Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

Hey, did you know that today is the The Great Mofo Delurk? Because it is. So I thought this might be a splendid time for us to get to know each other---or rather for me to get to know you---because Internet, I love reading your comments, and I love hearing your stories, and I love discovering your blogs, and every time someone e-mails me and says "I read your blog but never comment," I think "well, how am I supposed to return the favor and get to know you then?"
Because that's all the blogging community is, isn't it, a bunch of people looking out for each other and commiserating and congratulating and finding each other and becoming friends and making their significant other roll their eyes just a little when they reveal they were up until midnight looking at pictures of so-and-so's kitchen remodel or worrying about so-and-so's son. That's how I feel, anyway. I'm so grateful to you all for reading, and for letting me get a peek into your lives as well with the stories and anecdotes you leave in the comments section like little wrapped-up gifts.
So I'm going to ask a question---a really, really easy question---and in the spirit of The Great Mofo Delurk, I'd be overjoyed if you'd answer that question. If you want to leave me a URL so I can check out your blog as well, that would be great. If not, no worries, I'm just happy to know you're there. (Come to think of it, where are you? Maybe you could tell me that too. It would probably make my day if you were in, like, Uruguay or something. Or New Hampshire. I've never met anyone from New Hampshire, although I've always been a little bit thrilled that the state motto is "live free or die." It's just so...absolute, isn't it? Live free! Or die! No room for maneuver or compromise with those New Hampshire-ites, apparently. Which is something to admire, I suppose.)
So here's the question: what did you have for dinner last night? Bonus points if it involved ice cream. For both courses.
I'll go first: we had Trader Joe's organic wholewheat pasta (that's the San Francisco in us coming out) with Trader Joe's pesto. And a diet coke. And maybe three caramel chocolates (each) from a large bag that my mother brought me from Marks & Spencers in Singapore. Maybe. Although if I'd known I was going to be asking this question, I would have made sure we had something far more fancy. Or at least that I was a better liar.
But what did you have for dinner last night, lurkers and delurkers? Answer me that.
(Also, while I'm asking, if anyone knows how to get tea out of a seagrass rug, I might quite like that information too. You know, just in case. Like, for the future. If perhaps I one day happen to spill a cup of tea on a seagrass rug, say. Waaaay in the future, I mean. Like maybe yesterday afternoon.)

Oct 03, 2007

Don't know how long I've been reading, but I enjoy sharing your adventures and don't usually comment, even when I want to, because I don't think my firewall at work will allow it. But hey, at least I've tried. Hopefully my home computer will let me through.

Also, I don't watch the Bachelor (really, I have a hard enough time getting my secret fill of ANTM), but I rather enjoy the Secret Bachelor Tuesdays. Just thought I'd share.

Oct 03, 2007

I second Anne that commenting is terrifying, but I am because you asked. Last night we went out for Chinese food - I had wanton soup and chicken with mixed veggies.

I live in Colorado

Oct 03, 2007

I feel so left out of this damn Trader Joe's crowd. It maddens me!

I had spaghetti with turkey meatballs. And sprinkles with sorbet. Yes, sprinkles with sorbet. Because sorbet? Is just an excuse to eat sprinkles.

Oct 03, 2007

182 comments?!!! And Whoorl, who I found through you is over 200 already. Damn, this internet is BIG!

Let's see...last night we had "Sticky Chicken" (recipe from Cooking with the Single Guy blog) which was really good, and green salad with chopped apples, and avocado, and cranberries, and nuts, and mandarin oranges and homemade dressing. Sadly, no ice cream, but I did polish off an entire pint of Haagen Dazs Rum Raisin all by myself this afternoon, does that count?

Oh, and I'm just down in Cupertino :-)

As for your rug, I'd maybe take it outside (but not where all the winos and crack people are in your neighborhood -- do you have a balcony in back, or...?) and flush it generously with warm water, then lie flat to dry. Failing that, depending on how big it is, could you do it in the shower? Drape it over your car and hose them both at the same time? Stand guard while it dries and you read a good book on a sunny day this weekend?? As a final option, my vote would be that you learn to appreciate the "patina" that will develop with age and a few more nicely assorted spills. As in "Oh, that was the red wine Leo spilled that time Susie bumped into him by accident when she was trying to dodge the escargot that got away from Sean the night I made the fabulous seven course dinner for all our friends."

