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In case you were thinking about moving to San Francisco, or visiting it, or missing it, or in case you were suddenly struck by a bolt of jealousy when you remembered that we live in a place where this is part of Sean's daily commute to work...

Why We Live Here: View From The Walk To (Sean's) Work

...I would like you to know one thing. No, wait, please get out a pen and write this down in the records because this has never happened to me in my life before and I'd like to be reminded of it some day when I feel like I'm missing this place, with its H&Ms and its exceptional Vietnamese food and its proximity to an IKEA. Are you ready? Write this down. You're going to love it. Here we go: Yesterday was the first day of August. AND I WORE TIGHTS.

Yeah, your 80% humidity doesn't look too bad now, does it?


The other day, I met Sean at the grocery store after work so we could pick up a few things for dinner (a package of Hersheys Nuggets with Toffee and Almonds was one of those things, DON'T JUDGE), and we walked around the whole store, putting things into the basket, which means we must have been in the store a good twenty minutes before we made it over to the check-out line. And as we were standing in the check-out line (we always choose the one with the bagger whose nametag reads Ting Ting Lay, because, well, really, wouldn't you?), I noticed that not one BUT TWO of Sean's shirt buttons had accidentally come undone. It was this shirt:

Saturday Afternoon Nap

...the one I bought him in H&M in the hopes of making him look like the sort of 1970s-era guy you always see in the corner of your parents' old photos and kind of wish you could have dated (you know, if you hadn't been A ZYGOTE and everything), but also sort of like Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain, and ANYWAY, the two buttons that were undone were in ADDDITION to the top two, that was SUPPOSED to be undone, and therefore my boyfriend had been walking around the Cala Foods for twenty minutes with FOUR OF HIS SHIRT BUTTONS UNDONE, which is WAY TOO MANY SHIRT BUTTONS and WAY TOO MUCH CHEST EXPOSURE, and oh my god, if that isn't enough to make one break out the caps lock, WHAT IS?

Ting Ting Lay, for the record, thought it was hilarious.

And Sean did say "well, it could have been a whole lot worse. It could have been you."


Speaking of Sean, why are boys so weird about having dinner with other boys? When Sean told me he was going to have dinner with his friend Barry tonight, the one who we went to see get married in San Diego, I asked him where he was going to go. And he said "I don't know, probably just Bang San." And I said "but we went to Bang San on Sunday!" And he said "yeah, but I want to go somewhere really low-key. He said he wanted Asian food and so I was thinking of suggesting that Vietnamese place I went with my co-workers on Polk Street, but, I don't know." And I said "what? Why wouldn't you suggest that Vietnamese place you went with your co-workers on Polk Street?" And he said "It's just....well, it has tablecloths and polite waiters and a wine list and stuff. What if he thought I was trying to ROMANCE him?"

And I said "Sean, why would he think you were trying to ROMANCE him? Apart from the fact that he got married last month and you've had the same girlfriend for the last eleventy billion years, you've been friends since at least 1998; I mean, if you were going to ROMANCE him, wouldn't you have done it by now?"

And he said "Yeah, I know. Still, I think I'll just suggest Bang San."


Speaking of Sean AGAIN, the boy went to five baseball games last week, TWO OF THEM BY HIMSELF. Next week he plans to go to three more. I swear to god, our cats are never going to be lawyers or doctors, because Sean will have spent their college funds trying to be there when Barry Bonds broke the home run record.


Oh and check it out! I met the Sweet Junipers! I had to try very hard not to pick their perfect child up and put her in my purse and take her back home with me, so sweet and well-behaved was she, but since it was crammed full to bursting already with all the Bliss products I'd, um, "liberated" from the housekeeping trolley (those Bliss products are so oppressed! The man is keeping them down! Someone had to do it!), she had a lucky escape. THIS TIME, AT LEAST.


(I swiped this photo from Leah's Flickr Stream. Did you know how easy it is to do that? It's pretty easy. They should really make it harder. But thanks, Leah!)

Rachael W
Aug 02, 2007

Stumbled across your blog -- first-time commenter -- and I just wanted to say that Sean has my support in his pursuit of "being there" for an historic baseball moment. I hate Barry Bonds with a passion, but I still want to see him hit that ball live.

I've also noticed that guys are weird about going out to dinner with female friends one-on-one, even if the two have known each other forever. I've known my best guy friend since I was 13 and he was 12, and whenever we "go out to eat," we usually end up going someplace like Dairy Queen. I don't mind, but I just think it's funny.

Aug 02, 2007

Hey Holly, Sonia here (Jemima's Aussie mate). Thanks for keeping me up-to-date with SF, oh I do miss it so... I hope SF is treating you better this week.

