours of consuming food products in the evening time at evenly spaced intervals= 1000 snacks.

Yesterday I was too tired and my partner in crime too lazy to cook, so we shared an M&S chorizo sausage slathered in sweet chilli sauce and then a slice of chocolate cake. Normally I quite like to include vegetables with my meals, but not apparently when the alternative to lying on the sofa watching telly is to gasp! wash and you know, chop lettuce. It's a wonder I don't buckle with the strain.

I have two blogs- a personal one and an astrology one (where the standard of spelling is generally higher).

Oct 05, 2007

Sorry I'm so late! I didn't know what delurking meant...

Last night I had a plate of Ritz crackers with Kerry gold cheddar and a Coke Zero. What can I say? My Mom's visit ended and I was bummed out.

Grew up in Loma Rica, CA; then moved to Portland, OR when I went to college. That's my home in the US now - though for the past two years I've been resting my head in Germany.

After thinking about it for over a year, I finally started a blog in July: And I already have writers block. Awesome!

Oct 05, 2007

Hi Holly! I think I might have commented before but I'll officially delurk anyway: spiral pasta with mushrooms, arugula, tomato and other yummy things, made by my uncle. I am visiting Chicago and staying with my aunt and uncle, but I live in Brussels. It's ironic that I have to come to Chicago, the Windy City, to find good weather, but that's a good example of how living in Brussels causes twistedness in the weather department. Here's my blog entry about being in Chicago.

Oct 05, 2007

I made chicken cutlets and orzo and green beans, which my three-year-old (who, and I'm not kidding, will eat ANYTHING) asked if she could spit out. And later my husband came home, took one look at the plate I had so lovingly prepared and preserved for him, and asked if we had any peanut butter. These are the moments that make it all worthwhile. :-)

Oh, and I'm in South Carolina.

Mrs. Who
Oct 05, 2007

Hi, again. I don't know if you are reading AlL these comments, but if you are, I have to apologize for taking the title of your blog post for my own. It was an accident, I swear. I had it titled just The Great Mofo Delurk and then when I was lying in bed last night, I thought Hey, what about Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are! Like hide and seek! What a great title. I am a frackin' genius. And then I checked your blog today. And realized that your title had insinuated itself into my subconscious when I read it the other day. Sorry!!

Oct 05, 2007

I'm late, but I'll tell you what I had for dinner anyway. I had the yummiest Mango Panang Curry at Ploy II on Haight. SO good! Yes, I'm in San Francisco for the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival this weekend (my husband and his dad are musicians).

But I'm really from Austin, Texas.

Oct 05, 2007

i'm delurking, also late, but ne'ermind.

last night i cooked toad in the hole & apple flan, as a welcome-home-from-france dinner for my little brother. actually, i tell a lie. that was the night before, & last night i ate a ridiculous amount of cheese & crackers in front of the tv till i felt sick & went to bed.

ps i also did ucl english! (ahem. i was bored at work one day & read your resume...)

Oct 05, 2007

Hiyaa, can I delurk long enough to say I love your blog, without sounding all clichéd and stalkerlike?
In sunny St Paul last night we had chorizo-tomato stew on garlic croutons, from Rachael Ray's 365 Recipes: No Repeats. We're working our way through the book (up to day 278) so we have something new for dinner every single night. Except tonight we're having stew again, except with a poached egg on top, urgh. The stew was actually a rare very good meal (5 stars at but we have had some humdingers. I followed it up with copious amounts of ice cream (I am 9 months pregnant too).
Originally I am from Just outside of Newcastle, UK, but been livin the dream over here for the last 6 years.

Oct 05, 2007

I delurked once enough to email you about how you got into writing for a living, so many months ago. I can't remember if I've ever commented here.

Anyway, last night's dinner? A tuna and sweetcorn sandwich, followed by Nutella crepes, here in a tiny suburb in Southern California.

Oct 05, 2007

LOVE reading you from my little corner of suburbian Indianapolis, IN. We lived in Medford, OR several years ago and visited my brother and his family in San Fran several times. Beautiful city!