Oct 03, 2007

Let's see... shrimp with a creamy butter sauce, rice, and vegetables. And prior to bed, a cup of hot chocolate.

Location: NE Ohio. Not very exciting, but beautiful in October!

Oct 03, 2007

You'll never get this far down the page, so I won't be ashamed to admit that we ate at a coffee shop. Not the fancy kind, but the late 60's-early 70's kind. Where the food is plain but tasty. I had spaghetti with meatballs and a whole wheat roll. Also, iced tea.

And currently, I'm a resident of Moscow, ID, though that will hopefully change next summer sometime, once my husband graduates. My blog is

Oct 03, 2007

Last night, I came home a running late and harried (par usual these days, work she is a beast) and Dakin had COOKED! And cooked something that involved using a MOLDING DEVICE. Wow, that sounds gross, but I just mean he used a metal thingie to create a lovely layered dish.

Bottom level: jasmine rice cooked with lemon zest and chicken broth
Middle layer: sauteed baby spinach
Top layer: sauteed jumbo scallops with a mustard sauce spooned on top.

Wine. Mint chocolate chip ice-cream.

I swooned. This from a man who regularly throws salsa on a salad pack and calls it a meal.

NYC, yo.

Oct 03, 2007

NYC. 1/4 lb of milk chocolate-covered almonds, a cup of chicken broth, and a McIntosh apple. No blog--all I do is lurk (and work, hence weird eating habits).

Oct 03, 2007


Oct 03, 2007

Delurking in NYC to say hello. You're one of my favorite bloggers. I think I feel attached to you because of your British-ness and, therefore, your British accent, which I read your posts with in my head. My mom was British, and it makes me think of her and how she would say things.

I had yummy margherita pizza last night and some Haagen-Daz (I have no idea how to spell that) light chocolate ice cream for dessert.

Oct 03, 2007

Last night we had a pizza with caramelized onions, blue cheese, and walnuts. And a little bit of Big House Red, because pizza and wine are my favorite dinner. I thought it was all quite good, although the pizza crust was one I had in the freezer from the last time I made pizza, and I find that it's very hard to work with when it's not freshly made.

Unfortunately, I am not in any exotic location--I'm down in Mountain View, so less than an hour from where you are.

Oct 03, 2007

I've been lurking for a while now but have never said hi, so hello! I'm terrible about lurking everywhere, I should probably make it a goal to leave more comments in general. Love your blog!
My dinner last night was really random. Edamame, pita chips and hummus, and stuffing. Yes, I ate a bowl of stuffing. Along with my edamame and hummus. What can I say, I really need to go grocery shopping but haven't had time to do it so I'm stuck eating whatever random leftover things are in the fridge.

Oct 03, 2007

Hello, Holly! I live in Old Town Orcutt (, which is in northern Santa Barbara County, and I am about a 30 minute drive south of Pismo Beach.

What I ate for dinner last night:

A concoction made up by Hub-E of the following: Triangular ravioli pastas stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese (from Costco), in a soup of Roasted Red Pepper Tomato (from Lassens but you could get it at TJ's), with bite-sized pieces of sauteed chicken breast mixed in, along with various spices and chopped broccoli and loads of freshly minced garlic. Kind of a leftover meal.

Here's my blog:

Oct 03, 2007

Bah. Delurking from Vermont. Out in the woods, in the middle of NOWHERE.

I love your wit, you're very, very funny.

For dinner I hat low-fat Ritz with artichoke hummus and some taboule with pitas on the side.

Does Italian Ice count as ice cream? Probably not, but I had some of that anyway.

Oct 03, 2007

I found your blog through Leah's when she blogged about Blogher. I love your writing and travel stories.

Last night I had veggie enchiladas, salad, rice and beans. No ice cream but chocolate chip banana bread and cantaloupe. Not a usual meal for me but I didn't have to cook :).

Oh, and I live in SF, too.

Heather M.
Oct 04, 2007

Commenting again because I am a dope. I hail from White Lake, Michigan. I am about 40 or so miles from Detroit, if that helps (not that it matters). Oh, and I love Trader Joes!

Oct 04, 2007

I'm on vacation with the Beautiful Bride (AKA Lisa) in Panama City Beach Florida (AKA The Redneck Rivieria) so last nights meal would be fish - specifically charbroiled snapper with olive oil/butter/scallions "toppings" with a baked potato with the insides scooped out, a little bit of butter and fresh ground pepper, a very nice Greek Salad with olive, pepper, onion, feta cheese . . . and a shared crab cake to start, iced tea with the meal and decaf with cream and sweetner.

