Crossing That Bridge When We Come To It*

golden gate bridge

Yes! I know there is supposed to be a Secret Bachelor Tuesday (Slash Wednesday) forthcoming, but I have a few other things to get off my chest before that, and besides, it's not like anything on Secret Bachelor Tuesday (Slash Wednesday) is really going to be all that much of a surprise! I mean, there are roses and hot tubs and girls talking about connections and journeys, and really that does not change at all from week to week, so you're not exactly missing anything. You know what? You could go and talk to that annoying girl in accounts who dots her "i"s with a heart and starts every email with "hey ladies!" and is always talking about happy hour and oversharing about her boy troubles, and really you might as well have watched The Bachelor for an hour and a half anyway. You do not need a recap. Not for a day or so at least.

Because now I would like to talk about my weekend! What did you do on your weekend? For our weekend, we had a picnic! It was very hot in San Francisco, for, like, the first time since 1974, and by hot I mean upper 70s, and so Sean and I hightailed it across the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday and went to Rodeo Beach, where we had a lovely picnic on a grassy cliff perched above the Pacific Ocean.

holly at golden gate national reserve

You have to understand, Sean and I are not very good at Doing Things with our weekends. Mostly our weekends consist of doing errands and chores, catching up on laundry, paying a few bills, and maybe watching an overdue Netflix DVD we've had since Wednesday (in fact, Sunday was spent as thus. But with even more errands and chores and laundry.) Sometimes we push the boat out and go to the grocery store. Occasionally we go for a walk. If we so much as venture to Target, you might as well alert the San Francisco Chronicle. Sometimes we get together with Jemima and her Dimpled Husband and they say "what have you guys been doing this weekend? We've been surfing and snow-shoeing and we cooked a gourmet dinner, and also we went to Napa, and we even did some cross-country skiing and tutored a few refugee orphans!" And we say "uh, our biggest achievement was getting up before 10am. Also, we went to brunch."

So for us, a picnic (three kinds of cheese, a sourdough baguette, olives, salami, white cheese popcorn, grapes, Orangina, English toffee, whatever, I would have asked too) was quite a feat. Also, we did a hike! And did you know a hike is just a walk? It sounds so much better, of course, when you call it a hike, but I'd certainly be inclined to do more hikes if I knew they were just Fancy Walks. You don't even need special shoes or anything! Or PowerBars! And you don't even get out of breath! Hikes are, like, the best exercise ever, if only because you get to feel so smug about them afterwards.

Speaking of smug, I ventured back into the gym for the first time in, ooh, let's not go there, and I was decidedly overwhelmed by it. I honestly didn't know there was so much lycra in the world, or so many 23-year-old girls willing to display such an ample amount of flesh in it. How the hell did I join The Hot Gym? I did not want to join The Hot Gym, I wanted to join the gym where I could work out in my TJ Maxx sweatpants and my free company t-shirt, the one where no-one would laugh if I walked into the mirror because I thought it was another part of the gym, and yet, no, I ended up joining a place that might as well be a nightclub for all the ogling that goes on. It was incredibly intimidating! Also, it was incredibly crowded! Its only saving grace, in fact, was that it did not have the peekaboo showers, which was something I had equated with San Francisco gyms for a long time (thanks, Wood), something that---if I am to be honest---put me off even joining this one in the first place, EVEN THOUGH IT'S IN THE LOBBY OF MY OFFICE BUILDING and really, how hard to put off is that? I was terrified that this gym might have the peekaboo showers, that this was the sort of thing all San Francisco gyms had, and that I would be forced to shower in these peekaboo showers, OR WORSE, watch other people showering in them. Luckily, this gym does not have the peekaboo showers. It does, however, have the distinct air of a meat market. And I'm not talking about the smell in the locker rooms.

*PS -- Yes, this title has nothing to do with this post, and also it does not make too much sense because obviously we HAVE crossed this bridge when we've come to it---I mean, honestly, what else would you do with a bridge? You can't turn around, people will honk at you!---but I have also consumed two glasses of champagne and 0.75 of a cheese plate at the time of writing, so really, what of it? (Champagne, it seems, makes me belligerent. See also: Why, You Don't Need a Secret Bachelor Tuesday Yet! argument from earlier.) Also, Sean took these pictures. You should probably know that in case he gets famous. He's going to be in the July/August issue of This Old House, you know. We should all buy a copy and keep it on our coffee tables.