Aug 02, 2007

I love Sean's Asian food dilemma. It sounds vaguely Costanzan.

Aug 02, 2007

Just wanted to say hello and that I really enjoy your blog. You have a lovely style of writing and I'm hooked now!
All the best,

Aug 02, 2007

First time commenter here.

I'd much rather be wearing tights than sweating my butt off. This summer crap is wearing thin.

Aug 02, 2007

Dahling -

Love the blog! I found you through The Amber Show, and thought it might be about the inner thoughts of an arsonist. ADORE the story about Sean's fashion faux-pas! You might want to read the latest entry in my blog, "When Bad Fashion Happens To Good People." It is at


jive turkey
Aug 02, 2007

Haha! I agree, sgazzetti - it does sound very Costanzan.

Just wanted to leave a quick comment to thank you (Holly) & all the other lovely commenters who suggested Cover Girl LipSlicks. I bought one yesterday and...FINALLY! A lipstick that gives me just the right amount of color without making me look like a prostitute! And only $3.99! Perfection.

Aug 02, 2007

I love that every single person who went to BlogHer is mentioning the liberation of Bliss products. It shows that we are all in this skin care obsession together, which makes me feel much better when my husband teases me about the amount of product lining my shower. Honestly, I'm a little jealous of the tights at the moment because it is HOT and I don't do hot so well. Then I think about going to the beach later today and that fades slightly, only I could go to the beach in tights and that would be fine, too. I'm okay with that. I wish our cashiers were Ting Ting Lee instead of Crystal and Madison and all that.

Aug 02, 2007

Considering the heat index today is nearly 100, and that I had a dream two nights ago that three days in a row were forecast to be 120, I think I'd take tights right about now.

Also, I think someone should remind Sean that had YOUR shirt been unbuttoned like his? That probably wouldn't have been worse. It probably would have just made someone's day.

Aug 02, 2007

Oooooh, tights. I'm so envious.

Aug 02, 2007

Holy beejeezus I'm jealous. Not about the tights thing because: That sucks! but about the Sweet Juniper part. I love them. All of them.

Aug 02, 2007

Just wait until September and October. San Francisco has a summer; it's just not when you expect it.

Aug 02, 2007

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I loooove this comment:

"the one I bought him in H&M in the hopes of making him look like the sort of 1970s-era guy you always see in the corner of your parents’ old photos and kind of wish you could have dated (you know, if you hadn’t been A ZYGOTE and everything), but also sort of like Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain"

Oh, that is totally a scene from my parents' photo albums. Okay, I need to get some of these shirts for my Hub-E.

Thanks for making me laugh, yet again, Holly. If it weren't for you and Sean, I don't know what I'd do with my mornings at work. ;)

Aug 02, 2007

I think Sean and my husband might be secretly related. On the surface, not so much (my DH gets a little itchy if you put him in anything but Brooks Brothers or Polo) ... but he is 100% a solo-baseball-game-going, fear-of-dinner-with-another-male having boy. Too freaking funny.

(But it's ok. You and I can go liberate Bliss products while they watch baseball and not eat or something. We stayed at a W in San Diego in 2005 ... and I am only now on my last Bliss travel kit. In all fairness, I was very parsimonious with breaking them out, it's not like I liberated enough to qualify as a felony or anything.)

(Oh? And again? The one summer I lived in London, I had to go out and spend money I didn't have on WOOL SWEATERS. IN JULY. And none of the Brits were bothered. Which leads me to believe that we, the 'mmuricans, have liberated you from the code in your DNA which embraces tights in August?)

Chaos Control
Aug 02, 2007

Yep, tights in August is precisely why I moved out of the city. However, having been gone now for five years, I'd gladly wear tights in August if only I could afford to move back .... sigh.

Aug 02, 2007

Damn. Nicole stole my comment. (Just wait until October when everyone is moaning about the bitter fall winds and you're laying on the beach.)

Aug 02, 2007

I still miss the city, tights-weather and all. I'm a happy reader that I recently stumbled upon your blog. I love it.

Aug 02, 2007

Were girls swooning in the grocery store at Sean strolling around with 4 buttons on his shirt undone? Also - loved his comeback!

Not sure what it is about the XY chromosome but I have had nearly the same conversation with my lovely husband! Silly boys!!!

I do not envy you the tights thing as it is 35 degrees Celsius in Toronto today but as previously mentioned - you will be laughing at me in October as I dig out my tights and fall coat!

Aug 02, 2007

I'm jealous about the tights! We've ruled out moving up to the Bay Area although Ben has assured me it would be chilly and rainy enough for my tastes, mostly because I HATE CALIFORNIA, but tights on the first of August? Bliss.