If I had been home in Dallas it would have likely been Italian, Oriental or Mexican :)

Occasional commentor - faithful reader. You can find me at


Oct 04, 2007

delurking :) I've commented once or twice I think, but I mostly read. I'm lazy like that!

Last night for dinner I had leftover Baked Beef Ziti (a Weight Watchers recipe, I am desperately trying to lose 20+ pounds of baby weight!) I chased it with some NyQuil later that evening because I have The Cold From Hell.

Oct 04, 2007

Long-time lurker here...

Dinner last night, was super lazy. Takeout calzones, I had chicken and broccoli (no ricotta please, ew), extra sauce to dip. SO not healthy, but we're still jet-lagged, we just got back (to Boston) from Hawaii on Saturday night. Yay for the honeymoon!

robin g
Oct 04, 2007

Delurking from Houston...had tex mex salad with yummy creamy jalapeno ranch dressing out with some friends. Came home and promptly had homemade key lime pie for dessert. YUM!

Oct 04, 2007

I actually had Ree's sandwich last night:

which was a TOTAL hit!

Love your blog and your travels!


another Teej
Oct 04, 2007

Hi I'm relatively new here, I found your site from Leah. Delurking from Ontario, Canada. I don't have a blog but I've been thinking about it. I'll link to my flickr stream for now.
For dinner last night I had perogies and for dessert vanilla ice cream.

Oct 04, 2007

Delurker from your last hometown of Charleston. I found you through Jemima, who has been a friend of mine since that awkward adolescence stage. I almost introduced myself at her wedding, but didn't want to be that weird creepy one who admitted to stalking you through the internet so...

Anyway, I had La Hacienda last night. Followed by a slice of S'More pie here at home. Yum!

Love your blog!

Oct 04, 2007

Holly - after lurking for about a year now, I am happy to delurk on The Great Mofo Delurk. How could I pass up the opportunity to participate?

Last night's dinner - Quizno's sandwich (Turkey Ranch & Swiss) and microwave popcorn. It's a shameful diet void of any nutrition, but it works for me every now & again.

I LOVE your blog and would comment more, but I don't want to come across as a potential stalker. Unless you're into that kind of thing. Like a long-distance stalking relationship. Just for fun, you know?

Right. Back to lurking!

Oct 04, 2007

Longtime reader, first time caller...wait, I mean commenter! Sorry, got confused with a talk show for a minute there.

In any case - last night was a Philly Cheesesteak while playing trivia at a bar. Yes, geeky. But at least we won first place.

An my only complaint about your blog is that you haven't figured out a way to make it actually upload running commentary from your brain so that it's, you know, *constantly* updating. Ah well..someday.

Oct 04, 2007

Hooray, it's my turn! I'm in college, so my roommate and I like to cook together. However, she is a stage manager, so she pretty much lives at the theater, so I decided to cook for us. So it was simply crepes for dinner last night. I had mine with butter and syrup, like you would eat pancakes. Delicioso!

gina in sc
Oct 04, 2007

i had shrimp pasta from o'charleys... and oreos for dessert. lol

Oct 04, 2007

My fiance and I ordered a pizza, and ended up getting a second one for free because the owner had made a previous order twice. Living in a small town rocks sometimes.

P.S. I'm the one that interviewed you a few months ago about freelance writing for my last college class! Thanks again for that.

Oct 04, 2007

I was having kind of a crappy afternoon yesterday so when my son and I picked up my husband from work, I insisted we go for pizza to Boston Pizza, Then we went for ice cream sundaes after. SWEET I get bonus points.
I have only just started reading your blog, I think I found it through Whoorls. Keep it up!
Check out mine when you get a minute.

Oct 04, 2007

We went to Claim Jumpers with my fiance's dad and step-mom, so I had a Pear Martini, some onion rings, part of some chicken and mashed potatoes that I finished for lunch this afternoon, and I DID have ice cream (bonus points!) in the shape of a Mud Pie...Pie. It was good.

kat f.
Oct 04, 2007

i had rice and sautéed vegetables. i also had a scrambled egg because i accidentally knocked the carton out of the fridge and most of them cracked. oh well i guess i have to eat them now!

