Just For The Smell Of It

File this under Vaguely Embarrassing Things About Me That I Feel The Need To Share With The Internet: around this time of year, when summer is sloping out and Fall is creeping in, I wear sunscreen just because I like the way it smells. And I'm not talking about any old sunscreen; it has to be Coppertone. Preferably, it has to be the spray kind, and then I can just spritz it on like perfume. And this is exactly what I do, I spritz it on like perfume, not for any sensible anti-aging, anti-skin-cancer, anti-sunburn reason---after all, I'm just going to be sitting inside at my desk eight hours a day---but just because whenever I catch the scent of it, I'm immediately lying flat on my back on a beach somewhere in the gulf of Thailand, the only view my nut-brown feet and toes stretched out over the turquoise horizon. Thank you, Coppertone, for bottling the good times.

Sep 21, 2007

What an exquisite idea. Thanks for sharing!

Nilsa S.
Sep 21, 2007

Better Coppertone than Jim Beam. I mean, there's nothing quite like the smell of the bottom of the bottle right?! Kidding (coming from the kid who barely drinks!). I think the smell of suntan lotion is fabulous - much better than the cigar I smelled at work yesterday (who smokes those in the middle of the day?!).

Sep 21, 2007

That's not too weird, Holly. I have a friend who does a lot of cocaine just because he likes the way it smells too.

Sep 21, 2007

My favorite thing about my moisturizer (Neutrogena with 45 spf) is that it has the faintest scent of sunscreen. Glad to know that it's not just me.

Sep 21, 2007

I get the same experience from Bodyshop's coconut body butter and body wash... note to self: make that a lunchtime errand - coming up!

Sep 21, 2007

That's exactly how I feel about my beach bag. It retains some sunscreen smell long after the summer is over. I have been known to pull it from the top shelf of the closet in the deepest part of February when everything looks like the surface of the moon around here just so I can have a little whiff. When my children asked me why I was so sad when the handles broke and the bag had to be thrown away, they were nonplussed by the explanation that I was going to have to get a new one and it would take some time for it to build up "the smell." Then I had to explain to my 8 year old son that "the smell" is only with the beach bag, not his dirty socks...

hello insomnia
Sep 21, 2007

reminds me of that bank commericial with the girl at her cubicle who opens up a desk drawer full of sand so she can dream about vacationing. i think coppertone would be less messy.

Sep 21, 2007

I can so sorta relate. I take my Bath & Bodyworks cream (not lotion, not butter) and use only certain scents by season. The baking smells (vanilla based) only get used during the winter. Pineapple is summer. Melon is spring. I must find pumpkin for fall ;-)

Sep 21, 2007

I do the same thing with Coppertone, because it smells like our best day out on the boat in our favourite lake. When you first said sunscreen I knew it would be Coppertone. Smells like summer!

Sep 21, 2007

HaHA! Nice, MetroDad-

I love where smells carry you- Nag Champa sticks take me straight to Durbar Square, Kathmandu. The nose knows nostalgia, huh?

gina in sc
Sep 21, 2007

LOL metrodad.... wish you could smell it without snorting it :)

yummm... i love the beach so much, i may have to try this. do you listen to the "Escape- Pina Colada Song" too??

a fellow holly
Sep 21, 2007

I TOTALLY do that! I don't think it's weird at all...whatever you gotta do to get through the day right? And smelling like I'm lying on the beach with a trashy novel in my hand and waves crashing next to me always a better workday makes...

Sep 21, 2007


Sep 21, 2007

Haha, MetroDad.

And Holly, while I do relate to the suncreen smell bringing the beach back, I have to confess, I'm more of an autumn girl myself and if I could I would stuff pumpkin pies in my bra. I can't even tell you how excited I got when I found out that Starbuck's was bringing back the Pumpkin Spice Latte... that's an embarassing story. ;)

Sep 21, 2007

Try "Beach" by Bobbi Brown. The essence of summer. The elixir of childhood. Pretty much everything you'd want in a fragrance reminiscent of suscreen. It's divine.

Rachael W
Sep 22, 2007

OHMIGOD. This proves that I am NOT a crazy person. Someone asked me what my favorite smell was the other day and I immediately answered, "Sunscreen."

Sep 22, 2007

To this day, the smell of Coppertone reminds me of my childhood. My brother recently admitted that he wears it instead of aftershave, all year, because it reminds HIM of our childhood.

So there you go.

Sep 22, 2007

OH, fabulous idea, I wonder what other things I can spray on myself to induce thoughts of happy times and places I'd rather be...I wonder if they make a "mountains in a bottle"....oh, I bet that would just be bottles spring water, huh!

Nora Bee
Sep 23, 2007

Ha! I still love the smell of cigarettes because it reminds me of my first kiss. Smells are powerful things....

Sep 23, 2007

hi. nice blog . thanks.

Sep 23, 2007

I love the smell of the coconut sunscreens - really anything that smells of coconut. That to me equals the beach and sun and vacation and all other things other than work. 68 days and I get to wear it for an entire week. I can't wait!

Sep 24, 2007

I am quite horrid about wearing sunscreen myself, or remembering to put it on my kids (bad, bad, I know)... but I do love the smell. I smell it strongest when we just get to the amusement park or water park and everyone is huddled at the tram station or ticket turnstile. My summer went by SOOO fast... and I teach, I had the summer OFF! I just may indulge in this trick. The other day I smelled someone burning leaves, which I usually LOVE (really, I wish there was a candle of that scent), but am just NOT ready for fall yet... although the "trick" may actually make me more depressed that I'm not going to be at the beach for another 8 months.

Sep 24, 2007

Why have I never thought to do this??!!!!! Such a *brilliant* idea!!! Back to work tomorrow...with a dab of Coppertone behind each ear :-)

Sep 24, 2007

I've been known to do the same thing, except with Hawaiian Tropic!

Sep 24, 2007

I have a lotion that I can't wear anymore because I wore it every day when I had the worst sunburn of my life and now when I smell it I am transported to not being able to touch anything because it hurt too much. So hey, if you're going to use something for all the wrong reasons, at least it's health-protecting sunscreen. Can't go wrong with that.

Sep 24, 2007

I hope that you guys don't go out in the sun often with lil dabs of the sunblock...Wouldn't that be a funny tan line? (I'm in LA, so I think we're supposed to wear sunblock all the time, but i'm horrible and don't)

Sep 24, 2007

Oh I completely agree. I would love, love, love to keep the carefree smell of summer and sand with me. There is a Yankee Candle called "Sun and Sand" that I adore, if you shut your eyes you would think you were lying on the beach on a warm June afternoon!

Sep 25, 2007

I've always said that the world would be a better place if everyone smelled like suntan lotion! (and if RFK hadn't been killed).