Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

So how was your weekend? Mine was eventful. Here is why it was eventful: I had a dinner party! Dinner parties are rather eventful, aren't they, what with all the menu planning and grocery shopping you have to do beforehand, plus the last-minute buying of coffee tables and lamps so that your guests don't think you live in a coffee-table-less hovel. Sean is convinced, actually, that I only invited people over for dinner so I'd have an excuse to go to IKEA, and I am embarrassed to admit that this is slightly closer to the truth than I'd like him to realize. Of course, another one of the benefits of having people over for dinner is the amount of Prosecco with pomegranate-mango juice you're legally allowed to drink in one sitting. Trust me, it is double what you would normally be able to have. Maybe triple.

The house is clean! The food is cooked! The candles are lit!

So we had Jemima and my new Internet friend Moose over on Saturday, plus their respective partners, and do you know, it was only the second time I'd ever entertained in the new apartment. And I say "entertained" rather loosely: it's not like we have a dining table or anything. Or, come to think of it, a dining room. No, when you come over for dinner Chez Bonfires, you'll be sitting at the (brand new!) coffee table with a plate on your lap. You'll also be trying to ignore the fact that the hostess has made pretty much the easiest dish in the world, the only one it is physically impossible to screw up, and has rebranded the whole thing by saying enthusiastically as you walk in the door "Welcome! We're having British comfort food!" This is pretty much code for "Welcome! We're having something you could feed to toddlers!" And yet, curiously, if you drink enough Prosecco with pomegranate-mango juice, you will find that you manage to get over this. Both if you are the hostess and if you are the guest, in fact.

Plus, I have also found that when you put enough butter in your cooking---look at that enormous bowl of mashed potatoes!---you can pretty much get away with anything. It also helps if your dessert course is faux Oreos---christened by Jemima as "Foreos"---that you have fancied up with raspberries and vanilla ice cream. (These are the easiest thing in the world to make, by the way. See?)

That's a lot of mashed potatoesHomemade Oreos

Sunday morning, suffering from a surprisingly mild hangover, we went to the Haight Street Fair on the MUNI, which meant Jemima and Simons' dog, Beulah, had to wear a muzzle so she didn't bite small children or bark if the driver missed her stop. She was pissed.

Jemima and Simons on MUNI

I don't know if you've ever been to Haight Ashbury, but it's full of credit card hippies spending Daddy's money on water pipes they're not sure how to use, and the Haight Street Fair is pretty much the same scene multiplied by a thousand.

Haight Street Fair

I guarantee that, should it be your thing, there is not a better place in America to get your palm read or buy a ganja cookie (sold as a "medical pastry") than the second Sunday in June on Haight Street, because the ratio of supply to demand is just insane; there are, like, five palm readers for every customer, and if one was in the market to have one's palm read, one could really be very discriminating.

Also, there are lots of naked people. And men who don't care if you know that they own a six-foot bong.

Strategically-covered naked manWow

The only other place I have seen so much tie-dyed material is on Khao San Road, Bangkok's backpacker mecca. The single difference between Khao San Road and the Haight Street Fair, in fact, is that the roadside Pad Thai is 25 cents at the former and $7.95 (plus tax) at the latter.

"Do these patchouli-scented rags make my butt look big?"

And here is a picture to haunt your dreams tonight. You will never be able to get to sleep now. (Although I'm pleased to see they're wearing their sunglasses. It softens them a little, I think. Makes them more human, perhaps. I mean, you can't be afraid of someone who values the importance of protecting their eyes from UV rays, can you?)


After we've had enough of the fair, we walked through Golden Gate Park to Clement Street, where we looked in all the little Chinese shops selling toilet paper in bulk, and then got some takeway Thai food to eat in the Plough & Stars.

Plough and Stars, Clement Street

I would like to be the first to inform you, by the way, that Pad Gra Pow goes amazingly well with Magners Irish cider. Perhaps you knew this. I did not. But it really was something of a flavor explosion. In fact, there was a party inside my mouth with every forkful and sip, and I strongly urge you to sample this unlikely combination at your next available opportunity. And then you might want to follow it up with some Foreos.

(By the way, Sean took all of these photos and I have been instructed to tell you that, since he is sick of never getting any credit for the photos he takes, and of me passing them off as my own, and this is how artists lose their creative copyright, and what am I going to start doing next, STEALING HIS IDENTITY?)

Jun 11, 2007

Hey! I own a six-foot bong! Ooops, that's my husband, who only SMELLS like a bong, and that only occasionally. But it's all good; we have a prescription. God bless California.

Jun 11, 2007

The woman in the scary picture looks like she is wearing my grandmother's bra on her head. What is that?!?