Oct 04, 2007

Dried soup-for-one out of a bag. Not even with noodles. Pathetic, I know, but only R$1,80. I live in Brazil. So that means this soup is cheap.

Also, Holly, just so you know, I confessed my love for your blog in the most obvious of ways--ALL CAPS--and linkage and blah, blah, blah today. It was like I was drunk, really, and telling the person I just introduced myself to at a bar that I want to marry him. (Except I've been reading your blog for a while now and it's not nearly as embarrassing as the moment in the bar. Not sure what that would be like. Ahem.)

Oct 04, 2007

I confess! I am a lurker! okay, I comment sometimes, I think.

1. I am in Washington DC (you did ask that, didn't you?)
2. last night I ate the Baja Chicken salad from Baja Fresh. I freaking love that place, I admit it.

Oct 04, 2007

I am happy to delurk when it involves talking about food. Last night we had whole wheat pasta topped with organic tomato basil sauce and then heaped with parmesan cheese. I think there was also a salad that included bib lettuce, tomato and cucumber and perhaps a balsamic vinagerette. Oh and diet ginger ale. Dessert was a lemon yogurt cake c/o Barefoot Contessa anc boy was it de-lish!

Love reading your blog and promise to comment more often.

Oct 04, 2007

It was my birthday yesterday so the husband cooked for me.... it only took him two hours to cook chicken and mashed spuds!! but the best part of the night was the cake I had for my birthday cake - think chocolate mud cake covered in chocolate covered profiteroles (sp?) and chocolate curls... mmmm so good and even better this morning for breakfast!!

Oct 04, 2007

Holy crap, Holly, you have a lot of readers! I'm happy to say that I see Blythe (who turned me on to your blog) and Talia (who I turned on to your blog) up there in the delurkers. Makes me feel like the circle of blogging is complete. Or something that makes more sense than that.

I had a baked potato with broccoli and cheese for dinner. And Pumpkin Ale. And some dark chocolate with orange peel in it.

And now I want to go to Trader Joe's.

Oct 04, 2007

Can I just say how jealous I am of all you people who have Trader Joe's? I live in Denver, CO and we DO NOT have a Trader Joe's (don't even get me started on IKEA). Rant over.

Dinner last night? Two pieces of beef jerky and a Chip's Ahoy. See why I need Trader Joe's?

Holly, I love your blog. I'm not a blog writer, just a reader!

In 2 weeks I'll be in SF, and I am going to Trader Joe's! Maybe I'll see you there! Oh wait, I'm sure SF has more than one. Greedy.

Oct 04, 2007

I think I've commented a few times before, so I don't know if this entirely counts as delurking, I am anyway. (And I'm in Oklahoma. Is that in any way exotic to you?) (Don't answer that.)

Last night we had BLTs. Isn't that exciting? It was a running-low-on-groceries-so-throw-dinner-together kind of night. But they were delicious; any day that ends with a BLT can't be bad.

Oct 04, 2007

Delurking from Fairbanks, AK.

Dinner last night was roasted chicken breasts with cilantro, couscous and leftover homemade carrot cake for dessert. I have dreams about Trader Joe's, I believe I am several hundred (1,000s?) of miles from one. And although I have been reading for quite awhile I have never commented.

Oct 04, 2007

I'm among the read regularly and comment rarely sector of blog lurkers. Seriously... it just perks my day to see a new post. So easy to live vicariously through others with much more interesting lives in the online world.

My 15 yo son & I ate Wendy's in the parking lot of the YMCA, while I helped him study for a test, and as we waited for my 11 yo to finish soccer practice. It was definately a multi-tasking night.

I tried to online blog... but found that my entries better belonged in an old fashion journal than for the world to read the recordings of my day and ramblings of guilt about absolutely everything.

I am originally from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but now live in a small rural town (REALLY small) outside of Virginia Beach.

Oct 04, 2007

Because I have been avoiding grocery shopping all week we had an unusual, but yummy dinner last night. We had waffles, hash browns and scrambled eggs. And then we had ice cream brownie sundaes for dessert. YUM!!!

I'm from Ohio - the heart of it all!

Oct 04, 2007

I had two small burritos and then a huge tub of chocolate frozen yogurt with strawberries on top. Thanks for asking!

Oct 04, 2007

Oops! I forgot to mention....I'm in Davis, Ca. Just west of Sacramento.

Oct 04, 2007

Oops! Taco Tuesday over here in Montana too.