Last night's dinner was a quickie as we rushed out the door to the Children's Museum. The kids enjoy "breakfast for dinner" so we had scrambled eggs, bacon and homemade rolls. Not very exciting but it did the trick on a busy night.

Thank you for sharing your gift with all us readers!

Oct 05, 2007

hello! I know I'm late, but thought I'd de-lurk to make it a nice and uneven four-hundred-and-ONE. I think I've commented once before, so I don't know if this counts as an official de-lurking, but nevertheless, here I am.

now, as for the dinner question. last night I had a margarita on the rocks with salt, some chips and queso (an Austin thing that is so much more than melted cheese) and a blackened fish sandwich. good meal for commiserating about a long work day, bad meal for the diet. alas.

also, without sounding like a total gusher, I heart your blog. mine is horrible so please don't laugh if/when you come and visit.


Oct 05, 2007

Yeah, yeah. I know. Two days late and short... well sue me. Does having a 5-week old baby count as an excuse? Either way, I hang 'round your parts often enough.

From: Chicagoland area (Illinois)
Eats from last night: technically last night I had a bowl of Corn Flakes. Seriously. The kiddo had chicken nuggets and french fries (the kind you make in an oven). And the husband worked later than necessary. But on the official de-lurk day, well, that night I had spaghetti. with homeade sauce. I decided it was time I did some real cooking in this joint. Even with a 5-week old.

Oct 05, 2007

Hey, some of us catch up when we can.

I'm in central Massachusetts, although when I found your blog I lived in Philadelphia. And last night I did have ice cream for dinner. I took out a friend who had had a bad day and my dinner was an open-faced turkey sandwich with stuffing and gravy and coleslaw on the side. For dessert I had apple crisp with vanilla ice cream and a whole lot of whipped cream. I had a margarita for an appetizer.

Love your blog!

Oct 05, 2007

Wickedly late, I know, but I've only just discovered you. Hi, you!

But Holy Bejeebus! Do you get some comments!

Last night I made vegetable soup from (as close as I get to) scratch and had apple-cider cookies purchased from the local Dunkards for dessert.


Emily M
Oct 05, 2007

Just found your blog, but thought I would de-lurk anyway. Very funny so far!

Is it bad that I don't even remember what I had for dinner last night? I think pizza and broccoli (interesting combination, I know), but I'm not 100% positive.

I don't blog regularly. But I'm just reading from Michigan.

Oct 05, 2007

I had pretzels, yogurt, and grapes. I usually eat big lunches and not much dinner.

Oct 05, 2007

Oh, and my blog is and is mostly photos of New York City and travel stuff.

I started a blog mainly because I read yours and was jealous of your Asia trip.

Oct 06, 2007

Well I'm a day late and a dollar short (and feeling lazy hence the use of cliche), but I comment occasionally and read religiously (hmm that sounds kind of stalkerish doesn't it? Ok. Sometimes I don't read every day. I fall asleep on the couch watching Mythbusters instead). But, you are still a fantastic writer. Anyway, last night I had chicken parmesan and spaghetti with marinara sauce. And a large iced tea. No ice cream, but when we moved to Kentucky a couple of months ago I ate a whole half gallon of Bryer's Fried Ice Cream in less than a week. By myself. (I don't regret it. Nay, I congratulated myself on my own stamina.) My website,, is almost brand new and I haven't posted in over a week as I just started a new job, but come on over if you like. I kind of feel like I'm inviting someone into my house with clothes on the floor, dishes in the sink, and cobwebs behind the tv, but I am planning another post in my head right this very second. Right after I consider going back to the store to get some more of that ice cream.

Oct 06, 2007

Well poop, I missed it. I'm a horrible lurker, but read you regularly, because I like to read stuff that's funny and well written. Here's to your rocketing popularity in the blogosphere!

Oct 06, 2007

Love your site! Happily delurking...
Although I agree with Melanie, if you stop by my site, disregard the dust bunnies behind the couch and the crumbs on the countertop :)

Oct 06, 2007

turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans

not sure if i count, since i've commented before...and i don't really lurk so much as snuggle in between you and sean and steal your tea...hee

Oct 06, 2007

Hello from Singapore! A bit late in joining the comment/delurking game, but last night: potato salad, celery, and grilled spare ribs with a marmalade marinade. And then a really good mango.