Jun 11, 2007

What a thrill to have your first SF dinner party. I'm impressed! And your living room (and new couch) look lovely.

Jun 11, 2007

For some reason, the words and the pictures have come up really weird on my computer, anyway, right after you said there was a man who wasn't afraid to show his six foot bong there was a picture of the naked man and I was suspicious that you were making some sort of dirty joke!

Jun 11, 2007

Just wait til the Pride parade... just wait.

Jun 11, 2007

Yes, what IS on that woman's head?

Jun 11, 2007

…you can’t be afraid of someone who values the importance of protecting their eyes from UV rays, can you?

Somehow I can. You might mention to Sean, AS COPYRIGHT HOLDER, that the photo in question would be an eminently appropriate contribution to the new
Flickr group, I wake up screaming.

Jun 11, 2007


Jun 11, 2007

let me guess, you're using IE, aren't you? You'd be a lot happier if you were using Firefox or Opera...and i'd be a lot happier...and the world would be just a little bit better for everyone.

Daily Tragedies
Jun 11, 2007

Kudos to Sean for being able to power through that mild hangover and provide your readers with this lovely photographic evidence of the insanity that is the Haight Street Fair.

Jun 11, 2007

Wow - great pix, Sean! We went to a Thai Buddhist temple fair this weekend, and ate a bunch of cool weird food combos, too! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. What an eeeeeejit.

- M


that's not a woman.

Heather B.
Jun 11, 2007

Would those happen to be pockets on your dress?

Jun 11, 2007

I woke up Sunday morning DREAMING about the fauxreos. I think I even drooled a little. Oh man, I'm drooling again. That's embarrassing. (Excuse me.)

Jun 11, 2007

Sean, I am changing to firefox right now (okay, tonight). Thnx.

Nothing But Bonfires
Jun 11, 2007

Ah, Fauxreos is a MUCH better spelling! I knew that joke had gone over my head somehow!

And yes, Heather B, those are pockets. Big enough to fit Fauxreos in.

Jun 11, 2007

Your dinner party sounds like mine, although you have a much nicer place and you actually serve dessert, with real food. We just do hot dogs and chips. Because we are just that classy.

Jun 11, 2007

I have been dying for an excuse to make those faux Oreos, which I'm betting are better than real Oreos. I could use an excuse for IKEA, too. And I'm actually strangely jealous of your 6-foot bongs and naked people. I need to move somewhere with more interesting stuff.

Jun 12, 2007

Ha ha! My dinner guests also must eat with plates on their laps at the coffee table. We own a little card table, which I cover with table cloths so no one knows that it's a card table, but it is only big enough for three to eat comfortably.

Jun 12, 2007

Your apartment looks GREAT! Did you really get that cool end table at IKEA?

Nothing But Bonfires
Jun 12, 2007

No, the end table (which is really a Chinese chest) is from an antique shop in Charleston called Linda Page's Thieves Market. The coffee table is from IKEA, though -- 25 bucks!

Mixing high and low, baby. That's how we roll.

Jun 13, 2007

OK, this is weird. I just had Fauxreos for the 1st time at a sandwich shop in Brooklyn and have been thinking about them ever since. Don't suppose you would post the recipe??

Nothing But Bonfires
Jun 13, 2007

Junewell, the recipe is in that link in the post, the one that says "see?" It'll take you to the site Smitten Kitchen (which is fantastic, by the way), and her entry about the Oreos. Hope that helps!

Jun 13, 2007

aw I was at the haight street fair! It turned out to be a random stop on our visit to the city (from southern california). A friend is (sadly) moving away from SF (and lives quite near the place your wallet/cell nearly were taken)Long time reader-first time comment poster :)

Jun 14, 2007

Hey, those are the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and they rock! They do awesome things all over the city, and are responsible for the Castro Halloween party too! Don't knock 'em until you've tried 'em. Welcome to SF.

Nothing But Bonfires
Jun 14, 2007

Lisa, I wasn't knocking them! I know who they are. They still freak me out a little bit though...

Jun 14, 2007

Want to take the Haight Fair experience to a higher level? Don't miss the Folsom Street Fair in September. It will rock your face right off.

Jun 14, 2007

Don't feel bad, we don't have a dining room table to entertain guests at. At best, I pull out tv trays, which I refer to as our mini dining room tables.

Jun 15, 2007

Your apartment and dinner party look so absolutely perfect that they make me A) jealous B) sad and C) feel like I'm reading Real Simple. How do you do it?

Jun 20, 2007

Can I come over and be entertained? I ate frozen pizza for dinner so I think British Comfort Food sounds delicious and fancy.