Oct 04, 2007

Hi, Holly- For dinner, I had some shrimp wonton soup with a chinese chicken salad. Nothing fancy but it was sooo good and filling! And I'm from San Jose, CA. Where're practically neighbors!

Oct 04, 2007

As a habitual lurker commenting for the first time from Chattanooga, Tenn., I wish there were something more profound to say.

Intellect escapes, but I did prepare leftover chicken (with Dale's and Tony's) and green beans last night.

Additionally, I may have used the new cast iron skillet my grandmother sent to make packaged cornbread.

If only my collegiate comrades could see me now..

Oct 04, 2007

Last night, my dinner was fairly lame.

But I compensated for it today with bacon, and lots of wine.

Oct 04, 2007

For dinner I had grilled vegetables and a 1/2 loaf of bread. I finished it off with 3 skinny cow ice cream sandwiches. I'm starting my diet on Monday. Living in Los Angeles, CA.

Oct 04, 2007

Yikes! At #223, hell, that's almost my draft lottery number from back in 1970 (it was actually 260, just enough to keep me out).

OK, dinner last night - you're throwing me an offspeed fastball up in the zone, cuz we went out to a neighborhood wine bar last night with another couple. I had a risotto made from braised rabbit, goat cheese and butternut squash. Mrs. Perils had a lamb-burger. Washed down with a Cote d'Rhone. Bambi wasn't on the menu, or we'd have ordered him, too.

My blog is:

Oct 04, 2007

Look at all these delurkers! I guess I'm in good company. Last night's dinner was sad: a Luna bar and part of a bagel. In my defense, I was rushing from work to class (in Rochester, NY, since you asked). I love your blog; thanks for sharing your funny stories and lovely photos.

Oct 04, 2007

Hi, lurker! I'm Danielle and I live in Baltimore, MD. For dinner last night I had a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with dried cranberries and skim milk. Tonight's was two hot dogs and a chicken patty. Healthy stuff! I recently un-locked my LiveJournal, so there aren't many posts visible to "everyone," but there are some...

Pam in SC
Oct 04, 2007

Semi-de-lurking here from Charleston. Long-time reader, short on comments. Love your blog, Holly.

Add me to the list of "Embarassed to Admit That Last Night's Dinner was Pitiful." The day was horrible, so dinner consisted of a few beers and a handful of potato chips. It seemed like a good idea at the time...

Oct 04, 2007

Hi, I'm from New Hampshire! Live Free or Die. Last night, immediately after I got off the plane from San Francisco, I went out for grilled steak tacos, and way too many freshly made tortilla chips. (Yes, I know, it is silly that I had been in San Francisco for almost five days and didn't have Mexican food until I arrived back in NH.)

It was my first trip to your fair city and now I know why my friends out there (and you and Sean) love it so much. On Monday evening, as I was walking amongst everyday commuters towards my friend's beautiful Victorian home in the Lower Haight, I could not think of a better place to be. I can't wait to visit again...maybe I'll even stay.

Oct 04, 2007

Hmm. Do you really even care what i had for dinner after 270 other people have already commented? asked. We had spaghetti. Not even interesting spaghetti. Just rotini noodles with some random jar of spaghetti sauce that was in the cupboard. But then after the kids went to bed, i topped it off with a bowl of fudge brownie ice cream. And some M&Ms. So that made it more interesting.

And also, to answer the other question, i am living in Michigan, although i am from Chicago. And also lived in Texas and Korea. I only mention all THOSE places because Michigan is just ... boring. No fun slogans about living free or dying here. Just lots of American-made cars and furniture.

Oct 04, 2007

We do breakfast as dinner one night a week, so last night I made egg and asiago omelets with bacon strips (done in the oven on a rack to drain some of the fat!) and toasted wheat bread.

Born and raised in Chicago, living in Durham, NC. :)

Andrea Jolene
Oct 04, 2007

Being comment number 235 - I give you all my ice cream from last night bonus points should you get to my comment and furthmore, glance over my blog. Dinner you say? Hmmm - being that I was Cooking with Cozy (see Heidikins, comment #1, for the delicatable details. Yes, we know each other. Yes we are friends. Yes, she is responsible for 1. My becoming a blogger and 2. Telling me of a deliciously hillarious British girls blog I also check and rearely comment on. Sing praises to Heidi) I had White Chilli Bean soup, bread sticks, and salad supplemented by a VARIETY of dessert goodness - one of which being a lace cup which holds said bonus Ice Cream. I still get points yes?