Oct 06, 2007

Am I too late? I've been a little behind on the blogs this week.

Um...I think we had leftover Thai curry. My husband deployed that day and Im trying to get my bearings cooking for 1+ a toddler again. We love the blog and hearing about your adventures.

Lisa in Japan

Oct 06, 2007

I know I'm too late but what the heck...
Crabcakes with garlic and rosemary roasted potatoes.

Oct 06, 2007

A wee bit late, I realize, but the other day I had these fabulous homemade onion rings, courtesy a friend. They were delicious. And the grilled burger I ate only was so I could justify the onion rings being a perfect side course. Oh, and a diet coke.

Kristin in Kentucky

Wacky Mommy
Oct 06, 2007

Portland, Ore., but you knew that ;) And I'm late but I do not care. We had Thai from Thai Ginger -- sticky rice with mango, phad Thai, green curry with tofu, chicken skewers... and... white rice and spring rolls. Feast!

Is Phuket Thai still in business, near you? I liked that place, when I was in S.F.

Oct 06, 2007

hi holly,
i think i've commented once before (when we were all voting on the Bachelor updates). i've been reading you for ages, maybe 2 years now. i love the funny posts, but it's writing like you did in your recent Burma post that makes me love NBB.
as for dinner, i made seared Ahi tuna salad with ginger soy sauce dressing.

lilie in florida

Oct 06, 2007

I'm late!

Oct 07, 2007

I had a big juicy burger (which I had been thinking about for several days) at the only foreigner bar in the Korean city I currently live in. I'm from Canada, but I've been traveling for most of the year and I hope I can continue to do so as long as I love it. I really enjoy reading the blog of a fellow travel junkie and especially one who does it with such style. As the Koreans say, "Nice to meet you!"

Oct 07, 2007

late, but de-lurking.......I love love LOVE your writings!

last night we had Italian wedding soup with french baguette bread and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

And again, I enjoy reading your blog from Houston, TX.

Oct 07, 2007

I've found you very recently and feel utterly ridiculous leaving comment number 422 BUT, should you ever decide to password-protect your blog I'd like for you to know I exist bcs I think it's brilliant, so here we are.


I'm from Europe's armpit, formally known as Portugal (Lisbon). I'm also a rabid Britophile, and your PROPER use of English (ahem) quite soothes my soul. It allows me to forgive you your bloody English Rose complexion (I'm blonde and blue-eyed - loads of Celt invasion up North, rapes galore - but I've inherited the Portie sallow one, bah). I think I might have had a coke for dinner and a fag or three but I'm such a rotten cook it's often preferable to actually eating. I can cook some truly fab gizzards but how often can you eat gizzards, really? Sulphur and damnation. I also believe that people who nonchalantly talk abt "crabcakes with garlic and rosemary roasted potatoes" should practice some compassion towards lower life forms, surely that isn't right.

Oct 07, 2007

Since I just went five days without internet access, I feel perfectly justified in posting this WAY late, and telling you that last night for dinner I had rice and black beans, but not nearly as much as I wanted, because my best friend sometimes forgets that not everyone in the world can just eat black beans that were simmered for four hours with an entire can of chipotle peppers.

For dessert i had an awful lot of water.

Oct 08, 2007

i feel like i've arrived at a party after the guests have gone and the hosts are cleaning up. do i ring the bell? do i sneak off the front stoop back to the car?

had sushi last night. it was lovely.

love, love, love your site. usually visit daily. but no pressure.

Oct 08, 2007

Hi Holly,
A bit late to the delurking party but wanted to say I love your blog! I had chicken in black pepper sauce for dinner last night :)
I'm from Limerick in Ireland :)

Oct 08, 2007

Hi Holly,
A bit late to the delurking party but wanted to say I love your blog! I had chicken in black pepper sauce for dinner last night :)
I'm from Limerick in Ireland :)

Oct 08, 2007

V occ commenter here. Love your blog!.... I had pasta bolognaise with broccoli and garlic bread followed by raspberries.

