Another Reason To Love Mark Twain


"No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one."
---Mark Twain

Don't let anyone tell you that a three-day break can't be restorative (well, a two-and-a-half day break, if you count the NINE HOURS spent waiting in airports for a flight that should have taken an hour.) San Diego was lovely, and by Saturday afternoon, I felt fully recharged. (By Sunday evening I was mad as hell and also slightly queasy from the awful airport food, but that's another story. The main thing we should remember is that the first two days were fabulous. And also that next time we're driving.)

We arrived on Friday afternoon and headed to our hotel, stopping briefly in order to procure a) Mexican food for lunch and b) a brown belt for Sean. (Um, not a karate belt, obviously, a belt to wear with his suit and match his shoes. Though wouldn't it be sort of awesome if we'd stopped so he could get his brown belt in karate? Like it was something on the to-do list and we'd come all the way to San Diego to do it? Sadly, that was not the case. We stopped only in Marshalls and not at some super-quick karate tournament or anything.)

It should be noted, by the way, that we were given quite possibly the gayest car in the world---not that there's anything wrong with that---in which to drive around San Diego: a sporty banana-yellow number that we never, ever lost in the parking lot, and which instilled in me an uncontrollable urge to pose like this whenever I came within two feet of it:

Ah, the banana yellow Chevy Cobalt

Honestly, it was like the goddamn Vanna White gene kicked in.

So the wedding ceremony was lovely, lots of rose petals and declarations of love and crashing waves and sweet little grandpas and so on. Instead of the traditional "I dos", the couple were asked several questions, some of them of the "____, will you burden ____ with your troubles?" and "____, will you make ______ angry?" variety. The answer to these questions was a very diplomatic "I may, but it is not my intention." (Very diplomatic because mine would just have been "I will.") As well as adding a nice dose of honesty to the proceedings, it also provided someone---I don't know who! Although I might start pretending it was me!---with the opportunity to write in the guestbook: "Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. I have to warn you: I may get totally drunk at your reception and start dancing to Justin Timberlake. But it was not my intention."


Another thing about the ceremony is that I very much enjoyed the fact that several men wore hats, as I am a firm believer in hats for men (Hats For Men! Add that to the list of awesome band names!), and of course it should go without saying that I am talking about trilbys and Panama hats, rather than ratty Yankees caps, not that I live with anyone who owns, like, twelve of those or anything.

(And yet, bizarrely, doesn't wear them! Because "they don't go with glasses." Like no-one in the whole history of the world has ever worn a hat with glasses! Like people who wear glasses are shit out of luck in the hat department. Oh, it's thirty degrees and your head's cold and you want to wear this lovely warm beanie? TOO BAD! SHOULD HAVE THOUGH OF THAT WHEN YOU STAYED UP LATE RUINING YOUR EYES BY READING COMIC BOOKS UNDER THE BEDCOVERS, SHOULDN'T YOU?)

Once the ceremony was over, we had an hour to entertain ourselves until the reception, and luckily Sean knows the sort of boys who take instructions like "entertain yourself for an hour until the reception" as an invitation to yank off their wedding suits and ties, strip down to their boxers, and race into the Pacific ocean:

Nick and Kyle stripped off their fancy wedding clothes and ran down to the sea in their boxers

I think you will agree that these are the best kind of people to know. I think you will also agree that my boyfriend is smoking hot:

Damn, this man is a looker

On Saturday we managed to do a little of everything---beach, shopping, sights, eating---and in the evening we went to the drive-in movie theatre. There is little I love more in life than drive-in movie theatres; if I were going to be asked whether I liked England or America more, I would have to consider very carefully the friends and family I have in the former, and then weigh that up agains the fact that there are drive-in movie theatres in America, and it would really be a very close call. (There would also be the matter of Target, of course. That might just swing it.)

As we were parking and getting settled at the drive-in---reclining our seats back, fiddling with the radio, preparing to eat very large containers of both popcorn and cotton candy---I noticed that there were an awful lot of children in the vicinity, children in their hundreds actually, all dressed in their pajamas and hopped up on E numbers, and none of them over about eight years old. "Oh my god, I can't believe it!" I fumed. "All these parents brought their kids to see Knocked Up? Do they even realize what it's about? It hardly seems appropriate! What are they thinking down here in San Diego? I mean, there's liberal, and then there's liberal. Really!"

It turned out we were actually parked in front of the wrong screen, the one showing Surf's Up, rather than Knocked Up. That was embarrassing.

I planned to take pictures of my San Diego, uh, souvenirs and parade them about the Internet---and by souvenirs, I mean the leopard-print shoes, brown leather bag, and two party dresses that I'll never be able to wear in San Francisco because they're not made of fleece and don't have a hood---but instead I find that I have to get up and go to work. Thanks for raining on my parade, real life! There are more San Diego pictures here, though, if you're interested. And unless you're one of my parents, one of Sean's parents, one of the bride or groom's parents, or a member of the San Diego Tourism Board, I'm not entirely sure you will be.