Oh - Salt Lake City, Utah :) Well...I guess I'm in Provo Utah now. So - Provo Utah. Is that as cool as Uruguay?

Oct 04, 2007

Hi. I'm from Minnesota. Our state motto is 10,000 Lakes. They neglect to tell you about the mosquitos.

Last night I had turkey sausages wrapped in really low carb (and actually delicious) tortillas with cheese and mustard. And then I ate ice cream. The Haagen Daz Light Mint Chocolate Chip is better than Bryer's full fat version. Amazing but true. Anyway, been reading you since you first started and love your blog. Thanks for all the entertainment.

Oct 04, 2007

I live in Lowell, MA, which is mere minutes from New Hampshire. I drove to NH just this morning, in fact, to buy son his first pair of shoes. And it's not like NH is known for shoes or anything, that's just where the closest mall is.

Last night I had lentil stew which I made from scratch with my own two hands. Rutabagas, it turns out, are extremely difficult to chop.

Oct 04, 2007

Hey there,

I've been reading your blog for about 6 months. We actually have quite a bit in common (unwavering spring roll obsession, hatred of the word "moist" and an unabashed appreciation for the bachelor). You know, the important things.

My blog,, will celebrate its one year anniversary in December. Click on May to read about my trials and tribulations traveling through Turkey this past May (read from the bottom up) and December to read about Australia (bottom up as well).

Dinner the night of the 2nd was a date at Baobab on Mission St. Best coconut rum cocktail outside of the tropics--hands down.

Oct 04, 2007

Holy mother of Moses, a lot of people read this site. I lurk...don't comment, but love to read.

Oct 04, 2007

I had cereal for dinner. Go me. Actually, the husband was at work, and I just don't see the point in cooking for myself. All that hard work AND I have to do the dishes?

I've been reading your site for quite a while now, from up in the mountains of Colorado. Love it, by the way.

Oct 04, 2007

De-lurking from Chapel Hill, NC to add to the heap of compliments about your lovely blog... I've been enjoying it since just before you left Charleston.

Last night I treated my husband to a high-class dinner that involved a can of tuna, cream of mushroom soup, mac and cheese of the powdered sort, and a casserole dish. It was one of the first things I learned to cook as a kid and I was craving comfort food. Bonus points for dining alfresco? Gotta savor the early evenings while there is still a little sunlight.

Oh, and the obligatory ice cream course followed in the form of Skinny Cow sandwiches. And some M&Ms to make up for the low-fatness. Cheers!

Oct 04, 2007

geepers, quite a few lurkers. almost makes me feel creeped out and it's not even my blog. anyway ... moving on.

last night was, um, pad thai, i believe. the ice cream wasn't 'til tonight though, mea culpa. but damn, thinking of ice cream? i could really use a cone of raspberry topped with lemon while strolling through the loggia of the Uffizi in Florence. best. damn. ice cream. ever. EVER.

Oct 04, 2007

Homemade chicken pot pie.

In which the frozen puff pastry took too long to defrost, so I stuck it in the oven.

And then it got mushy.

And fell on the floor.

So I rinsed it off and stuck it back in the freezer.

And then stretched it across the chicken pot pie, some time later, after it was half-baked and half-frozen, and waaaay too thick because I couldn't really unfold it at that point.

Most of it still puffed, though. And I only ate a little sand (from the floor...I am living down the Jersey shore right now),

So: homemade chicken pot pie.

Oct 04, 2007

de-lurking for the day :)

dinner was mushroom beef barley soup. i'm sure it would have tasted much better if it wasn't an unseasonal 70 degrees out today. erg... c'mon autumn! git here already!

Oct 04, 2007

Also, my sister and mom live in New Hampshire. Being Jersey people by birth (I'm still here), we find New Hampshire...rural.

And they're only 30 miles outside of Boston, where they are.

But I love the live free or die thing.

Oct 04, 2007

i think i only commented once to tell you that your dad was hot.

i'm living in bulgaria (but from new zealand) and i replaced dinner last night with 3 beers. 'cos well, i have an 80km bike ride in 2 days time.....

Oct 04, 2007

I'm not sure I've commented before, but every time I'm given the opportunity to delurk and don't, I sorely regret it (almost as much as when I was given the chance to eat any pastry I wanted behind the counter in an amazing Italian bakery and I was all "Oh no thanks, I'm fine, I had very sweet iced tea with lunch.")