May 02, 2007

To focus on something seemingly unimportant in this beautiful entry, "white cheese popcorn"!? What is this? Is it popcorn with faux-cheese powder on it like I used to be able to buy ten or so years ago? And if so, can it be imported into Australia? If there's one thing I've loved, it was cheese popcorn.

Sidebar: So many questions I have about cheese popcorn that must have so little importance to anyone else. Sorry!

And I can't make myself hike. Or go to the gym. Sounds too much like exercise!

May 02, 2007

Those photos are spectacular. Especially that first one.

I related also to the 'we don't do anything with our weekend' thing. Then I regret it and feel I have wasted time. BUT - then I think how nice it was to sit outside and read a whole book, and I feel better, because I was doing what I wanted and needed to do!

And can you send me some of that popcorn when you're posting it to silverblue, as I also live in Australia, where we don't have the snacks you do ;)

May 02, 2007

I totally would've asked what you had eaten and I would've eaten all of those things, so yum! Wine would've also been involved had I been there.

To theotherbear and silverblue above, I buy these little containers of just the white cheddar cheese powder so I can sprinkle it on popcorn I make at home (including kettle corn for that salty/sweet/cheesy combo)or any other food that needs cheesing up. Maybe we can arrange a trade where I mail you some of that and ya'll send me the drummer from Howling Bells.

May 02, 2007

Sean is one talented photographer! I'm a little bit jealous. Of his talent, and of your cheese centric picnic :)

May 02, 2007

That is a stunning photo of the bridge. Well done, Sean!

Holly, you look so, ah... pensive in that photo. Are you right then trying to figure out a way to tell us that you're not doing a Secret Bachelor Tuesday (Slash Wednesday)?

May 02, 2007

I love the photos - and I will buy the issue of this Old House with Sean's photos in it and say to my beloved husband "Look at Sean Slinsky's photos, doesn't he have such great style and composition in his photographs?" To which my beloved will say "How the hell do you know who Sean Slinsky is?" and my response will be - "I am a well read woman who knows things - and besides he is very cute!". My beloved will respond - with something like "You learned about him from a blog didn't you?" and I will just give him an all-knowing shrug. That is how we spend our weekends - that and drinking wine.

That picture of you is lovely. I am happy to wait for the Bachelor recap.

May 02, 2007

Oh! The glory of a very un-Secret Bachelor Tuesday post!

We are not very good with weekend activities, either. I am busy all week, why would I want to be busy during the weekends? Why, when there is serious rest that I must accomplish?

I know you've had that Shins song on the sidebar forever, but I just listened to it and I am in Shin love.

May 02, 2007

Lovely writing notwithstanding, I looove your big sunglasses in the pic. Very mod :)

May 02, 2007

Haha, I totally know what you mean about the "meat market" gym. Down here where we live, the Gold's Gym has that reputation, in pretty much all of their locations. I'm like you in my sweats and t-shirt (fitted t-shirt, at least) and feel all weird seeing these buff toned tanned people sashaying around with a towel hanging off the back of their waist band or hung around their neck. And then the big 6 foot huge biceped guy at the check in counter or behind the juice bar, looking at me like "what is she doing here?". "Um, I'm here to work out. You know, to exercise? Because I obviously need it. Not like you need it." What is up with that?! Your weekend sounds lovely, and sounds like ours: laundry, dishes, yard work, errands, a movie, etc. *snooze*

May 02, 2007

I feel a little offended... I make hearts out of the dot on the "i". Other than that I'd like to think of myself as a relatively cool person. Mainly because I don't work in accounting.

May 02, 2007

I remain quite impressed by the photographic skill Sean commands - and not just because no one in your house has to say, "Um. You cut the dog's head off again."

May 02, 2007

Hi, new to your blog. Been lurking for a while here, reading archives, etc. But first time commenting.

Love the photos! I have one of the bridge from about the same spot... but it's not nearly so artistic. Your picnic sounds lovely; in fact, your whole weekend sounds lovely!

Cheers to the blog craze!

May 02, 2007

I'll definitely buy a copy of the magazine and put it on my coffe table. Perhaps I'll even remove the ones from 2003 when I do. You will need to post us all a nice reminder when it comes out. Then we can all rush out to buy it and pretend we know Sean personally.

