The Best Travel Blog You're Not Reading (Yet)
Alright, at first I wasn't going to be pushy. I figured you had enough pushy in your lives---people telling you to finish the Jones report by five and remember to Tivo Grey's Anatomy and come and wipe their bottom for them, and that sort of thing.* So I was subtle. I put a link in my sidebar. I said "you can find me here!" and I linked to Travelocity's Window Seat blog. It was a gentle invitation. A quiet come-hither. I was all "yeah, you can show up if you want, it's not like I'm going to shave my legs for you or anything. And, by the way, you should bring your own wine."

But now, readers, I am buying the wine. (Wait, I mean metaphorically. What am I getting myself into here?) That's to say, I'd love you to come over. I need you to come over. I will even throw in some (metaphorical) free hors d'oeuvres, the good kind with lots of cheese, and if you get spinach in your teeth while you're eating them, I will totally tell you before you start talking to that guy you have a crush on. The Window Seat is really a fantastic travel blog, you see, and it's brought to you by a bunch of savvy well-traveled editors at Travelocity, so you know there isn't going to be any messing about. (Just look at how many variations of "travel" I had in that last sentence. That's how jam-packed with travel The Window Seat is.)

I have a new post up every Thursday, but there's a new post up every day (and that's more you can say about this website, isn't it?) The content is all travel-related, obviously, and it aims to be very timely. All of the people who contribute are the sort of people you'd want to have a few drinks with after work---indeed, I sometimes do have a few drinks with these people after work, so I am really not leading you astray on this---and they all know a huge amount about travel. And about being funny. And about giving you something awesome to read.

So come! Comment! And then come back again! Suggest a topic for us to write about, if you're not seeing what you want to see---none of us will be offended. (Well, maybe I will. But I'm notoriously thin-skinned and I'll get over it. Sure, I'll need to listen to a lot of Tori Amos for a week and eat spoonfuls of ice cream while standing in front of the open freezer, wailing about how nobody understands me, but I'll get over it all the same. We'll even still be friends.)

I'd love to see you there. In fact, I'd love to see you there soon. This way, the likelihood of me getting fired will be decidedly less in the forefront of my mind, and trust me, we all want that.

*Obviously, this would not all be the same person. That would be kind of weird.