So... hello. I absolutely love your blog and I think you're a wonderful and consistently engaging, delightfully amusing writer.

I am from Brooklyn, and for dinner my boyfriend made curried beef with mushrooms and onions, toasted in a flat bread with some kind of herb mayonnaise. After that we had an embarrassing amount of M&Ms and lemon shortbread cookies. Oh and pomegranate yogurt, which was amazing.

Oct 04, 2007

OH, man! I can rock this one!

This week is my hometown's ginormous street festival. Rumor has it it's the second-largest in the US, after Mardi Gras. It's basically a 3/4 mile stretch of boulevard with food booths packed side-by-side down both sides of the street, selling anything you can fry or put on a stick.

Last night, I went there for dinner with my friends.

I had: a vegetarian corn dog, pretzel sticks dipped in white chocolate, apple cider, a few bites of someone else's bread pudding, and a huge brownie sundae. I'm sure I'm blocking out a few items in the interest of self-preservation. But man...yum!

mama speak
Oct 04, 2007

we had chicken pot pie receipe from Martha Stewart's Food magazine; and it was super good. This cooler weather is making me want comfort food.

Ice cream was a low carb ice cream bar covered in chocolate and almonds. It was actually really good!

Oct 04, 2007

Last night for dinner I had a big slice of pepperoni pizza. From Costco. Which is kind of embarrassing, now that I type it out.

This is my official de-lurk -- I'm in Seattle.

Oct 04, 2007

Love love love your blog, never commented (sorry). Such a lurker, but my dinner last night did include ice cream, so bonus points! But it also involved a corn dog, because I'm a college student and cafeteria food is not...the best, to say the least.

Oct 04, 2007

how sad is it that i have no idea what i had for dinner last night. i think it was an Amy's Organic microwave meal, but it could have just as easily been a slice of toast with peanut butter. the mind is a wee bit frazzled these days as i have spent the last 6 weeks adjusting to life with a newborn. i know i did not have ice cream because i pulled out an ancient, mostly eaten pint of haagen dazs from the freezer and sadly found it to be iced over and completely inedible. sigh.

oh, and i live in colorado, smack dab in a suburb halfway between boulder and denver.

Oct 04, 2007

Delurking from Austin, Texas. Dinner last night was quiche and salad. Then my daughter reminded me we had a box of girl scout cookies in the freezer (thin mints!) and dessert was served! We're a family of five, so those thin mints are long gone.

Love your blog and your flickr photos! You are so talented!

Oct 04, 2007

I'm de-lurking from Fukuoka Japan. Last night for dinner I had dinner at the calligraphy teacher's house. It was: seasoned pumpkin, chicken with a bell pepper wrap and rice...lots and lots of rice.

Oct 04, 2007

Hi from the Philippines!
I ate fried chicken (I drenched it in Tabasco sauce) with rice. And like the rest of the 200++ comments, I love your blog! I'll be heading to San Francisco this month. Any tips? :)

Oct 04, 2007

I've been reading the blog for a while now. In Hong Kong at the moment - and have been for most of my life. Although I was in Singapore from 2005 till early this year. So i relish stories about your childhood and family.And debated emailing you to meet up for a coffee while you were in SG last year - but it felt a little stalker-ish.

Dinner - Butter Paneer and Sona Papdi ( for dessert.

Love your blog.

Oct 04, 2007

I've only just started reading your blog. Love it. I live in the Bay Area too. Fremont. It's part of the East Bay. I had never heard of it 'til I moved here, either, it's okay.

Ahhhh, last night's dinner. So funny you asked! Usually it involves something premade from Trader Joe's. I love love love Trader Joe's. But not last night. Last night I had an appreciation dinner for my Mothers Club and we were treated to a delicious dinner at a sushi restaurant. I STUFFED myself. The sushi was so fancy. Like, on ice sculptures and stuff! Decorated with minimalist maple leaves! And wasabi cones! I embarrassed everyone at my table by taking photos of each new plate they set down. I also clapped my hands and squealed. Kind of mortifying, now that I am thinking about it. But I don't care. It was sushi. It was free. And I didn't have to cook dinner. Whooooopeeeee!