I really do want you to recap The Batchelor. I need to know someone else suffered throughit as well. I think I must be warped somehow because I keep watching the stupidest things. And Andy's teeth are starting to skeeve me out.

a fellow holly
May 02, 2007

Funny, I just finished blogging about a "hike" that I took and how it was also relatively less painful than I expected. Most intimidating word -- or maybe its just that fact that in my experience, the people who usually talk about "hiking" on the weekends are are also the types who tell you about the delicious quinoa salad they prepared the prior evening to go with their roasted eggplant lasagna, when I've polished off a slice of leftover Papa Murphy's pizza for breakfast that day.

Anyway...I can also be patient for the Bachelor recap -- but I'm just dying to hear your take on Bevin in all her ridiculousness this week. Besides, I think the word "connection" was at an all time high!

May 02, 2007

I say picnic trumps Secret Bachelor any day of the week. And those photos are yummy. Lovin' the music by the way.

May 02, 2007

Hmm...I was duped. Just a little. You see, you're the first person I thought of (as you are the only person I "know" who lives in SF) when I read about the freeway collapse. I thought that freeway was kind of a bridge, isn't/wasn't it, hooking people up to the Oakland Bay Bridge?

Anyway, I thought the post was going to be some first-hand account of the collapse, or how it affected you or whatnot.

Turns out the post has nothing to do with a bridge, really, except for the fact that you crossed the total-*other* bridge to have your picnic.

But then, come to think of it, you walk to work, don't you.....


Nothing But Bonfires
May 02, 2007

Patrick, I'm so glad that you thought of me when you heard about the bridge collapse, because NO-ONE ELSE DID! Well, Sean's mom called to see if we were okay, but none of MY friends and family did! And obviously we're fine and were nowhere near the Bay Bridge (although we could have been! Because that way IKEA lies!) but still. And yes, a picture of an entirely different bridge is about as close as I got to talking about current affairs....

May 02, 2007

Holly! I think you're a fabulous writer and I truly enjoy your blog. Please forgive me b/c this comment has nothing to do with this post BUT...did you hear a My So-Called Life DVD re-release is in the works? Awesome. Hopefully this link works.

May 02, 2007

Every time I go into my gym (barely making it once a week now...doh!) I love the fact that the make a separate Women's gym. It's fabulous because there are no worries about some old fart staring at you as you do embarassing exercises, nor is there the need to "dress to impress." It's the gym folks. Got to get sweaty!

Daily Tragedies
May 02, 2007

For better or for worse, I stumbled upon the We Come Here To Exercise gym, featuring a lot of 60-year old Asian ladies who do water aerobics. Definitely not intimidating, but also not much to look at when you're six minutes into your half-hour treadmill workout and DEAR GOD, AREN'T WE DONE YET? I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!

Chaos Control
May 02, 2007

Looking at your photos, and reading about your hike and Rodeo Beach ... makes me homesick! I miss the city - please give it hugs for me!

May 03, 2007

Please, please, post about the Bachelor! I'm waiting for the update!

gina in sc
May 03, 2007

oooh what about bouldering? when i lived in CA people bragged about that you would like it holly. all it is is ... HIKING.. on rocks. yep. check it off your list.

bachelor recap will come soon, right? it was just awful. why do we torture ourselves?

i will definitely buy Seans magazine. and we will also have the conversation about how my "friend" took the pics. lol. us bloggers have to ban together, yes?

May 04, 2007

The bridge is so gorgeous!! I wish my husband would eat gourmet cheese, but he doesn't and we have a kid, so we don't have romantic picnics. We do have hikes, though, 3 miles every day all week long, and those would be romantic if it wasn't for the sweating.

May 04, 2007

I love the pictures! They make me want to visit there. I'll look into "This Old House" if I can get it in Japan.

May 04, 2007

I really like the Strange Sad Air song. I once drove through Northern California at dawn listening to Enya, which is way dorkier but felt pretty transcendent at the time. Good lighting, open windows, wind and music--it doesn't get much better.

May 10, 2007

With a photograph like that (you with the flowery hill in the foreground), you are now obliged to become a famous folk rock star and use this photo as your first album cover.

If you didn't know what to do with your life, YOU DO NOW!

Hell, you could even submit this to any famous folk rock star and I bet they'd use it for their album cover.

Oh, jeez. I said album cover, instead of CD cover. I'm old!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaggggggghh...

- M

- M