For All The Henrys

"Oh, you bought coffee beans! Thank you! Wait, why did you buy these ones? "Henry's Blend?" Was it because the cat on the package looks sort of like Sadie?"

"No, it was because Henry seemed like the kind of guy who'd have a good blend."


Some time later:


"Did you enjoy your coffee?"

"Yes, it was great, thanks."

"Do you know what you enjoyed about it?"

"Uh, I think it was maybe ... the half and half?"

"Nope! It was the Henry."

Jun 01, 2007

I like a touch of Henry in my own coffee, too, personally. And judging by conversations like that, y'all were born to be together.

Jun 02, 2007

I love the name Henry. There are so many of them now. Second to all the girls named Emily.

Oh, and I tagged you. Enjoy!

Jun 07, 2007

A little Henry DOES make everything taste better.