I think it's charming that Sean is afraid of seeming gay when going out to dinner with a guy friend. Because my husband is NEVER afraid of appearing gay, ever, and he will do things in public like talk like Paul Lynde or dance about like a ballerina. Plus he talks to one of his guy friends on the phone like FIVE TIMES A DAY, which is way more than he ever talked to me on the phone when I was his girlfriend. Oh, and he likes Rock Hudson-Doris Day movies. Gay, gay, gay.

Aug 02, 2007

I live in Floriduh and it is ninetyleven million degrees outside right now, but was very glad to get back to it after my trip to SF a few weeks ago. The first thing I noticed in SF was not the lovely scenery, but the girl wearing a coat and scarf in JULY. My bf didn't believe me til we drove across the bay bridge and people were wearing sweat pants and hoodies. Tell Sean to be glad he didn't get frost-bite with all of his chest exposed like that.

Aug 02, 2007

Looks like you were able to make up for lost times with all the mini-posts in one big post!

I know this is a bit out of place, but remember before how you were furniture shopping for your lil apt? My mom tivo'd Oprah the other day with the world's biggest challenges of tiny places. (made up that own title).

Anyways, they have some great ideas. and bizarre people who BOUGHT a 250 sq foot apt, a 96 sq foot house (no joke) and a 7ft wide house. man!

Aug 02, 2007

The Juniper picture makes me laugh because of the wine glass. It looks like you are on a random city sidewalk and just wandered up to a little girl who is shying away from you. Wouldn't it be fabulously random to just walk around town all well-dressed with a wine glass in your hand and talk to strangers as if it was perfectly natural to do so? (Okay, maybe this is just funny in my head...) I am assuming you are maybe in an oudoor restaurant area though, right?

Aug 03, 2007

First time commenter (although I've been lurking in your archives for a bit now... very much enjoyed your travel posts!)

If my husband unit and his best friend go out to dinner at a fancy place, they'd probably spend days talking about their "date" with the required accompanying wiggly eyebrows, until I'd be forced to smack one of them. Hmm... perhaps I should be worried.

Also, I must second the thanks for recommending Lipslicks. I used that same color years ago and forgot how great it was until I read your post!

I'd love to be wearing tights right now - instead I'm being forced to stock up on sundresses so I can get through the "winter" in Phoenix without dying of heat exhaustion!

Aug 03, 2007

I once went to a nighttime Giants game at Candlestick in AUGUST where we spent the evening in parkas and stocking caps buried under wool blankets. Welcome to summer in the City. ;)

Aug 03, 2007

Tights... well in Auckland at the moment its a warm 10c degrees. Bring on Spring I say. Also Sean's whole romancing thing reminds me of my husband. When he tries on new clothes his first question is "it doesn't make me look metro-sexual does it?" Like its a crime to look like you care about your appearance - I guess it means you don't look manly enough and that could be a problem!!

Aug 03, 2007

OK, I'm only 350 miles away now but you're making me homesick, with the tights. Laughing at the hypothermic tourists in August is one of the best things about being in the City. I am envious, too. (I followed Y's link to your journal, hello)

Aug 03, 2007

That last picture? You're on some sort of public street. With wine and a kid. And a crowd of spectators. It looks as though you have been photoshopped in or something.

I'm sorry your cats have to go to trade school now. I hope they can cook.

Aug 03, 2007

My husband is going to be in San Francisco next week on business and he has bought himself tickets to TWO games which he will attend all alone. So weird.

Nothing But Bonfires
Aug 03, 2007

Chris, they should go together! I'm serious. They can do some male bonding and drink overpriced beer while talking about the ladyfolk and their crazy blogs.

Saucepan Man
Aug 04, 2007

Yes, go with Sean, Chris. I've been (many times) and he knows his stuff - including the most arcane regulations!

Aug 05, 2007

I am commenting kind of on the "guys going out to dinner" thing...not sure if you have ever noticed but when I go to the movies and there are guys who have gone together, they generally sit with a seat in between them. They dont want to get too close, or look too close...romance-in'.

Thespian Libby
Aug 05, 2007

So....Was Sean at THE GAME?

Aug 06, 2007

The fact that all guys seem to consider man-on-man dinnering as romancing is hilarious. My husband is the same way about going to nice places with his friends.

Aug 06, 2007

Dude, you love H&M, too?! I basically live there; it's becoming a problem. Apropos of which, have you perchance seen this yet? ( I'M OBSESSED, and want to buy pretty much every single piece in the entire, supercheap collection. :)

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