Jun 26, 2007

That aside about karate was probably the funniest thing I've read all week! Well, since it's only Tuesday I'll give you all of last week too.

Jun 26, 2007

At our drive-in theater, they show double features. It's all they show, and it is perfectly delightful, because you get to watch two movies for the price of one.

The first is a kid's movie, and then there is a half hour intermission, and then the adult's movie is shown. Of course, nothing starts until after 9:30, since it gets dark here so late, which means we don't get home until 3 a.m., but that's just a small price to pay, don't you think?

The best part, though, is the way visiting the drive-in catapults us to 1954. While cars are parking and people are waiting for the sun to set, kids are running all around, playing softball in front of the movie screen, and adjusting their pillows in the bed of the truck.

It feels so perfect.

Jun 26, 2007

I LOVE your asides. And your parentheses. And your side-stories. And the fact that CityWendy linked to your blog and I found my way here!

I always get the best laugh when I come here. Thanks a million!

Oh, and you ARE so chic in that dress. And in those sunglasses. Fab.

Nothing But Bonfires
Jun 26, 2007

Yes, this was a double feature too -- Knocked Up and Ocean's Thirteen. All for seven bucks! That wouldn't even get you a ticket to the previews in San Francisco.

Jun 26, 2007

I cannot believe I've never been to a drive-in movie. I mean, I was told I was taken to one when I was wee, but I don't remember so it doesn't count.

Your post reminds me of what I've been telling myself for the past few years, which is: I have to get to one--soon--before they become a thing of the past.

(I just typed "wee" up there--my fingers just went right to those letters on the keyboard, quite naturally. I'm from the Midwest, very not-British; I was "little" when I went to the drive-in. So where the hell did "wee" come from?)

Jun 26, 2007

That's a great suit Sean is wearing--you two are tres chic!

Jun 26, 2007

You two look great! I especially love your dress. Do you mind if I ask where you got it?

Jun 26, 2007

Sean looks kind of like Paul Rudd, in the best possible way.

Jun 27, 2007

San Diego's got a drive-in? Oh, shit, I may have to move, despite that San Diego's traffic has become just as bad as Orange County's. Actually we just got a drive-in, at the Orange County Fairgrounds. But it is depressingly 21st centuryish. I prefer the old style.

Looks like a lovely wedding, and your dress is awesome -- how can you look so California when you're not a native? Style, baby, that's the mark of true style.

Jun 27, 2007

That's a great picture of Sean - suit, tie tucked into pants, sand...and what kind of camera, and lens, is he packing?

No more drive-ins here in Seattle. I think windshield wipers would wipe out the battery before the previews were over.

Saucepan Man
Jun 27, 2007

Aah the drive-ins - the definitive litmus test for the 'How American is America now' project, I told you about.

Lovely, lovely shot of you by the banana car. I'm very proud. (Now where are those other pictures you mentioned....)

Ostrich feather
Jun 27, 2007

You look great, of course.

Still have to say, the picture above this post makes your head look freakishly small. Once you look at it like that, it is hard to readjust ones vision. (Of course I know it is really the camera's wide angle...)

Jun 27, 2007

Hey - great post! Glad you had fun and had time to take some great pix at the same time! I think I have some sand in my crack just from looking at those beach shots.

- M

Jun 27, 2007

I swear, you have the best skin EVER. You both looked wonderful and I'm glad you had such a good time.

Jun 27, 2007

you guys are like the hottest couple ever. :)

Jun 27, 2007

I seriously covet your Diane Von Furstenburg dress. It is my life's goal to own one of perfect wrap dresses some day when I stop being a poor artist type. Also you are gorgous and I'm taking a photo of your hair to my hairdresser for my next cut.

I adore drive-ins and there was one down the road from my childhood home. And while I didn't watch many of the movies I supposedly saw there in high school, ahem, I still have many a fond memory of nights spent at the drive in.

Jun 27, 2007

i think you are both smokin hot. :) all of the photos are great! looks like a great time was had by all. your banana car reminds me of a loaner car i got once when my car was in the bodyshop. it was a mint green ford fiesta. i felt like i was driving around in an ice cream cone.

Jun 27, 2007

I'm really, really hoping you tell me your smokin' hot boyfriend has a nice, just-as-smokin' brother living in Boston. Ages 25 - 35 are a-okay with me.

Super dress by the way.

Jun 27, 2007

Dur...of course I mean just as smokin' hot brother..I'm not so into the brother if he's nice but smokes cancer sticks.

Jun 28, 2007

Great post- had my laughing all the way to the drive in movie - esp when I misread and thought you had parked in front of the screen playing the "smurfs up" movie - I got all excited thinking there was a smurfs movie -but alas no.

Jun 30, 2007

My husband needs friends who will run to the surf in their boxers, too. Alas, he hates the ocean, and won't condone it. Bastard.

The DvonF dress is HOT! Way more Audrey Hepburn than Vanna.