Oct 08, 2007

Hi from Virginia! I had cheddar and broccoli strudel packet things and ben and jerry's organic cookies and cream. mmm.

Oct 08, 2007

Ok, also very late with the delurking, but I was out in the great Pacific Northwest on vacation for the last two weeks and I'm just starting to catch up on all the blogs where I regularly lurk. :-)

I had dinner on the plane home to Baltimore last night - a corned beef and swiss sandwich, a honeycrisp apple, and a bottle of water with an airborne tablet plopped in it. Also, had a Pumpkin Ale at 1am after I finally got through the door (yes, on a Sunday night when I had to work today, but eh, I was still on west coast time).

Love your site! Found it relatively recently, but it didn't take long for me to become a regular reader. Thanks for giving me a reason to delurk.

Oct 08, 2007

oh man--i just wrote you the nicest long delurk and then the screen reloaded right before I sent it. ugh. last night for dinner: on way home to Oxford, MS from Vermont, where my husband and I were visiting my sister, whom you remind me of. We had sandwiches from a french pantry in VT bought earlier in the day (Vt cheddar, ham, and butter baguette), then fried mushrms with sam adams octoberfest, which i highly recommend. and the last bit of maple fudge. yum.

Oct 09, 2007

not a lurker--not yet, anyway.

hmm. last night? working, but managed to get in some caesar salad and some warm rolls.

coulda used a beer to go with, though. a cold Gordon Biersch Marzen would have done the trick nicely.

Oct 09, 2007

I have commented before but since later entries say that you will go read people's blogs and comment on them, I could not resist the opportunity to attempt to lure you to my lair. Although you may be, what, giving up sleep for the next 7-10 days in order to accomplish this Herculean task?!
Love your blog.

Oct 09, 2007

I am so late to this party.

from Columbus Ohio (sung to the Clash tune):

C'lumbus calling to the faraway towns
Now that war is declared-and battle come down
C'lumbus calling to the underworld
Come out of the cupboard, all you boys and girls

Umm, I grilled some chicken with honey-french dressing, which was damn tasty, mashed potatoes, and stir fry broccoli and carrots.

I am sans blog.

Oct 09, 2007

hello there! i am from los angeles and i am late but here i go:
mee goreng with chicken and rojak salad from banana leaf restaurant. few glasses of val dieu grand cru and british frites at a pub. yeah, no cooking at home yesterday. :/

Oct 09, 2007

better late than never?

last night was mac'n'cheese... and a frozen pot pie... and a "no-carb" fudge-cicle... i'm a bachelor, what do you want from me?

and, anybody at all is welcome to lurk or de-lurk over at my blog, too!


Oct 09, 2007

Ok, so now I feel really creepy! I saw you at Whole Foods yesterday heaping salad into a plastic box. I didn't say hi because I was wearing hideous walking-to-work shoes!

Oct 09, 2007

am late in the game but just wanted to say i love your blog!
i had fried rice and kimchee for dinner. great for when you're eating alone. wouldn't recommend it on a date :)

Oct 10, 2007

I have been late all my life, so why stop now. I'm from Chicago, where I had pizza (thin crust, unfortunately, rather than Chicago deep dish style!). Your writing makes me happy!

Oct 11, 2007

Hooooooooly crap, this is alot of comments. But I'm still tagging along because my feed reader apparently dislikes you and decided to pretend you have not been updating for the past two weeks. Evil.

Happy (belated) delurking Day, and thankyou for writing and keeping me amused. ;)

Pssst; As an Aussie, I'm proud that I know every single one of the ingredients in your chocolate cake. I adore Smarties!

Oct 11, 2007

Hi Holly,

I'm from New Zealand, I eat really boring dinners because I'm lazy. I love your blog! You're writing style is so personable! I haven't read for awhile though, so I'm catching up and figured, I should delurk too.

Oct 11, 2007

Also, I'm sleepy and my spelling has gone to the dogs, it's been a really bad typo day today!