This is the first time I have ever ever ever commented on a blog. I almost came out of the shadows one other time, and it was for the entry you wrote about your boyfriend talking down the guy who was trying to steal your camera in Ecuador (and then giving him karate kicks!) It made me cry. And made me think of my own husband. Those are the guys who make the world a better place. Kudos to the both of you.

I have a blog. It is sort of child, family and corndog centric though...

Oct 04, 2007

257 comments already! Bet you're sorry you asked for the delurkers to delurk.

Steak on the bbq ( I live in the beefy part of Canada ), potatoes, and the biggest spinach salad with every kind of veggie (and some fruit, too) and thus no need for dressing. The salad is my favourite part of the meal. Except, of course, for dessert: teeny vanilla meringues with one big fresh raspberry per meringue.

By the way, it's important to pronounce "meringue" as "mah-REHN-gay", because it's more fun and sounds like a latin dance.

It's also very important to keep the "u" in "favourite". As a former Brit, surely you will agree?

Oct 04, 2007

Hi - this is my first ever comment!

I had Thai green curry for tea last night.

I live in Chelmsford nr London, Great Britian.

Great blog.

Oct 04, 2007

Heh, are you regretting asking for comments yet, 259 comments later?
I am reading from London, and last night I had that great British take-out favourite, chicken tikka masala with pilau rice and a peshwari naan, from our lovely local Palace Tandoori. It was good.

Oct 04, 2007

Well hello! I've read your blog since i went travelling a few summers back with my best friend (a certain James Allgrove) who introduced me to your web of wonderfulness. Its somewhat addictive. I too am a peripatetic child, following the parents all around the world. But now im in edinburgh, which, by the way, is quite possibly the most fantastic city. ever. and i had sweet chilli stir fry last night. no ice cream. but i was listening to 'ice cream' by New Young Pony Club while cooking, maybe i get bonus points for that.

Oct 04, 2007

Oh I am so glad you picked last night so I can say we had pasta carbonara and salad followed by a home-made oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Cos if you had picked another night this week it would have been leftover chinese takeaway or fish fingers.

I am in Edinburgh, Scotland and live 5 minutes from a Marks & Spencer food hall. Want me to make you up a food parcel?

Oct 04, 2007

I've never commented before, I just started reading your blog this past summer and love it!

You caught me on a good night for food. We had homemade spaghetti sauce w/sweet Italian sausage in it and fresh mozz...and a really good Greek red wine that was on sale at Balducci's.

Since I don't have a blog, here's a little about me: I'm 30, married, no kids, I live in DC, like to travel often and love shoes.

Oct 04, 2007

Hello! Reporting in from Indianapolis.

We had roasted chicken, green beans and mashed potatoes. Oh my--very Midwest!

Oct 04, 2007

I just found you not that long ago, but I've since been hooked. I really like hearing what you have to say. I don't have a blog myself, but I'm really thinking about setting one up. I spend most nights working as a copy editor at a newspaper, so I'm not home for dinner much. Wednesday usually is my early day, so my husband made some garlic and herb chicken with steamed homegrown green beans. And wine. Lots of wine. Because wine on a Wednesday is a wonderful thing. Oh, and I live in Kentucky.

Oct 04, 2007

Well, I got on the bandwagon a little late, since this is the time that I check my google reader-- while I am supposed to be working :)

Last night, my mother-in-law cooked us yummy club steaks in a mushroom, red pepper, green bean glaze with black-eyed peas and carrots. We counted the garlic bread as dessert since we ate a whole loaf between the three of us.

I am a perpetual lurker, so I will honor delurk day, even though I am a day late and a dinner short. Plus, I am not anywhere exciting- just at my house in rural north Texas, looking out the window at my mooing neighbors.

Oct 04, 2007

BarBQue including apple sausage, chicken, salad, garlic bread, water, brownie bites, caramel ice cream and strawberries.

jive turkey
Oct 04, 2007

Jive Turkey comin' at you from Pittsburgh, PA (where we finally got a Trader Joe's last year).

Last night I had to eat an abridged dinner because I'm in a show right now & don't like to eat too much beforehand (and I also didn't have much time). I had brown rice & green beans. Boring.

But then, someone in the cast gave me a tomato from the farmer's market, so when I got home I had a tomato sandwich on toast. Marvelous.

I love your site, and you also gave me some awesome travel advice when my husband & I visited London earlier this year. Although I don't know you in real life, you seem like such a lovely person inside & out!

Oct 04, 2007

we went to Basil on King St - you know it well.